The Best Clippers For Fades in 2020

The Best Clippers For Fades in 2020

10 Best Clippers For Fades – Hair Clippers for Perfect Men’s fade

Men, barbers and hair designers often serach for the best clipper for fades. For that purpose we have published a complete overview about the best hair clippers for fades and tapers.

We are well aware of the fact that men have a pool of options when it comes down to their haircuts. Some of them prefer to keep their hair long, some would have a strong propensity towards short hair as well. Men also have a kind of proclivity and disposition to look professional when the stakes are high. Considering this, some hairstyles have gained more admiration and traction.

To your surprise, the fade is one of those haircuts that stands high on the scroll of popularity. It has been followed by so many people and no doubt, for good reasons. This haircut is easy to manage and pull off. Just do not lose sight of the fact that you need to have the best hair clippers for fades and it is not an easy task to do, especially when the market is cluttered with a variety of these products.

In this worthy review, you will have the chance to know in minute details about some of the best clippers for fades.

Our Top Pick – Best Professional Hair Clippers for Fades

List of Top 10 Best Clippers For Fades in 2020

1. Wahl Professional 5-Star 8148 Magic Clipper

Wahl Professional 5-Star 8148 Magic ClipperWithout a shade of doubt, Wahl is predominantly a big name in the market and you can rely on their products. This statement is also true when we talk about the Wahl Professional 5-Star Cord/Cordless Magic Clip. If you badly want a fade as your hairstyle, you don’t have to look out for other options because this is one of the best clippers. This clipper works in multivariate situations but it is specially embellished with features to give you fantabulous hairstyles like fades. There are diverse and myriad alternatives but this one is worth considering. Its price would be a little expensive but you are bound to be satisfied because it’s going to be amazing in the longer run. There are numerous noteworthy features you are going to learn here.

Great Shape And Weight
There are startling things to consider about this clipper; it is lightweight and compact. This is the topmost priority of professionals because you are going to use this clipper for a long period. It is rugged, tough-duty, and sturdy for usage. Moreover, it is easy to use and it doesn’t become unwieldy. You will surely love Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip.

Corded And Cordless
Corder clippers, unequivocally and beyond question, are a continuous source of annoyance. Be that as it may, cordless clippers are not perfect either. A sigh of relief because you can use the Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip with and without the cord. Exciting? Yes, obviously!

This phenomenal and staggering feature makes a great difference when you want to use it for a longer period of time. A lot of us forget to charge the battery of a clipper and it becomes a source of irritation. This clipper is corded and cordless, you can use it regardless of the fact that it is not charged. All you have to do is plug it into the wall and you’re good to go.

Remarkable Battery
If you make up your mind to buy a cordless clipper, tread carefully because you should look out for a clipper with an amazing battery. If not, the cordless clipper will be full of trials and tribulations. Good for you because this clipper has a reliable battery. The lithium-ion battery is highly capable of delivering around 90 minutes of run time when you charge it completely. This is tried and tested as compared to other competitors.


  • Its taper level makes it a perfect choice for fading and blending
  • You will be stunned to see its amazing accessories
  • A top-notch choice for professional stylists
  • 90 minutes plus run time after a full charge
  • Easy to carry anywhere
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Options of corded cordless


  • Sometimes you find it a little expensive but a spectacular and heavy-duty product for longer use.

Overall Assessment

When all is said and done, this Wahl Clipper is undoubtedly remarkable because you can invest your money in it. Its quality is unparallel and you must give it a try.

2. Wahl Professional 5-Star Legend Fading Clipper (8147)

Wahl Professional 5-Star Legend Fading Clipper 8147The Wahl Professional 8147-5 Star Clipper is a champion clipper that will surely ulfil your hairstyling needs, especially if you’re looking to have an outstanding fade. You must learn a little about this striking clipper. I’m sure you won’t be balked or downhearted by its exceptional features. It comes perfectly inside your budget and it works amazingly.

Impregnable and Powerful Motor

Before anything else, you must be cognizant of the fact that this clipper comes with a V9000 electromagnetic motor and that makes a massive difference. Isn’t it mind-boggling? This is one of the most genuine and powerful motors you can find in the market. Are you worried about your rough and coarse hair? If yes, this clipper can cut through smoothly and give you a hassle-free experience. You can easily pin your hopes on its powerfully conspicuous motor.

