The Best Electric Shavers for Black Men in 2020

The Best Electric Shavers for Black Men in 2020

Best Electric Shaver for Black Men – African American

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Choosing a shaver is usually a difficult task especially for black men due to multiple reasons. Apart from other people and their skin type, black men have to choose their shavers quite carefully. Sometimes issues are due to their particularities for their hair. So, we have decided to write a comprehensive guide on the tips to choose the best electric shaver for black men. African American men can also get benefit from reading this guide.

Before choosing an electric shaver for men you should completely know about their skin type and its problems too. The other major problem for the people is regarding their budget and price range. Although all the razors have their own pros and cons because each type of razor is developed for a special purpose. You can choose your product according to your requirements and skin type.

In this particular article, we will suggest you some razors according to the skin type of American African people so that they can choose a razor by reading this complete and comprehensive guide. Also, visit our Facebook page to check some more posts related to the best electric shavers for black men.

Our Best Pick

Most Common Shaving Problems for Black Men & African Americans

People of all skin type have to face some problem while shaving, but African Americans are the most affected ones and face some severe problems.

The main reason for their facial irritation or facial problems is the uneven growth of their facial hair. The curly and wiry facial hair causes painful razor bumps. Before shaving, you must read some golden shaving tips for men.

Most Common Shaving Problems for Black Men & African Americans

We may notice razor bumps when we cut one hair that is close to the skin which starts growing back into the skin.

The shavers that have been produced in the market can make the situation critical when we cut the hair at an angle that makes the hair sharp and easier to grow back into the skin. An inflammatory situation occurs when the ingrown hair is seen by the body.

When the situation becomes worst the breakout of these bumps can be seen on the face and the areas where the is razor has been used. In that case, you can feel free to contact a dermatologist. When we shave before it heals, can cause marks and scars.

Which Type of Electric Shavers are Suitable for Black Men?

As we have mentioned the aspects above with specific or typical requirement for any sensitive skin here the most important characteristics of an electric razor are given below

  • An ideal shaver must be used for flat-lying, curly hair
  • The razor should have sharp blades along with a quality performing motor

Rotary or Foil Type Shavers for Black Men

Usually, electric shavers have two types of cutting system. Number one is rotary and the second one is called foil type.

Now the questions is that foil or rotary which one is better for the black men. For African American, we usually recommend foil shavers due to many reasons.

Review of Top Ten Electric Razors for Black Men

1. Braun Series 9 9290cc

Braun never ceases to come up with new feature-packed product lines. Although the Series 7 from Braun served to be the most popular launch from the company, Series 9 adds to its value by improving and adding more features to Series 7.

The Braun Series 9 9290 is a perfect electric shaver including a suitable travel case, a cleaning and charging station with a charging cable and an alcohol-based cleaning solution.

The shaver comes with some amazing shaving features that make it stand out. The shaver 9290 includes a total of 5 different shaving elements. First, the two OptiFoil cutters that easily target facial hair and provides clean-shave in one swipe. For the thickest of hairs, two specialized trimmers are present that cut the hair most efficiently. Another feature, ActiveGuard, makes sure that the shaver cleaning shaves the skin without causing any burning or irritation. The shaver is waterproof, thus allowing them both wet and dry shave possible. Moreover, the active head can move up to 10 different directions, adapting according to the shape of your face. This makes the targeting of trickiest of hairs like under the nose, beneath the jaw and through different face angles easier and hassle-free. It also comes with a LED screen below the power button, which indicates the battery shortage to the user when only 9 minutes are left for the charging to end.

If we compare Series 9 with Series 7, the former adds another feature to the shaving unit. The cleaning and charging base of Series 9 adds an amazing element of drying the shaver and cleaning it with an alcohol-based solution. Normally, an alcohol-based solution can take several hours to clean and dry the unit, however, the 9290cc dries the shaving unit in an effective time of approximately 1 hour.

Our Reviews about Braun Series 9 9290cc:

If you are looking for a premium shaving electric unit, Braun’s 9290cc is all you need. Braun’s Series 9 is an elder brother of Series 7 and includes certain more improved innovative features than the latter. In fact, if you were a user of Series 7, you can definitely look up to Series 9 as it will add more value to your shaving experience and you will already have an idea about how the Braun shavers work. However, if you are using the Braun series or an electric shaver for the first time, then 9290cc will be the perfect shaving experience for you. It surely will set a pretty high standard for electric shavers in your mind.

