Best Shaving Cream for Men in 2020

Best Shaving Cream for Men in 2020

Best Shaving Cream for Men in 2020: – Top Rated Creams

It is necessary to buy a best shaving cream even before selecting a good razor for your shave. We have already published a comprehensive guide on the best razor for men. Now we are going to write it about the best shaving creams for men in 2020. If you have a sensitive skin type then have a look at our guide about “the best shaving cream for sensitive skin“.

Some people may have different types of skin, so we will write in detail about the best shaving cream that suits your skin type too.

We believe that without a good shaving cream you cannot have a perfect shave. Good shaving cream provides a soothing effect during the shave and also helps to avoid other skin problems e.g. skin irritation, razor bumps, etc.

Shaving creams that we are going to share are the most popular between people and have gained much positive feedback. Now you have to read this complete guide and then select a one according to your skin type. If you have a sensitive skin type, you must this guide about the shaving creams for sensitive skin type.

Our Top Pick – Best Shaving Cream for Men’s Face and Skin

Things to Check before considering a Shaving Cream

Things to Check before considering a Shaving Cream


It is the most important feature that you should check before finalization of shaving cream. A good cream must be able to provide you a smooth shave.
We will also take this feature into consideration while writing this guide, so you don’t need to worry about that.

You will find some people who usually say that shaving cream is not necessary for a shave or it’s a total waste of money. You must not listen to those people as shaving cream is always necessary for a good shave.

They protect you from razor bumps, cuts, razor burns, and patchy skin. Moreover, they also work as an antiseptics. There are also many other features that they provide you while shaving.


The function of shaving cream is also to hydrate your skin. People who have dry and rough skin must take this thing into consideration while buying a shaving cream. Good shaving cream should be able to hydrate your skin too.

Usually, the creams that are of traditional styles are not great moisturizers. If the cream is popular because of delivering the close shave, it doesn’t mean that it will hydrate your skin too.

So, if you have dry skin must look for a shaving cream that has natural ingredients like Aloe Vera instead of artificial.

Type of Application

While applying the shaving cream on your face you will find some different views. Some men like to use a shaving brush while others like to use with your hand.

Both ways work fine. It depends on your choice and the nature of your product too. Many people classify them as brush VS brushless cream.


Scent or smell of shaving cream is also important for many men. You can say it’s a personal thing for every guy. There is some unscented shaving cream still available in the market. But frankly speaking now people ignore them. Most of the people like creams with particularly weak scent.

Most companies that manufacture shaving creams also pay a lot of attention to this feature.

Your Budget

Most of the men want a good shaving cream at an economical price while others look for luxury products. Price is always an important factor while buying any product for your use.

There are many shaving creams available in the market according to different price range. The price may vary according to the use of natural or artificial products in the cream. Similarly, there are some luxury products in each category that are the choice of royal people.

You have to select one product according to your budget and some other factors that we are going to mention in our guide.

Reviews about your product

Access to the internet is very easy nowadays and you can check the reviews about the shaving cream you are going to use. This will also give you a clear idea about the pros and cons of that specific product.

Types of Shaving Creams for Men

Usually, there are two types of shaving creams for men

1- Canned/Traditional Shaving Creams

This is also known as traditional shaving cream. Old men love to use this shaving cream. This type of cream is good for the manual razors that can offer you a close shave.

There are many benefits if using canned shaving creams. It is usually thick and contains some good ingredients that can soften your hair. It also soothes your skin and that is what we look in shaving cream.

Although our young generation is also using this but old men always love to use canned shaving cream instead of vicious. People who are looking for a close shave with manual razors should consider it as well.

2- Viscous Shaving Creams (Non-traditional)

This type of shaving cream is also much popular. Many youngsters are using this and usually, it does not require any shaving brush.

It is always manufactured with good ingredients that can protect your skin and can give a soothing effect too.

One of the greatest advantages of using this cream is that they are compatible with a variety of razors.