Great Size

It has many feathers in its cap but its size and weight are strikingly appealing. It comes with 6.25 inches length and weighs around 1 pound. This combination is deadly as it sets the bars high for other competitors. You can keep your firm grip on this clipper without any issues, even for hours and hours. It won’t tire your arm at all.


  • It comes with an 8-foot cord for your comfort
  • Features V9000 electromagnetic motor
  • Easy to use because of lightweight and compact size
  • Beats other competitors because of its size
  • Delivers a sleek and hassle-free experience
  • It’s never too loud or irritating


  • Sometimes you can confront an issue of hair pulling

Overall Assessment

If you’re going to cut your hair professionally, you shouldn’t put your hands on it because there are chances you will pull your hair. With hair pulled, you can be a little petrified. It can also dash the hopes of your clients.

3. Andis Master 15-Watt Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper (01557)

Andis Master 15-Watt Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper 01557Are you really prepared and in the mood to spend a little more to get a top-drawer clipper? If your answer is yes, you should check out the Andis Master 15-Watt Hair Clipper. It is licitly a bit expensive but you will not regret your decision of buying this prominent clipper. You just have to make sure that you oil its blades adequately before every use. Once you do this, you won’t have to be perturbed or bothered by its life-span.

Great Housing

Predominantly, you should pay close attention to the fact that this clipper features durable housing. Aluminum housing is sturdy, lightweight, rugged, and very reliable. As long as you take proper care of it, the clipper is not going anywhere. You can keep using it even if you drop it ruthlessly a few times.

Powerful Motor

How can I forget and brush aside its distinctive motor? It comes with great panache and considerable features. Its high-speed motor will make sure you get a precise cut every single time you happen to use it. Another plight we confront is that motors get hot whenever we use them for a bit longer time. Andis Master 15-Watt Hair Clipper has a motor that doesn’t get hot. It will surprisingly run cool even if you use it for an hour or more. It is loud, to a slight extent, but not as loud as we find other clippers in the market.

Carbon-Steel Blade

This phenomenal clipper brings a carbon-steel blade that is loved by almost everyone. Who doesn’t love it? It exclusively uplifts the overall value of this clipper because this blade is durable and heavy-duty. Once you buy this strongly made clipper, you won’t have to be worried about replacing its blade for quite a long time. You can adjust the blade length accurately because it is adjustable.


  • Housing is a pre-eminent feature
  • Compact, lightweight, easy to use
  • Precise length as blase is adjustable
  • Works at 14,000 cutting strokes a minute
  • The motor doesn’t get hot even if you use it for an hour
  • It’s not loud


  • A question mark on its longevity

Overall Assessment

When you pay that much high price, you expect something with a long life-span. But, it might not be true in this case. You can buy it considering all the pros and cons I have just mentioned.

4. Wahl Clipper Fade Cut Personal Grooming Kit

Wahl Clipper Fade Cut Personal Grooming KitWahl clippers are always exhilarating and give anyone a buzz when they use it for fading. You must be sure that you will not make a fallacious decision while buying any Wahl. They are reliable and of top-notch quality. Not just for fading, you can try them for a regular haircut as well. Over the span of years, this name has emerged as widely acclaimed, renowned, and prestigious amongst professionals and recreational hair cutters. Their designs have a novel approach, their quality is fantastic. Just like other peculiar and out of the ordinary products, this kit has also a lot to offer. It is preferred by a pool of people.

Sturdy and Shredded Motor
The first thing you should look out in any clipper is its motor. If it is great, you must give it a go and if the motor quality is just average, you’re throwing away your hard-earned money. With this clipper, you can sideline your worry about the quality of the motor because it is remarkably terrific. The heavy-duty motor is extremely reliable even if you want to work on your coarse hair. Its motor will make sure that you get a delightfully pleasant and comfortable experience.

Xtreme Fade Precision Blades

This amazing set of clippers was explicitly and exclusively designed for people who have been craving for those fade cuts for too long. These blades are not just immensely sharp and peculiarly designed for the fade cut but they are also embellished with self-sharpening technology. Gripping, isn’t it?