Braun’s product line has always been known for its extra care and clean shaving experience.9290CC however, is the best among its cousins providing a close and clean shave gently. The shaving unit can adapt according to your facial angles and provide you with a harmless shaving experience. It will deal with all the hassle and irritation by guarding your skin throughout the shaving process. The only drawback you encounter is the fact that it can be hard on your wallet. However, if you think of it as an investment rather than an expense, you should definitely purchase this amazing Series introduced by Braun.


  • The 10-directional head that allows easy targeting of hair on the trickiest of positions
  • Five basic elements are responsible for efficient shaving.
  • Premium shaving experience
  • Additional Alcohol-based drying technique that adds a more hygienic feature to the product.
  • ActiveGuard makes it easily usable for even the most sensitive skin
  • Safe and close shaving experience during each shaving session


  • High in price
  • Is called a premium product but includes only a plastic body
  • Manual cleaning is said to wither the product’s effectiveness

2. Braun Series 7 790cc

One of the most popular Braun electric shavers, Series 7 tops the list with over 10,000 reviews on Amazon and a high rating scale. Series 7 is the most prevalent and widely known electric shaver, trusted by men around the world.

The Series 7 includes a shaving unit, a charger, a cleaning and charging base and a travel case. The shaver is also coupled with 2 OptiFoil blades for effective targeting of hairs and 1 Activelift trimmer for effective trimming. Like other Series of Braun, this Series also includes a multidirectional head that can be moved for more than 8 different directions. The amazing feature of a pulsating motor creates over 10,000 vibrations in a minute, thereby reducing the number of passes needed to get a clear and clean shave. In order to eradicate the thickest of hair strands, the razor uses the amazing technology of AutoSensing, the power of which can be adjusted according to the density of hair. For people with sensitive skin, the shaver is equipped with 5 different modes ranging from sensitive to intense, which makes shaving easier for sensitive skin. The LCD light adds to the shaver by indicating the level of the battery and can hold the battery for as long as 50 minutes. It also includes a pop-up trimmer that can be used by people who want to clean or shape their sideburns.

It includes the clean and charges base which keeps a check on the battery of 790cc when not in used. Like Series 9, it includes an alcohol-based solution to disinfect the blades and clean the shaver removing the stubble from shaving unit. However, it does not include the automatic drying feature of Series 9.

Our Reviews about Braun Series 7 790cc:

Braun Series has always been popular among the top brand names of electric shavers around the world. Braun’s Series 7 790cc is, however, the most renowned and trusted electric shaver in the market of electric shavers today. Braun has set a standard for the future electric shavers by it is Series 7. Series 7 serves as a benchmark for the future electric shavers yet to come. Braun definitely included a number of amazing features in this Series at a comparatively suitable price, making it a well-trusted product around the world.

The Series 7 is comparatively old now and there are many new electric shavers in the market but series 7 is widely trusted due to its excellent features and good performance. It targets all kinds of oddly-positioned hair and even curly twisted hair. It may be an older model yet it delivers a comfortable shaving experience as compared to other electric shavers in the market.


  • It provides an ultimate clean and quick shaving experience.
  • 8 directional shaving head which follows the contours of the face.
  • 5 power modes ranging from sensitive to ultimate levels.
  • Easy and firm grip
  • Easy maintenance through the cleaning and charging base.
  • Allows both Wet and Dry Shaving.


  • May not be suitable for all skin types
  • It requires the charging base to be recharged. Thus cannot be charged directly

3. Panasonic ES-LV95-S ARC5

You might not think of Panasonic as your first priority in terms of electric shavers. However, the Panasonic ES-LV95-S ARC5 is one of the electric shavers that can compete well in the market with other renowned and well-established bands.

The ARC5 package is equipped with a shaving unit, a charging cable, a cleaning solution for the base, a travel case and a plastic head for the protection of the shaving unit.

The foil shaver adds in a lot of amazing features and includes 5 different cutting elements on its head. Its blades are angled at 30 degrees and also include a multi-flex pivoting head that follows the contour of your face. Its fast motor allows the blade to deliver up to 14,000 cuts per minute. Thus the shaving unit provides a close, easy and quick shave. The ARC5 includes a built-in sensor that adjusts the power according to the thickness of the hair. It also has a pop-up trimmer that is helpful for those wanting to clean or shape their sideburns. The waterproof technology of the shaving unit allows shaving that can either be wet or dry. Like other electric shavers, it also includes an LCD indicator that indicates the battery level very accurately. However, in addition to indicating the battery level, it also indicates the hygiene and health of the blades and the time when they need to be replaced.

