Best Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin in 2020

Best Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin in 2020

7 Best Shaving Creams for Sensitive Skin of 2020: (All Natural Options Are Adequately Considered)

What’s the best shaving cream for sensitive skin? This question is still a mystery to many people. So, we have decided to publish a comprehensive guide about the men’s best shaving cream for sensitive skin.

First of all, I would love to share a fun fact that an average man spends six months of his lift in shaving. Isn’t it mind-boggling? Shaving is a process where you have to be thrifty because you can damage your skin if you aren’t heedful.

Besides, shaving a sensitive skin is just a painstaking and exacting task. They don’t really go well because you don’t want to drag a metal like a razor on your sensitive skin. If you don’t coup with this fear and let your beard grow bigger, there is a possibility that you can confront problems like dreaded beard itches.

When you get used to shaving, you start having clear and smooth skin. It doesn’t just remove your hair but also get rid of dead skin cells from the surface of your sensitive skin. All this starts when you invest in a superior quality shaving cream specially designed to comfort sensitive skin, where you won’t face the troubles of skin irritation. In this article, I’m going to take you on a journey where I’d be reviewing some of the finest shaving creams. These creams have already earned 5 stars and they are on my list for peculiar reasons.

If you have normal skin (not sensitive) then don’t forget to read about a variety of other best shaving cream for men.

Our Top Pick – Best Men’s Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin

Things to Consider When You’re Buying Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin

Before we dive into our reviews section, I would like to foreground some substantial features that you need to remember while reading all the reviews. Think of these features when you’re going out to buy shaving cream and you have sensitive skin as well. These features will always be helpful in your quest for finding the right shaving cream for your skin.


Natural Ingredients

The central and foremost role of shaving cream is to provide a buffer between the metal razor and your frail skin. The cream proves to be a cleanser and also acts as a spackle that gives the razor glide during the shaving process. Water is considered to be the dominant ingredient in almost all creams. Over and above that, a high-quality cream contains herbal infusions which are extremely necessary for sensitive skins. Chamomile is an important ingredient that has to be present in your cream because it’s a natural anti-inflammatory, it also carries skin calming properties. Another significant ingredient is marshmallow extract that comes from the marshmallow root. This ingredient is a natural anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory, that actually helps keep razor burn low.

Similarly, evening primrose is another useful ingredient that is anti-inflammatory and it also eases itchiness, if you have sensitive skin. How can we forget about oatmeal? It is super rich in vitamins, lipids, mineral, and antioxidants. These things are requisite when you’re going to buy shaving cream for your sensitive skin. Oatmeal keeps your skin hydrated by springing a layer on the surface of your skin that retains water. They carry saponins and provide gentle exfoliation. What is more, they contribute significantly with moisturizing, conditioning, and improving skin dryness.

It must have Aloe

There are so many quality natural ingredients you should watch out but aloe stands top in the list. Undoubtedly, Aloe has been considered an effective thing for sensitive skins. The sap of the plant is comprised of nutrients that actually promote skin healing and regeneration. Aloe is just an outstanding natural skin moisturizer, it’s a natural lubricant that helps the metal razor to glide smoothly without causing bumps and annoyance. Aloe is also soothing because it is a natural anti-inflammatory substance that quickly reduces the chances of swelling and redness.
Choosing a shaving cream with Aloe is a paramount step to take.

No Harsh Chemical

There is no blinking the fact that most of the shaving creams have chemicals and preservatives. You put it on your skin and rinse it off. You should be worried about all the chemical used in your shaving cream. You need to understand that your skin is highly susceptible during the shaving the process. It opens your pores, allows everything to sink deeper in your skin, and then a fresh skin appears. When you are out to buy it, there are several chemicals you have to look for. You can’t afford chemicals like Fragrance, Palmitic acid, Isopentane, Glycols, Sulfates, and BHT. Similarly, you should also avoid preservatives like Propylene Glycol, Diazolidinyl, and Methylparaben. When your sensitive skin is exposed to these chemicals and preservatives, they cause extreme dryness and irritation. All these listed products are free from harmful chemicals. All this endeavor is to make your skin free from the perils of irritation and damage.

Shaving Lubrication

Lubrication is just indispensable in shaving creams. Your car engines need oil for lubricating the moving parts, so does your shaving cream. It creates a thin layer between the blade and the skin, making sure there is less friction, there are fewer chances of redness, irritation, and razor burn. A lubricant allows the razor to glide with minimal resistance, meaning the motor will work less in moving and most of the power will be used in cutting your hair. You don’t have to be worried about nicks and cuts when you choose the superior quality of shave lubrication.


Price is a major and pressing concern for most of the people. You can just go out and throw your hard-earned money on things you won’t be using in the future. People have been getting more conscious and witting about the skincare. They spend so much money on their products, on creams, and herbals. Sometimes we are being reckless and spend our money thoughtlessly on products that are actually of no use to us. Same goes for shaving creams as well. All the products you will find on this list are close to $30 and go down to 10 bucks. When we are talking about sensitive skin, you don’t have to bring down your budget. Every buck you spend on your shaving cream will add value to your elegant standards of living and well-being. You will find products which are reliable.

7 Best Shaving Creams for Sensitive Face and Skin

Product reviews

1. Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin

Taylor of Old Bond street Shaving Cream for Sensitive SkinWe would love to start off the list with this fabulous cream, a sterling classic style of sensitive shave lotion which comes all the way from merry old England. Isn’t it surprising? Yeah!

Who is it best for?