That means blades will sharpen themselves automatically whenever the clipper is operating. This swinging and state-of-the-art technology ensure that you get a smooth cut every time you use the clipper. What is more, you don’t have to worry about replacing the blades so often.

Adjustable Fade Lever

The features are not just ending here because this clipper comes equipped with an adjustable fade lever. Have you heard about it before? Don’t worry I will write and you can read more about it. This lever will allow you to customize your fade the way you wish it to be. It is outlined and crafted for fade cuts, detailing, and then final touch-ups to improve your fade. This lever, combined with the Xtreme Fade Precision Blades, will improve your cuts.


  • Comes with Self-Sharpening technology
  • Features 10 secure snap smooth cutting attachment guide
  • Comes with a reliable and handy storage case with other amazing accessories
  • Xtreme Fade Precision Blades are fantabulous
  • It has an extremely powerful motor
  • Wahl is undoubtedly a name of the trust, since 1919


  • It doesn’t have a cordless model
  • It is not applicable with 220 volts

Overall Assessmentc

When you see this clipper and all the features it offers, you can imagine why it is widely esteemed and preferred by so many professionals all around the globe. It is best for fade cutting and more.

5. Oster Fast Feed Clipper 76023-510

Oster Fast Feed Clipper 76023-510 The Oster Fast Feed Pivot Motor Clipper is irrefutably worthy of your time and money. It is a spectacular option for you because it is not that expensive and it has all the needed features. If you want to save your money, this definitely is the clipper you should be looking for. It has a muscular and powerful motor, sturdy housing, and it will work for a longer period of time.

Guide Combs

With so many other things, Oster Fast Feed comes with four amazing guide combs. It includes a blending comb, ⅜ comb, ¼ comb, and then a ½ comb as well. In addition to that, it also features an 8-foot power cord that would be helpful for you in your hassle-free experience. This combination is wondrous and distinguished. You can have more combs but these four should be enough for the average individual.

Wet and Dry

Another noteworthy thing is that this clipper is very multifaceted and versatile. You do struggle a bit when cutting your wet hair but the Oster Fast Feed features a very muscular motor. This motor does make a massive difference and it cannot be shrugged off. It will make sure that the clipper slices through your wet and dry hair without any issue.


  • Runs smoothly through wet and dry hair
  • Equipped with multiple accessories
  • Its motor doesn’t get too hot
  • Never too loud or irritating
  • The power cord is comfortable
  • It doesn’t pull your hair


  • There could have been more attachment combs

Overall Assessment

The Oster Fast Feed is not expensive but you must bear in mind that you won’t be getting a bunch of guide combs. Hence, you might not get the precise length that you are looking for.

6. Wahl 8470-500 Professional Super Taper II Hair Clipper

Wahl 8470-500 Professional Super Taper II Hair ClipperAre you intrigued and fascinated by commercial-grade clipper that is highly capable of giving you inch-perfect fades? If yes, stick to this review because you really need to a lot about the Wahl Professional 840-500 Clipper. This clipper is no doubt a bit expensive but with all the great reasons. It is simply splendid and spectacular because it equally works on all types of hair. It doesn’t matter if you have thick hair, coarse of multicultural hair. This clipper has your back and will surely save your day. It is not that heavy and you can hold it for hours without getting your hands/arms tired. You will not be knackered during the whole cutting session.

Marvellous Accessories

This majestic clipper comes with several great accessories and they are going to enthrall you. First things first, you will get attachment combs. That means you will experience a sleek and extraordinary cut with a perfect length. Furthermore, it comes with a bottle of lubricating oil, red blade guard, cleaning brush, and other instructions. I guess it covers everything you want from your perfect clipper. It will be an exceptional addition to your grooming accessories. If you don’t want to buy anything else with a clipper, go get it.

Flawless Cord

This is not a cordless hair clipper but the cord is amazingly long enough that suits your needs. The cord is 8 feet long and this gives you a little extra impunity to use it the way you want. It is heavily professional-grade and obviously resistant to chemicals that you have in your homes. The lethal combination makes sure that you have a clipper that is capable of withstanding wear, tear, and decay for a long period of time. If something horrendous happens, unluckily, still the cord shall be perfectly fine.