Its cleaning and charging base keeps the ARC5 well maintained by merely the push of a button. It also automatically sanitizes, charges, and dries up the unit when docked and not in use. Moreover, it includes a charger that when connected to the shaving unit directly charges the ARC5.

Our Reviews about Panasonic ES-LV95-S ARC5:

If you are new to the Panasonic electric shaver series, you might find it hard to adapt initially. The Panasonic shavers include an oddly angles head because of the placement of oddly angled blades inside it. It might seem a little different to use at first but it surely will make the entire process easier once you start getting used to the product. Moreover, the shaving unit is excellent for the thick, curly hair due to its 5 different cutting elements that capture each small or long stray hair on your face.

The ARC5 may be very efficient on your face but it can cause you quite a heavy price. However, other than the high price, the shaver is excellent for an adjustable, close and comfortable shave. Also, if you have sensitive skin, you can definitely go for the advantage of wet shaving that will reduce the chances of irritation and redness.


  • 5 blade elements make shaving close and quick
  • Automated cleaning and charging base for maintenance
  • Charging base equipped with an automated drying system which saves a lot of time.
  • It is one of the fastest motors available in electric shavers.
  • LCD indicator that indicates the current battery level and tells when it is low
  • The automatic shave sensor reduces the need for repeated shaves.


  • It is heavy on the pocket
  • The plastic cover could be improved, looking at its premium price.
  • Razors can dull fast if not properly maintained and used constantly.
  • Definitely not a budget shaver.

4. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 9700

If you are looking for a premium shaving experience, Norelco 9700 is the best and most advanced electric shaver from Philips till now. The shaving unit uses advanced features and latest technology to get you a luxurious shaving experience. The packaging of the electric shaver includes a shaving unit, the cleaning and charging base, the cleaning solution, the Smartclick button, a power cord, and a trimmer.

Philips is known best for its amazing rotatory shavers. In fact, Norelco electric shaver 9700 when introduced in the market instantly became popular as the best rotatory shavers in the market. The unit includes three rotatory shavers that can move up to eight different directions. With three efficient rotatory shavers on the go, the Norelco 9700 adjusts according to the facial shape and contour. It has the V-Track Precision Blades Pro that can capture even the trickiest of hair or stubble. In addition, it includes the feature of a power setting, allowing the user to adjust the power level (Sensitive, normal, fast) according to his needs and skin suitability.

The amazing Philips 9700 has an LCD interface that keeps a check on the battery level of the shaver, cleaning indicators, blade hygienic level, and travel lock indicator. It is equipped with a battery that holds a charge up to 1 hour of shaving. Thus these features add to its value as it helps the user keep a check on anything that might go wrong.

Another amazing feature of Norelco 9700 is its SmartClick cleaning brush. This is present as an attachment that can be placed at the back of the shaving unit. It functions by using the motor of this high-powered brush to clean your face with a face wash or cleaning gel of your choice.

The cleaning and charging base also works on cleansing your shaver with an alcohol-based solution that keeps the blades hygienic, optimal, lubricated and stubble free. After that, the built-in dryer dries the shaving head automatically.

Our Reviews about Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 9700:

If you are new to electric shavers, rotatory shavers might not be your cup of tea. While a foil shaver targets stubble and stray hair in a single swipe, the rotatory shavers might have to pass through the same area twice to get a clean-shaven skin. You need to use the rotatory shaver a couple of times over the same area so that the hair can be removed adequately if they are left unremoved in the first round.

An advantage Norelco 9700 has over others is that the Norelco’s head and blades easily follow the contour of your face. Although a number of foil shavers have a flexible head their flexibility is not comparable to that of Philip’s Norelco 9700. However, in terms of a gentle and comfortable shave, both the rotatory and foil shavers show the same result at the end, although the process can be a little varied.

The LCD interface is, however, an amazing feature that indicates you a lot of the shaver’s battery, hygienic and cleaning measures. The alcohol-based cleaning system also makes it a safer and hygienic product to use. This, however, can be heavy on your pocket.


  • Rotary heads have great coverage and contours with the face.
  • Sensitive, Normal and fast power levels.
  • SmartClick brush is adding cleaning options for the user.
  • The LCD interface as a wonderful indicator
  • Charging and cleaning base with built-in dryer
  • The battery time is long enough lasting for 1 hour


  • Very costly, may not be worth the price
  • A person new to rotatory shaver might find it hard to use
  • The trimmer not attached to the body.