Top Rated Men’s Shaving Cream for Skin and Face in 2020

Are you confused that which shaving cream to buy? has published a detailed guide about best shaving cream for men.

1. Truefitt & Hill Shaving Cream – Trafalgar Scent

Truefitt & Hill Shaving CreamThe first one in our list is Truefitt and Hill Shaving cream that is a traditional and old one too. This is manufactured in London, UK.
This shaving cream is more than 100 years old but still much popular among people. But Why? Let’s find its answer by looking at its details.


  • Company Name: Truefitt & Hill
  • Ingredients: All Natural
  • Scent: Trafalgar
  • Application: Apply with shaving brush
  • Weight: 190 Gram Approx.

Who should buy it?

Anyone who is looking for a royal or luxury shaving cream should consider it


I would just say that please check the lid of this best shaving cream for men. You can judge its quality and speciation by its look.
It is also considered as a royal shaving cream. Is it also said that this cream is made by appointment to Prince Philip, who is Duke of Edinburgh.
Prince Philip is also famous due to the skin type he has that is ideal for people.
Features of this shaving cream differentiate from other traditional shaving creams. It is known for providing the best level of skin hydration as compared to other creams. Moreover, it also provides a smooth surface and is best for delivering close shaves.
If you are using a manual razor this cream can save you from irritation and razor bumps.
We have discussed that we will discuss both glycerin and non-glycerin based products.
It is a glycerin-based shaving cream that can deliver your close shave without any irritation.
Its aroma/fragrance is also very attractive and is called as “Trafalgar”

I have seen some men who don’t like to use shaving cream due to their smell. So, if you are not using a shaving cream due to this reason then you must consider this product. I can proudly call it a “best shaving cream for men”.
You just need to take care of one thing. When this cream is opened it dries very quickly.
To resolve this issue you need a bottle of glycerin. If this cream is dried apply a little glycerin.


  • Glycerin based shaving cream
  • Best for smooth, the close and perfect shave
  • It has the best lubricant. Moreover, its moisturizer is awesome.
  • Reasonable in Price


  • Not long lasting once the packaging is opened

2. Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream

Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving CreamI would also simply call this as best shaving cream for men who are looking for a close shave. Following are the specification of this shaving cream along with all features. It is one of the top-rated men’s shaving cream.


  • Company Name: Taylor of Old Bond Street (It’s a Brand Name)
  • Ingredients: Mix of Natural and Unnatural
  • Type of Scent: Sandalwood
  • Application: Brush
  • Weight: 150 Gram Approx.

Who should consider it?
Again I would say that the people who want traditional shaving cream must consider this.


The company “Taylor of Old Bond Street” has been manufacturing the products since 1854. It is also regarded as an old reputed company.

Again I would say that this company offers the top-rated men’s shaving cream. If you are in search of luxury, royal and traditional shaving cream you must try this one at least.

It is thick and produces a great amount of lather. This cream is usually applied with the help of a shaving brush. It comes with a little bowl too so you can put the cream in that bar and apply it with the help of a brush.

In short, you can classify it as a simple style cream but also the best shaving cream for men’s face.

While washing your face after the completion of your shave you might feel weird. The reason is that this cream is much thicker and hard to wash off as compared to others. But don’t ignore its qualities as it is best for moisturizing your skin and will provide you a close but comfortable shave.

It’s all ingredients are not natural but still, it is regarded as one of the top-rated men’s shaving cream by Amazon.

So, we can conclude that the people who like royal shave within low budget can opt for this choice.


  • A small amount of cream is used to shave
  • Best for moisturizing your skin
  • Creates a good amount of lather


  • A bit hard to wash off after completion of shave

3. Proraso Shaving Cream

Proraso Shaving CreamThe next product in our list is also a traditional one but is manufactured by “Proraso”. This products also looks like toothpaste.