  • It is durable, long-lasting, and heavy-duty
  • Comes with amazing 8 attachment combs
  • V500 motor is to be cherished
  • Length of the cord is immensely good
  • Also comes with oil and cleaning brush
  • It is breathtaking lightweight and smooth during your cutting session


  • Not too often but sometimes its blades can be rusty
  • There is a room of improvement when it comes to the plastic body

Overall Assessment

The Wahl Professional Super Taper II is, with an iota of doubt, is a great product to invest your money in. It is splendid and spectacular. On the other hand, there are some minuscule flaws that you should be aware of. You have to pay close attention to its blades because they can get rusty.

7. OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper 76076010

OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper 76076010Oster is revered and honoured by so many people all around the world. Their clippers are remarkably spectacular and Oster Classic is a fine addition to that. They are dependable, authentic, and definitive for all the good reasons. You might be paying more for these clippers because you cannot compromise on quality. It is over the odds and a little pricey, you must know it beforehand. In this price, you will find myriad features that you’re not supposed to find anywhere else. Let’s dive straight into it!

Multiple Colors

Who doesn’t get delirious and maniac about colors in life? The same is the case when we have to choose things and products for our grooming. This lofty and dazzling clipper comes in different colors. You can pick a color of 11 colors and that would be a tough task because all of them are appealing. The colors don’t have anything to do with the performance but we do have an unswerving propensity towards colors. If you crave for colors in your life, this product can be a splendid addition to that.

Long Rod

It is also noteworthy that this clipper has slightly a longer cord than other clippers available in the market. Its cord is going to be 9 feet long. Got you excited? Yes! I accept that you will not have the same impunity as you have with the cordless model but you cannot complain about its length. On top of that, you’re going to have multiple accessories and this will uplift the overall value of this magnificent clipper.


  • Its cord is longer than other clippers
  • Housing is heavy-duty and durable
  • Its grip won’t tire your arms
  • Ergonomic design is sleek and comfortable
  • Multiple accessories to improve your cutting experience


  • It is expensive and potentially can break your bank

8. Wahl Clipper Elite Pro 79602

Wahl Clipper Elite Pro 79602Till this time, you already have an inkling that best hair clippers for fades are somewhat expensive and big-budget. Are you keen and enthusiast enough to be looking for a clipper that is not much expensive? If yes, you need to slow down because you’re reading about the product you have been desiring for. It is not a that bad deal because the clipper is durable, long-lasting, and literally fine-tuned. No doubt it is a little expensive but you will use it for years and years to come. There are notable perks you must read before buying it.

Self-Sharpening Blades

This is truly a clipper that stands out in the competition because of myriad glaring reasons. One of them is its self-sharpening blades. Blades can be dull after a certain period of time and you have to maintain them if you want to keep them intact. You can put this worry behind because this clipper comes with self-sharpening blades. With these blades, they are going to sharpen automatically whenever you use them. This feature will definitely enhance and step-up the lifespan of blades and increase the notion that you will get your money’s worth in the shape of comfortable cutting.

Substantial Motor

How on earth would forget or sideline a significant feature like the strong motor? People leave no stone unturned in the process of finding a clipper that has a durable motor. It’s exciting news because you won’t be disenchanted or gutted by the quality of it. You may find it expensive but it delivers some top-notch work and that too for a long time. The motor is the standing pillar of this amazing clipper and it is peculiarly designed to last a lifetime. Once you buy this clipper, stay unfazed and placid because it will work for years. You will find out that the price is fine for this type of quality.


  • Blades are self-sharpening to cut your expenses
  • Runs without making much noise
  • It doesn’t get so much hot during the cutting session
  • The motor is particularly built to last a lifetime
  • The power cord is amazingly long to meet your needs
  • Not that expensive


  • The blade guard is somewhat sharp and it can be irritating as well
  • The adjustment lever can easily be improved a bit

Overall Assessment

Honestly, there are some areas where the Wahl Clipper Elite Pro can improve. When you look at its price, I must bear the brunt, you cannot complain at all. If you badly want a good bargain, you must check this out and you won’t be complaining.