5. Wahl Professional 5-Star Series Rechargeable Shaver

Wahl is a well-established and well-trusted brand when it comes to trimmers and shavers around the globe. The brand especially caters black men as it assures the ultimate clean and comfortable shave for curly and thick hair. This brand is the most locally used brand in barbershops across the world.

The package of Wahl Professional 5-Star contains a shaving unit and a charging cord. The shaving unit includes a hypoallergenic foil that is gold coated. This stands out as most other shaving units use titanium instead of gold and this burgundy body certainly stands out.

Although it includes the gold coated foil as a special feature, it does not include other amenities that most electric shavers include. There is no LCD interface, no battery or power indicator, no moving head, no cleaning and charging base. Thus, it is pretty clear that this a budget shaver product that lacks a lot of features that other electric shavers include. The shaver’s focus on the shaving and shaping part specifically. The battery lasts worth an hour and also be used when its plugged in to be charged.

Our Reviews about Wahl Professional 5-Star Series Rechargeable Shaver

The Wahl Shaver/Shaper is easy to purchase as it’s not hard on your pocket. It will help you get a good and decent shave without any fiddling. However, the product is extremely simple and steady. It may also be considered that although the product does not include any advanced features and premium luxury experience it is very comfortable to use.

The comfortable and close shaving experience makes your skin clean-shaven and the gold foil makes the chances of irritation or skin trouble to the minimum. The gold foil soothes the skin and so if you have sensitive skin, you are saved from the trouble of any hassle or redness. The best of all, it captures all the hair types without any chance of protest. The shaver targets even the thickest and curliest of hairs.


  • Very close shave, similar to non-electric shaver.
  • Specifically designed for curly and thick hair.
  • Easily available at a very low price.
  • Highly compact and ideal for traveling purposes
  • Works both corded or uncorded


  • Old fashioned
  • Does not include new features
  • No hygienic automated cleaning system
  • No power/sensitivity settings.
  • Not waterproof.

6. Braun Series 7 7865cc

Braun has a number of popular electric shavers in the market. Standing out in the list is Braun Series 7 7865cc. The Series 7 from Braun has gained a lot of fame and repute in the market for its amazing features and advanced features.

The packaging of Series 7 7865 includes a shaving unit, a traveling case, cleaning and charging base, a cleaning solution, and a charger.

Series 7 is equipped with an OptiFoil, providing the user with a close and comfortable shaving experience. It includes 8 directional head, thus adapting according to the shape and contour of the face of the user. This features works on targeting even the trickiest of hair in the trickiest areas of the face. For people with sensitive skin, the 7865CC adds an amazing feature of 5 power mode systems, ranging from sensitive to intense. The pop-out trimmer is yet another feature that is helpful for those who want to trim their stubble or shape their sideburns.

The shaver is waterproof up to 5 meters, which means that it allows both wet and dry shaving. If you have sensitive skin, you should definitely go for wet shaving as it helps you get a comfortable shaving experience with little chances of irritation. It includes cleaning and charging base which can help get the blades cleaned and hygienic. The battery lasts for up to 50 minutes, and if the battery turns low, it will be indicated by the battery indicated present at the bottom of the shaving unit.

The cleaning and charging base, cleans the shaving unit, making it a well-maintained and hygienic product to use. This and all the features stated earlier, make the product more prominent and acknowledgeable in the market.

Our Reviews about Braun Series 7 7865cc:

I think 7865cc has a lot to offer at an appreciable price. The price may be steep but the product is worth the experience. It is reliable and popular and has been reviewed as a trustworthy shaver in the market. Also, this electric shaver has been known to suit the black men as it also works wonders for curly hair and can easily target and cut the thickest of facial hair.

The shaver may be a little heavy on the budget but it’s worth using. The Braun’s shaver includes German technologically that focuses on good quality and durability. To sum it up, the product is worth a try and it is packed up with all the advanced features.


  • Provides clean and close shave
  • Includes a multi-directional head for easy pivoting.
  • The cleaning and charging base makes it well-maintained.
  • Capable of both Wet and Dry Shaving.
  • Power modes can be adjusted according to the skin type.
  • Has a firm hold and grip to easy the shaving experience.


  • It may not be very budget friendly as compared to other electric shavers
  • The maintained cost like the replacement of foil etc can be high
  • The pop-out trimmer as compared to the cutting heads is not very sharp.

7. Panasonic ES8243A Arc4

The ARC4 line is Panasonic’s mid-end electric shaver offering. The ES8243A ARC4 shaver does not include charging and cleaning bases although it does include some of the features Panasonic shavers have.