It has two famous ingredients Menthol and Eucalyptus Oil. It is a well-known product as its most ingredients are organic.


  • Company: Proraso
  • Ingredients: Approximately 95% are natural
  • Scent Type: Menthol
  • Application: Can be applied by both brush and hands
  • Weight: 147 Approximately


People who are searching for a shaving cream that is much rich in a lather.

One of the best shaving cream for men due to its organic ingredients. We have already said that it contains almost 95% of organic ingredients.
Its natural ingredients are not for smell only. It contains Eucalyptus Oil and Menthol.
People who know about their benefits know that Eucalyptus Oil is used to tone and purify your skin.
While Menthol provides a cool and soothing effect. Menthol is used to avoid razor bumps. It also keeps your skin moisturized after the shave.

We can say that this product is extremely kind to your skin. This product is manufactured in an interesting way.

This product is made in Italy in very small batches and then some special process is applied to it so it can create a rich lather.

Just keep in mind that this product is not 100% organic. It contains approximately 95% of Ingredients that are Natural while the other 5% are synthetic.


  • Creates a sufficient amount of lather
  • Most of the ingredients are natural
  • It contains menthol and eucalyptus


  • Difficult to handle with the disposable razors due to its thickness

4. Jack Black Shaving Cream

 Jack Black Beard Lube Conditioning Shave CreamFinally, we are going to discuss a product that is 100% organic. Yes, its name is Jet Black Shaving Cream.


  • Company: Jack Black
  • Ingredients: All Natural
  • Scent Type: Minty
  • Application: Apply this cream by hands only
  • Weight: 142 Grams Approx.


People who are looking for an organic and different shaving cream should check this product.

This is a very different kind of product as compared to other shaving creams. It is manufactured in the USA. The company “Jack Black” was founded in the year 2000. They offer men skin care products.
In our product list, it is the first organic shaving cream for men. All of its ingredients are 100% natural and organic.
Let’s discuss a bit about its ingredients. First of all, it contains menthol Peppermint Oils. Their purpose is to add a cool and soothing effect. It also contains some other good organic products like Eucalyptus oil, Macadamia Nut oil.
These ingredients are usually missing in general shaving creams that contain synthetic products. I would say that it is one of the top-rated men’s shavings cream
This cream work in the following phases

  • Cleanse
  • Exfoliate
  • Shave
  • Refresh
  • Moisturize

It also acts as pre-shave oil along with a skin conditioner. That’s why it is also regarded as 3 in one.
Every shaving cream has its own pros and cons. If we would talk about the lubrication of this cream, it does not work as much better as other creams do. Some people called it a better skin conditioner instead of shaving cream. Different people have different opinions and we respect everyone.
You can’t use it with a brush because it does not lather at all. You must have to use your hand to apply this cream. Some people find it hard to apply on the skin due to this reason.
This shaving cream is totally transparent too and you. Transparent shaving creams have their own pros and cons. Like its one advantage can be that you can see the process of shave that which portion of your face has been shaved and which is left.


  • Contains Macadamia Nut Oil, Jojoba and Menthol
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Three features in one product


  • It is Translucent that’s why it hard to see on the skin

5. Cremo Original Shaving Cream

 Cremo Original Shave Cream The next one in our list is Cremo shaving cream that is also one of the top-rated men’s shaving cream.
Manufacturers of this cream claim that it is astonishingly smooth. Now is it true? Let’s check that by having a look at its specification.


  • Company Name: Cremo
  • Ingredients: All Natural
  • Scent Type: Citrus but very mild
  • Application: Can be used by both brush and hands
  • Weight: 170 Grams approx.


All shaving experts know that this product is designed to provide a smooth and quality shave.
Its ingredients interact with the water that creates a slick surface. So, any razor can provide a smooth but a perfect shave. I would classify it as a good shaving cream for men.