9. Wahl Professional 5-Star 8545 Clipper

Wahl Professional 5-Star 8545 ClipperThere is a stack of razors out there in the market as it has been cluttered with competitors who can even compromise on the quality. Just bear in mind that oodles of clippers are not suitable for cutting fades. The Wahl Professional 8545 is absolutely one of the best for this peculiar purpose. You can find it expensive but you will surely be enthralled and bewitched by the features it offers. Time and time again, it will catch you off-guard by an amazing performance. The question is, clipper would be the best one for cutting fades? Let’s find out together!

Spectacular Size

When you have a clipper of divine quality and weight, it will immensely make a significant difference. You feel ransacked and dumbfound when you buy a heavy clipper even by mistake. If it’s heavy, your arms will be tired after a certain period of time. The great news is that the Wahl 84 Clipper is not that heavy. You will be bewitched by its flawless and immaculate design. It is 6.5 inches and weighs just a little over 1 pound. A sigh of relief? Yes, I felt the same because it is what we see in most of the clippers. Lightweight and compact!

Comes with Warranty

Who doesn’t want a warranty for everything before spending a hefty amount of money on a product? We have this staunch and unflagging urge to have a warranty for things. You must forget your worry here because this clipper comes with a great warranty. You can believe with your closed eyes that they are going to endorse and stand behind their products without any excuses. You should be convinced and free from any doubt because the Wahl 8545 product will make sure your investment is not wasted. Unluckily, if anything heinous happens to clipper during a specific period of time, you can comfortably contact the company. They will happily fix the product and you shall not have to pay even a penny for that.

Made In The USA

You can keep your head because this product is made solely in the USA. What can be more invigorating and thrilling that using the product made in your own country? There are numerous benefits attached to this tall claim. You can easily claim its warranty and the razor will deliver a seamless experience with great performance. You should be sure that it will last much longer than any other alternative you find in the market.


  • It comes with a great warranty
  • Brings an adjustable taper level for your comfort and ease
  • Will not be a source of annoyance when holding for too long
  • Quality is top-notch and top-drawer
  • V9000 motor is literally a treat for you


  • There is much work to do on guide combs
  • There can be stains on the blades pretty quickly

Overall Assessment

The Wahl Professional 5-Star 8545 Clipper, as the name suggests, is a fantastic choice for you to go with and invest your money. It is peculiarly built and crafted for an intended purpose of fades, and it works great in that domain. The only grey area is its delicate and fragile guide combs. It can also be a bit expensive if you check the price tag first.

10. Andis Fade Clipper (66245)

Andis Fade Clipper (66245)The Andis Fade Clipper is explicitly and categorically designed for those people who want fade haircuts. There is no ambivalent or vague purpose behind its design. It is clear as a day. It will deliver exceptionally colossal performance with a pretty reasonable price. Did it catch you off guard and off the cuff? Certainly, because it is extremely hard to find a fantabulous clipper within the reasonable price tag. Additionally, this clipper is designed to last a lifetime and its blades are heavy-duty, durable, and long-lasting. It features do not end here because the exterior housing is jacked and mighty. The housing can bear bumps and drops all the way.

Awesome Blades

First and foremost, I’d love to shed some light upon its splendid and phenomenal blades. You will be stirred and fascinated to know that the Andis Fade Clipper comes with the top-quality blade. They can make some mistakes but they can never sideline the importance of brawny blades. The stainless steel blades are a treat to use, they remain sharp for many years to come. In the concrete and matter and fact, the lifespan of these fabulous blades is far better than from other blades you see in the market. Blades, to be honest, uplift the overall value of the clipper.

Wet and Dry

To this moment, you’re probably aware of the fact that there are only a few clippers that are equipped with the ability to slice through wet hair without any hassle. Interestingly, the Andis Fade Clipper is highly qualified for that task. When you start using the clipper, you can feel its power. It can run through the thickest, coarsest, and driest hair smoothly.


