Benefits of Shaving your Head

Benefits of Shaving your Head

Benefits of Shaving your Head

The topic “Benefits of Shaving your Head” is searched most frequently by the bald people. As we have already mentioned that there is some fashion that can never get old. Shaving our head is such a fashion and its trend is rising with the passage of time. Whether you are a teen, youngster or elder there is no age group that hates this trend. Especially many people aged above 40 like to shave their head. Similarly, from the USA to Canada and Europe this fashion is seen everywhere.

Some Benefits of Shaving Your Head

  • Can Hide your Baldness :

    Men always have a fear of baldness that can due to any reason like your genetics or some other medical issues. Whatever the reasons are, its fear is very strong. Especially elder people (aged above 30 years) have higher chances of losing their hair. Although in this modern age there are many other solutions like hair transplants, hair extensions not everyone can afford it.

    People spend much money on doctors, skin specialists, and shampoos to stop hair loss. While the people who afford hair transplant opt this option many times.

    If you are losing your hair fast or have already lost them, you should shave your head completely. This is the easiest and cheapest way and you are adopting a new trending fashion as well. It can also hide your baldness pattern.

  • You can Look Younger :

    It is impossible to hide your baldness with anything even in a cap or a wig. Moreover, bald people look elder than their age. Many experts say that if you are bald you look 10 years older than your original age.

    In this scenario, the solution is that you should shave your head completely and you will definitely look younger than your age. It is one of the biggest benefits of shaving your head especially for the people who are already bald.

    You are bald and still not believing this fact, just give it a try and you will be surprised by seeing the results.

some benefits of shaving your head
  • No Worries of Maintaining Hair or Bad Haircuts :

    Taking care of long hair is a difficult task. It takes a lot of time and you have to maintain proper haircuts too. Obviously, for this purpose, you will need a barber. Sometimes you have to experience bad hair cuts from your barbers that is frustrating.

    If you want your hair cut from any famous parlors you have to wait and they are costly too.

  • No Hassle of Taking Care, Washing of Hair :

    For washing your hair you need a good shampoo and conditioner. Some people use herbal shampoos as well. Sometimes a shampoo reacts with your skin type that results in extreme dandruff and increased hair fall. So, when you have shaved your head completely you have no worries regarding washing your hair properly

    Men should always change their physical appearance off and on. Shaving your head is one of the best, fast and cheap solution to change your appearance so you can look different from your regular looks.

  • Look Like Other Powerful Bald People :

    Let’s take an example of any field like business, entertainment or even underworld you can see many successful bald people. You can check the top 100 powerful bald people too. So, the thing is that there are many successful bald people in this world. If you are still reluctant you can search about them too. Many sportsmen are also bald too but people love them.

  • Good for Hair Growth :

    Many of our ancestors and old people still believe that shaving your head is the best solution for fast hair growth. They suggest that this technique can make your hair more thick and strong.

  • Best for Bodybuilders and Athletes :

    All the athletes especially people who love muscle building often shave their head. You can take an example of Ronny Coleman who is 5 times Mr. Olympia.

    Many athletes and bodybuilders still believe that hair consumes some part of your diet that’s why they love shaved head instead of keeping long hairstyles. Above 80% of the body, builders like to keep short hair and most of them often shave their head completely.

  • You will be more Confident :

    It’s a hard fact that no one can deny that if you will lose your hair, your confidence will be down too. So, instead if some hair on the head, we recommend shaving it completely and give can gain your confidence back. That would be a totally new style so you can see a boost in your confidence level.

  • Save your Money :

    Whether is an herbal or a normal shampoo they are usually expensive. Similarly, the expenditure of conditioners and barbers are saved when you have shaved your head completely. We have already discussed that shaving your head is the cheapest solution.

    People also spend money on treatments of dandruff removal too that are also saved if you have a shaved head.

Some of the Disadvantages of Shaving Your Hair

disadvantages of shaving your hair
  1. Shaving Head consumes a lot of time and care :

    We agree that shaving your head save your time from many things like hassles of washing your hair and much more but it’s a true fact that shaving your head consumes a lot of time and care too. Obviously, you will need good shaving cream and a razor that suits your skin type. For most of the people, it’s also a big problem to choose the best razor to shave your head.

    It usually takes less than 15 minutes to shave your head for the people who are already expert. For beginners, it can be a lot more time-consuming. That’s why many people choose barbers instead of shaving their head on own. Similarly, the majority of men shave their head thrice a week, so obviously it is time-consuming.

    This problem can be resolved when will be expert in shaving. For experts, it takes almost 10 minutes to shave your head completely. For the beginners, we would not recommend shaving the hair more than twice a week because there will be more chances of skin irritation, razor bumps and ingrown hair for many of the people. To avoid these skin problems many men prefer electric shavers instead of manual razor that deliver you a close shave.

  1. Caps and Hats are necessary :

    Hats and caps are used for multiple purposes. Some of the people use them as a fashion while others use them to hide their baldness. If you are already having some good collection of hats like cowboy hats or sports hats you are good to go, but if you are not having them you must need them. If you are bald or shave shaved your head completely caps are necessary for you. They can protect your skin from the sun and cold.

  2. Increased chances of bumping your head :

    People who shave sensitive skin types have great chances of skin irritation and razor bumps. Some of the time a razor does not suits your skin type. So, there can be many problems like that. These problems can be reduced if you prefer to use electric razors for shaving your head but they cannot deliver a close shave like a manual razor.

  3. The problem for people having oily skin :

    People having oily skin types can have some problems after shaving their head completely. That’s why if you are having sensitive or oily type skin you must consult a dermatologist before shaving.

    People shaving oily skin are always irritated after shaving their head. They have to keep separate tissue papers and towels with them. While eating something they also can have some irritation.

  4. Head looks Bumpy and lumpy :

    Nature has created every part of your body for a purpose. Hairs on your head protect you from the sun, cold or other conditions.

    Sometimes your head looks bumps and lumps after shaving that is the weirdest experience for many people. It depends on the shape of your head actually.

  5. Other weather problems :

    People who live in areas with extreme weather conditions can face problems after shaving their head. For example, in summer and extreme sunshine, they have to cover their head to avoid any bad condition like sunstroke. Similarly, in winter, you have to wear to a good cap so you can avoid any bad health.

Benefits Vs Disadvantages of Shaving your Head

Hopefully, we have discussed all the pros and cons that you should look before taking any decision about shaving your head completely. For some of the people shaving your head is an awesome experience but for others, it can be a weird experience.

We will recommend that before taking any decision about head shaving must read the complete article and then you can take a decision confidently. It strongly recommends consulting a dermatologist/skin specialists before taking any experience because they better know about your possible skin problems.

Similarly, must choose a shaving cream and your razor very wisely. Look if you are thinking to shave your head then you must read about the best razors to shave your head with. Apart from that you should also read pre and post care tips of the shaving.

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