The package includes a shaving unit, a traveling case, a plastic case for the shaving unit’s head, and a charger.

The electric shaver has four cutting elements, each of which is tilted at 30 degrees to ensure that it cuts as close to the root as possible. Its foil is so designed to capture even the oddest of hairs and stubbles. The head movement is allowed moving up to 4 directions, which allows it to be flexible and easily contour to most men’s faces. The motor moves at 13,000 cycles per minute which allows the shaving unit to uproot more hair in a single run. It comes equipped with a pop-up trimmer, for those who need to touch-up their beards, mustaches, or sideburns. It has an LCD display with a ten-stage battery indicator, charging indicator and blade replacement indicator to show you the health and status of your ARC4.

It is waterproof and allows usage in running water. Moreover, the body is capable of both wet and dry shaving

Our Reviews Panasonic ES8243A Arc4:

The ARC4 has a 13,000 cycles per minute (CPM) motor. Using it at first, you can’t really tell how much of a difference that extra 3,000 cycles are. But once you compare it to other electric shavers, which typically run on 10,000 CPM), you’ll immediately feel the difference. The result: cutting it closer to the skin without as much repetition. This is great for those who suffer shaver burns when they shave over an area multiple times.

Admittedly, the extra power does mean it’s a bit noisier than usual, but that’s a small enough price to pay for the benefits it brings. The hammerhead design makes for a distinctive aesthetic, but just like its five-blade cousin the ARC5, its size makes it a little troublesome when it comes to fine detail work and tight areas. Still, those are easy enough downsides to overlook, given the smooth shaving experience. Men with coarse hair won’t need to worry; the sharpness of the blades and the power of the motor work together to cut any hair the ARC4 faces. And there’s no beating that price for what it brings.


  • Four cutting elements that result in a clean shave
  • A strong motor that is usually not seen in this price range.
  • Premium LED display that is an excellent indicator of battery timing
  • Easy and gripped body structure
  • Very appropriate pop-up trimmer.
  • It is budget friendly.
  • Wet and dry shaving is allowed
  • Waterproof.


  • It comes with a single power level.
  • The head although 4 directional, does not allow much pivoting

8. Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s

Braun has always come up with a diverse product line. The Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s is a perfect choice for people with sensitive skin.
If you purchase the ProSkin 3040s, you will find inside the packaging a shaving unit, a charging cable and a plastic cover for the protection of shaving head.

The electric shaver has three cutting elements. It also includes two SensFoil blades which act as the primary cutting elements. In order to get the hair uprooted in a single and smooth run, the ProSkin Micro Comb is designed to catch as many hairs in a single stroke as possible. For all the people who have very sensitive skin, the blades also automatically retract thereby removing the chances of skin cuts or damage which can cause irritation.

The 3040s is waterproof and can be cleaned under running water or used in the shower. Moreover, it is capable of both wet and dry shave. The battery allows the device to work up to a good 45 minutes, fully charging the unit in just 1 hour. If you are in a rush, the 3040s can be charged for 5 minutes and it will be enough battery timing to get one shave.

The 3040s is compact and doesn’t require any kind of base to charge. Simply attach the charging cord into the shaving unit and it’ll recharge right away.

Overview about Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s:

It is pretty obvious that Braun stages all the best features in its product line. This is the reason why Braun usually tops the list of electric shavers because it proc=vides quality service with little budget.

The ProSkin 3040s is waterproof, allows wet and dry shave and ensures a good grip for a gentle and clean shave. The 3040s is a great option to cut through the thickest of hair as for people with curly and stubborn hair. Lastly, all this is available at an affordable price with a long-lasting battery timing of 45 minutes.


  • Retractable blades perfect for those with sensitive skin.
  • 3 Cutting Elements provides easy and clean shave in a single stroke
  • It’s not hard on your pocket and easily maintained
  • Easy and firm grip for the user
  • Capable of both Dry and Wet Shave.
  • A suitable battery timing of 45 minutes.
  • Quick recharge timing


  • No changeable power levels
  • Head is static
  • Includes no pivot points
  • No automated cleaning and charging base

9. Panasonic ES-LA93-K, Arc4

The ARC4 ES-LA93-K is an excellent electric razor for those who want good service but are not willing to pay the premium price. ARC4 is a mid-range line for its user and provides amazing features at a lower price. It includes a Dual Motor system with a charging and cleaning base.