  • Blades are strong and durable for a long period of time
  • Doesn’t get too hot during the operation
  • It is not expensive and won’t break your bank
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Cord length will not disappoint you
  • Doesn’t make any noise while working


  • It doesn’t have many guards and that can disgruntle/upset you.

Overall Assessment

If it doesn’t have enough attachment combs, you shouldn’t be grizzling because it has many other great characteristics. If you badly and eagerly want a clipper that can withstand the test of time, you should definitely go for this clipper.

Why Choose A Fade?

First things first, the burning question is why you should have a fade haircut? We have seen enough hat fade haircuts are kind of bandwagon and a sensation among men of different ages. There is a wide spectrum of haircuts even inside fades and they differ from low fade haircut to high fade haircut. It also includes taper fade which has been followed by so many people all around the globe. The fade haircut features the hair tapered on the sides and back gradually until you will not find any hair left.

If you’re already bored and drained with your obsolete haircut; if you really want to rejuvenate and renew yourself; if you badly want to showcase your refined taste, then fade haircuts are for you. There are famous celebrities and dominant, players coming from different games, who love to have this haircut. Why wouldn’t you want it? There are numerous options you can go with, you won’t be dejected by the look of it, and it is very easy to make the transition from one fade to another in no time.

Moreover, fade haircut is very smooth and convenient for men because it can be easily maintained. There is not much legwork and it is not exacting. It gives you a confident look if you have strong jaws. Plus, the face can be coupled with any wardrobe of your choice without any complexity.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing the Best Hair Clippers For Fades

Now you should see the bigger picture, be properly informed and enlightened, clued-up, and well instructed about other things as well. It is apparent that we pay close attention to what we are buying before we actually buy it. You must know what are the standing pillars and what factors would make the real difference. What you should be looking for when you go out in a plethora of other products. Some people are hugely mistaken that they will get the optimal and finest products when they spend more money on it. For your information, this is not the rule for every purchase. Sometimes we get the best solutions in far cheaper products but we comprehend it after some despicable experiences.

When you are well aware of this fact, you will not be betrayed by some eye-catching designs and appalling price tags. The performance matrix for a clipper should be the battery life, quality, cord length, housing audacity, and ease of use. Keep your eyes open, these things in your mind and you will find the best clipper.

Ease To Use and Comfortable

These things are no more dubious, hazy, and ambivalent because we know what we should be looking for. You must begin with a clipper that is easy to use, handy, and convenient for your needs. There are massive and glaring chances that you haven’t tried cutting your own hair and if you don’t have the right tools, you can land in trouble. It’s like fishing in the troubled waters because you cannot take this huge risk. First of all, you should be proficient and adept at cutting your own hair and then an adequate tool to support your task.

If the tool is not right, it can actually make your hair awkward and weird. The next question pops up, what can you do in this regard? You’re highly recommended to read the reviews with in-minute details, read the feedback given by the users, and then make your decision prudently. Furthermore, you must make sure that the clipper has combs of appropriate length because if they are not, you will be dejected. It is great to choose a clipper that an ergonomic design to deliver a sleek and smooth cutting experience. So, the bottom line, look out for a clipper with an appropriate length of combs and good design.

Power Options are Indispensable

Before you hurry up and make a foolish call, you should take a few moments and think about an integral part of any clipper; that is its power options. There is a quagmire of companies and a plethora of clippers that use something different to captivate the customers. For example, there are some products that powered with an electrical cable. On the other hand, you can also find some models that come with rechargeable or replaceable batteries. These things are further explained for your convenience. Now, the call would be yours to make!

Electric Clippers

You can use an electric clipper and there are tons of benefits also. Over and above that, you will not feel the fetters of batteries for so many good reasons. You don’t have to be worried about spending hours and hours on recharging those batteries. This is pesky and infuriating and it makes you feel anxious about overcharging it. You can just plug in the cord anywhere, turn on the razor and you are good to go. By the same token, corded clippers have amazing power performance and we have personally seen that. When you happen to use the cord, you can guarantee that the power will remain consistent throughout the cutting session. You shall not find the same luxury with battery-powered models. When their batteries are low, you will face some issues.