  • Best choice with economical price
  • Contain natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and macadamia seed oil
  • Best for smooth and close shave
  • Its tube Contains 50+ Days’ Supply


  • Makes less lather

6. Geo. F Trumper Coconut Oil Soft Shaving Cream

Geo. F Trumper Coconut Oil Soft Shaving CreamOur next product is from England but a traditional style of shaving cream. It is regarded as a good shaving cream for men.


  • Company: Geo F. Trumper
  • Ingredients: Both natural and synthetic
  • Scent Type: Available in many like Coconut
  • Application: Can be applied through the Brush Only
  • Weight: 200 Grams approximately

Who should consider it?

Any person who is looking for an extraordinary close shave with traditional cream.


  • Makes a huge amount of lather
  • It is best for straight razors
  • Have many varieties of scents
  • The scent is mild in this cream


  • It is not a good skin moisturizer as compared to other traditional creams

7. The Art of Shaving Cream

The Art of Shaving Shaving Cream The art of shaving cream is actually a brand and they offer their shaving cream for men. Just have a look at its packaging. It’s a premium quality shaving cream.
Let us explore its pros and cons in detail


  • Company Name: The Art of Shaving
  • Ingredients: All natural
  • Scent Type: Sandalwood
  • Application: Can be applied both (With or Without Brush)
  • Weight: 142 grams approximately

Who should use it?
A man who is looking for premium quality and likes the shaving cream with rich lather should consider it


  • Can be applied by both brush and hand
  • Its lather is thick, sufficient and luxurious
  • Contain natural ingredients like coconut oil


  • Price is very high for such quantity

8. Pacific Shaving Company Caffeinated Shaving Cream

Pacific Shaving Company Caffeinated Shaving CreamDo you know about caffeine and its benefits? Caffeine is very good for your skin health. That; why the next product in our list contains caffeinated shaving cream.


  • Brand: Pacific Shaving Company
  • Ingredients: All Natural
  • Scent: Very Mild
  • Application: Can be applied through hands only
  • Weight: 28 Grams Approximately

Who Should Use it?

Any person who is in search of different shaving cream with some natural ingredients should try it


  • Best for moisturizing the skin
  • Can be applied to a variety of razors
  • Best for Skin irritation and razor bumps
  • Made in the USA


  • Not recommended for the long term due to the presence of caffeine

9. Eshave Shaving Cream

Eshave Shaving CreamThe last product on our list is Eshave shaving cream.
I would say that have a look at its packaging. It looks like shaving cream of the modern era.

Are you thinking that what is so special in this product? Let’s check it by having a look at its specification.


  • Company Name: eShave
  • Ingredients: No – But Paraben & Sulfate Free
  • Scent Type: White Tea
  • Application: Works better with brush
  • Weight: 113 gram approximately

Who should consider it?

People who are looking for simple yet effective cream for shaving should consider it. Moreover, it is also best for people who want to avoid animal products or extra chemical products. It is Paraben & Sulfate Free.


  • Best for Softening of your hair
  • It also opens pores and protects your skin
  • Provide excellent shave to enough lather
  • Reduces Razor Burns


  • Contains the small amount of product inside the container

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Good Shaving Cream for Men

What is the definition and purpose of Shaving Cream?

It is very simple like ABC that a cream that is applied before shaving is known as shaving cream.

While it is also true that many of us still not use any shaving cream before a shave. Our recommendation is that you must use it before your shave as it has many benefits.

Now let’s talk a bit about the purpose of shaving cream. Shaving creams are manufactured so that they can act as a lubricant between your razor and skin. It hydrates your skin, provides a soothing effect and also protects your skin.

Should We Use shaving cream with or without a brush?

Well everyone has its own opinion about this. Some people like to use shaving brush for a close shave while others who are in a hurry and loo for a quick shave do not use it mostly.

We have already discussed that there are two categories of shaving cream. With the traditional shaving creams, you should use a brush.

While viscous shaving creams can be used without the brush. Otherwise, it all depends on your choice.



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