In the packaging, you will see a shaving unit, cleaning and charging base, a cleaning container for the base, a charger and a plastic cover for the shaver’s unit head.

This model of Panasonic ARC4 includes four cutting elements in the head of the shaving unit. There also exist stainless-steel blades, all angled at 30 degrees to each other. This placement ensures the cutting of the trickiest of hairs. The most amazing feature that ARC4 ES-LA93-K includes is its Dual motor feature. Although all the electric razors have a motor built-in the system to keep the blades working. However, in this model by Panasonic, there are two motors working together for targeting of all the unwanted hairs. The first motor works to keep the blades in movement and is mostly present in almost all the electric shavers. Panasonic ensures clean and gentle cuts from its blades at a speed of 14,000 cycles per minute by its motor. The second motor is used particularly in this model of Panasonic only. This motor actively works to move the head and allows more hair to be targeted and cut in order to get a clean shave. This motor is even great for bald head shaving.

Additionally, the ES-LA93-K ARC4 is appropriate for both wet and dry shaving. It also includes a pop-out trimmer that can be used for shaping and trimming of sideburns. Also, it includes an LCD indicator to indicate the battery level and the hygienic condition of the shaving unit.

The shaver is completely waterproof and can be used in the shower. However, for cleaning purposes, it is recommended to use the cleaning base and add the alcohol based cleaning measure to get clean and dry blades.

Overview about Panasonic ES-LA93-K, Arc4:

There is little negative to review about this product. This is credible because this electric shaver is packed up with a number of vital features. The best one in the list is the DualMotor. By this feature, the hair is first stretched and straightened up before finally cutting and uprooting. This feature is particularly amazing for people with curly or thick hair.

It should, however, be considered that the dual motors on the shaver make it a little noisier than the others. Yet most of the reviews about the product are positive and people actually admire this model from Panasonic. It is easy to use with a highly ergonomic and easy grip.


  • The Dual Motor feature makes uprooting of hair easier.
  • The second motor can work for bald hair shaving.
  • The cleaning and charging base creates maintenance quick and easy.
  • It can be used for wet and dry shaving.
  • Highly Ergonomic and easy to grip


  • The appearance of the shaver is quite boring and old-fashioned.
  • Does not include various power levels

10. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 8900

Among one of the many luxury offerings from Philips, Norelco 9800 is a special one. This is a mid-high range offering by Philips that includes a number of advanced features yet at a comparatively affordable price.

The package of 8900 contains a shaving unit, a luxury style travel case, a styler and a power cord.

The electric shaver has three rotatory blades, located triangular to each other. To ensure smooth and clean shave, the shaving unit includes dual blade system that lifts the hair before cutting them to make sure there is no stray hair left. Each one of the blades can move in a total of 8 directions, thus adapting according to the facial structure of each person.

For people with sensitive skin, it includes the SkinGlide system that includes head glides over the skin to protect against any chances of irritation or damage during the shave. The shaving unit also contains a battery indicator, charging base, travel lock, and head replacement options. The battery timing of the shaver is 50 minutes of usage or 17 shaves after which it must be recharged.

The amazing feature of the SmartClick Beard Styler is optional in case you want to trim your beard and mustaches or shape your sideburns. This can be replaced with the head to give you a premium trimmer.

The shaver is fully waterproof, thereby making it easy to clean it manually under running water or as a part of your morning routine ritual during the shower. It allows both wet and dry shaving so that the user can easily decide which one to prefer.

Our Review about Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 8900:

This is a very budget friendly option for those who want premium services yet at an affordable price. Norelco 8900 is the perfect rotatory shaver that might be handy to use at first, but with the use of SkinGlide, it can easily adapt the contour of your face.

Moreover, the shaver is excellent for the removal of the thickest of hair. It has one of the best grips and the use of multi-directional head movement makes it even easier to use. With its SkinGlide and head movements, all you need to do is adjust the Norelco 8900 in the right position on your skin and leave the rest to it.


  • Rotary blades are perfectly designed to uproot each stray hair
  • Has the firmest of grips and easy to handle structure
  • Includes indicators of the battery level
  • Beard Styler is an amazing approach as compared to the pop-out trimmer
  • The battery levels can be indicated by the indicator
  • The battery lasts for around 50 long minutes


  • No power levels for sensitive to hard skin
  • The replacement and maintenance cost is fairly high

Our Conclusion about the Best Electric Shaver for Black Men & (African American Men):

So, this was our complete guide for the best electric shavers for black men. I hope that this guide about the best electric shaver for black men will help you in choosing the best shaver for you.

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