Rechargeable Batteries

Everything in this world has some pros and cons, similar is the case with corded and rechargeable clippers. You cannot brush off or tune out all the options available with pros. Corded clippers are spectacular and stonking but they have some limits as well. For example, they are surely going to limit your prowess of choosing from a wide range of options. When you have a corded clipper, you also have to have an outlet nearby whenever you want to use it. Other than that, you won’t be comfortable at all. You can use the cord when you have an outlet by your side but what happens when you want to use it on a trip, outdoor, or anywhere else? In these cases, rechargeable batteries come and save the day for you. You will be free from the agitation of distress.

Witha heavy heart, these models do have some shortcomings and grey areas as well. Recharging a battery can be a big task because you can’t keep your eyes all the time open for them. Moreover, lithium-ion batteries happen to have a short lifespan which can add to your worries. If they work great for some years, be grateful for that.

Replaceable Batteries

Okay, now we are getting to some interesting stuff. We have some clippers that have the option of replaceable batteries and you would surely love them. It’s a viable option because you can easily get those batteries replaced, that too in a small amount. Buy those batteries from any local store and you are good to go. These a-one and top-notch models allow you to do your cutting anywhere without being worried about the batteries. Even these models have a downside and deficiency because you will be spending a lot of money over a period of time. This can leave your wallet hurt.

Motor Power Is The Standing Pillar

When you are making the purchase, bear in your mind that the motor is actually the standing pillar of it. This really is the primary and fundamental feature of all regardless of the type of hairstyle that you are going to have. The motor actually needs to be impregnable and of high quality. If it’s not, you will confront some issues in the coming future. If you unluckily buy a clipper with a bad motor, it will not cut through your hair smoothly and swiftly. Besides, it will start tugging on the hair and its uncomfortable. A powerful motor will make sure you get a fine cutting experience without any cuts, pain, or nicks.


Again, who doesn’t want a pack and stack of accessories with clippers? I don’t recall a single person who doesn’t crave for accessories. There are bumper and tremendous chances that your clipper comes with some accessories. Some of those accessories are necessary and some can be shrugged off. It is significant to know what kind of accessories do you need for your work. For instance, if you travel so often or go out of the country, you will want to choose a cozy product that comes with a travel pouch. This well-thought will save you from future troubles and you can carry all your things in one bag. In addition to that, you must remember the maintenance part as well. You need a cleaning brush and lubricating oil.

Buy these things in the package and you won’t have to be worried about buying them separately. Some length combs will make sure you don’t spend your precious money on extra combs. Length combs add immense value to your experience because you get the perfect length each and every single time. At this point, remember that some accessories are not really necessary, they can be ignored while making the purchase. Look around and choose the accessories wisely.

Durable Blades

A clipper with tacky, mediocre, and sleazy blade is going to be an awful choice. For the fact, you will be spending your money away without any fruitful outcome. To save yourself from this toil and turmoil, buy a clipper with stainless steel blades because they last longer than other blades. What is more, you can also go for a clipper that has self-sharpening blades and this will prove to be a significant thing in your decision. We all want self-sharpening blades and, you should be happy, the price will not go up significantly.


While you’re reading about the thing you cannot put at your back, don’t waste your money if the product doesn’t have a warranty. You will want to walk the extra mile just to make sure that your investment is protected by a warranty. The minimum warranty is at least one year and you should not buy any other product with less warranty. There are some phenomenal clippers that are protected by a 2-year or even 3-year warranty. Scrutinize this feature and you will never regret spending your money.

How To Maintain Hair Clippers More Effectively

There is no blinking the fact that clippers do have a limited lifespan and you will find them getting bedraggled and crumpled every now and then. We know that these products are not that expensive but it is still nettlesome and irritating to replace them with new ones. That is why you must walk the flinty path to make sure that your clipper lasts as long as humanly possible. You can increase the lifespan of your clipper by adequately maintaining it.

Blades Must Be Cleaned

Before anything else, you must be evocative and redolent that blades should be cleaned regularly. If you disregard this act, your blades will get dirty, and then you can guarantee that they are going to be damaged much quickly. You should get rid of the hair and blades will remain intact for a longer period of time. What do you need to do? Grab yourself a toothbrush and something similar to it. Sick back and start removing the hair. It will not take more than a few minutes and you can guarantee your clipper will be alright for a considerable amount of time.

Adequate and Prissy Alignment

Before you go deeper into this reading, keep yourself lettered how to properly align the blades on your clipper. If you don’t know it, you will make a mess of it. If blades are not aligned in the right way, you shall deal with some cutting problems. The blades will not cut straight and you will end up with a preposterous and nonsensical haircut. To cope with this, go ahead and hold the clipper sideways, look straight down the length of the clipper. Check if the blade is awesomely straight; if it’s not, you want to fix it right at the moment.

You can start by unscrewing the screws on top of the clipper, loosen the blade and then you can move it around a little bit. Now, you should not take the screws out completely because you can straighten the blades. Just make sure everything is entirely in its place. Go ahead and tighten the screws back and you’re good to go. Still, if the blades are not straight, you can repeat the process unless they are perfectly straight for your use.

You Should Use Clipper Spray

Don’t become stretched, tense, or taut when it comes to maintaining your clipper because it is not that arduous task. It’s hands-down an easy task if you have the right tool, like a clipper spray which can alleviate your worry. It will prove to be high-yield and fruitful the spray is going to disinfect the blade to a great extent. You don’t have to strain yourself if you cut your own hair but if you’re going to use it for professional purposes, you need the clipper spray. You must keep the clipper disinfected because your blades will stay cool. On the contrary, if the blades are hot and uncomfortable, your customers will get irritated and hacked off.

Replacing The Blade: A Good Option

Till this point, we are well aware of the fact that self-sharpening blades are durable, and going to last a very long period of time. Still, you must know that they can get damaged if you don’t pay close attention to their maintenance. Finally, there comes a time when you will have to replace your old blades with new ones. This practice will renew and rejuvenate the process of cutting for you. New blades will cut your hair with surgical precision. The procedure of changing the blades is not that backbreaking or intricate. All you have to do is remove the screws, remove the old blade and place the new one. Just make sure that the new blade is in perfect alignment.

Exterior Cleaning To Do

How on earth would you forget about the exterior cleaning? It’s high time that you clean the exterior portion of the clippers. When you do the work with it, there are great chances that the clipper is going to get cruddy and greasy. If you do not remove your hair from it, they might get into the holes and there are huge chances of your motor slowing down. In some cases, they can even cause the motor to burn out and be fully devoured.

There are things that must stay conscious about and cleaning its exterior portion is one of them. A properly cleaned clipper will not drop cut hair on your floor, save you from a lot of trouble. You can use a cleaning spray, as we have talked before, or paper towels for this purpose.

Oiling The Clippers: Sensational

Coming to the conclusion of this part, you need to have an idea that clippers are meant to be oiled every now and then. If you don’t execute this task with subtlety, there are massive changes that your clipper will be in deplorable condition. It is not that challenging and elusive task because all you have to do is use the included brush for the clipper. This will remove the extra hair from your blade and do not stop unless all the hair removed. Clean it inside out and bear in mind that extra use of oil will also crate some baffling problems for you. Apply the oil prudently and do not overdo it. Use a paper towel to clean it afterward.

Summary about the Best Hair Clippers for Fades

So, we have shared all the pros and cons of the best clippers for fades in detail. I hope that this guide will help you a lot while selecting the best professional clippers for fades and tapers.

Your balls are the delicate part of the body. So that’s why trimmers and shavers must be a delicate one for which you are going. Choosing one trimmer or shaver among several leading options sometimes really becomes a hard nut to crack. There is one parameter you must keep in mind while selecting a grooming tool that is protection. This list contains several best options for balls shaving but you must go for one that is more suitable and in a position to fulfill your requirements.

For shaving your genitals you will prefer the shaver that has the ability to tackle hair carefully. Your shaver must contain an ergonomic handle that helps you to use it at any angle. Now people prefer to get a trim instead of shaving the area so it must contain some combs for varied lengths and able to perform in different areas. These important points are part of your considerations while buying a good electric shaver.

Finally, when you have a reasonable ball shaver then carefully follow the aforementioned steps and get your desired shave.



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