Old Bond Street Shaving Cream is specially produced for men who are looking out for high quality, long-establish, and conventional style shaving creams. A cream that has been brought out for sensitive skins. Its elemental feature is to protect sensitive skin.

Vital features

Taylors of Bond Street have been there since 1854 with an objective to become the cornerstone of high-quality shaving products. These products are tinctured by rich natural ingredients and extracts. They have earned a place in our list because they have been striving hard to render top-quality shaving products for people who have sensitive skin. First things first, they have a considerable amount of Aloe in this shaving cream. As we have discussed in detail that Aloe is just surpassingly important for sensitive skin. It is extremely effective when a razor is gliding on your skin.

There are two pre-eminent features we have found in this cream:

First of all, the aroma it carries is just exquisitely spectacular. Its redolence is Cedarwood and it attracts a major chunk of people. We are enormously pleased to see that fragrance is as balmy as a top-quality perfume. We all know that perfumes are essential in an elegant lifestyle.

Secondly, it is a water-activated cream. That means it slashes well, which helps lubricate the razor during the process of shaving. It produces smoothness that reduces the chances of skin irritation and razor burn.


  • Its scent is mild and intoxicating.
  • It contains a considerable amount of Aloe.
  • It is water activated and produced for a flawless shave.
  • It reduces the chances of razor burn.


  • It can only be applied with a brush.
  • If you don’t have a brush, you need to buy it.

2. Proraso Shaving Cream For Sensitive Skin

Proraso Shaving CreamBenvenuto! This next exceptional quality shaving coming from Proraso (Europe) and esteemed to be the best in the whole region. This Italian brand has been endeavoring hard since 1948, and they have done a tremendous job in this domain. They clearly are cognizant and mindful of style and grooming. This cream shows a lot about their unflagging dedication towards their profession.

Who is it best for?

Well, if you looking for first-class shaving cream and you have sensitive skin as well, you can give it a go. It won’t cost you much and it delivers quality.

Dominant features
There are two highly distinguished and noteworthy features that make it a choice for people with sensitive skin.

First off, it is primarily designed to produce a super-rich and creamy lather. This thing is indispensable if you really are concerned about your super sensitive skin. Lather makes sure that your razor is nicely lubricated to glide on your skin. We can’t forget that the thicker a shaving cream lather is, the worst it will work with neoteric and multi-blade style disposable razors. So, if you want to use this cream for your sensitive skin, you better use a straight razor or a safety razor. You can thank me later!

The next thing I like the most about the cream is that it is beefed up with innumerable natural extracts and ingredients. The most significant ingredients are green tea and oatmeal. Green tea has a glistening reputation for its high levels of antioxidants. All of us love green because it has anti-inflammatory properties due to the high content of polyphenols called catechins. These catechins reduce the chances of irritation, swelling, and redness. Similarly, green tea is a powerful antibacterial agent that fights against infections and promotes smoother and toned skin. We can’t forget that it has Vitamin B2 and Vitamin E which are essential for skin health maintenance.

On the other hand, you won’t find Aloe in this cream. Those two ingredients will get the job done for sensitive skins. Natural ingredients will appease the irritation that does come up during the process of shaving. Moreover, it has a very aesthetic fruity smell which is slightly different than scents you get from most of the shaving creams.


  • It is pretty much cheap.
  • Contains rich and creamy lather for smooth shaving.
  • Has green tea and oatmeal to freshen up your skin.
  • Carries great value for your money.


  • It comes with a thick lather that can possibly clog a disposable razor, resulting in irritation sometimes.

3. The Art of Shaving Shaving Cream, Unscented

The Art of Shaving Shaving Cream, UnscentedThis next amazing cream comes from the premium male grooming brands, The Art of Shaving. They stand high on the scroll of fame because they have been producing some exquisitely splendid items. Does this shaving cream add value to your lifestyle? Let’s just see!

Who is it best for?

This particular shaving cream is suitable for people who are looking out for a premium but unscented shaving cream. Some people like to scents in their shaving creams and some people detest them. This cream is made for the latter.

Central Features

Apparently, people love scents as they love perfumes with rose jade, violet, musk, Oud, and Cinnamon but still some people do not want to have scent in their shaving creams. If you’re a chronic victim of sensitive skin, you need to brush off the idea of shaving creams with artificial fragrances. There are multiple careful reports out there that fragrances may not be the finest thing for people with sensitive skin.

The Art of Shaving Shaving Cream has two aspects we care about:

Foremost, It no scent at all and that is a piece of good news for people who detest all kinds of scents in their shaving creams. Secondly, this phenomenal cream is made by The Art of Shaving and that name stands high on the list. This brand stands out in a pool of competition and well-known for producing a wide range of high quality, premium grade shaving creams.

What is more, you will not be able to find a long list of ingredients because it neither has essential oils nor Aloe. Rather, it is a simple but highly effective glycerin-based shaving cream that proves to be useful for sensitive skins. We can’t deny the fact the glycerin is really important that keeps the surface slippery, lubricates the razor and then it runs smoothly through your hair.

It also foams up nicely, that means it can be applied with or without a shaving brush. The Art of Shaving is a far-famed and illustrious brand that demands more bucks than any other brand in this list. But this investment is totally worth it.


  • It has no scent. Plus point for people who want unscented shaving cream.
  • It is highly effective and foamy.
  • It can be easily applied with brush or hands.


  • It will cost you more bucks than other creams on the list.

4. Neutrogena Men’s Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin

Neutrogena Men Sensitive Skin Shave CreamThis fantastic product on our list comes from Neutrogena, which is honored and acclaimed for producing the finest skin care products. The name speaks a lot for them.

Who is it best for?

This shaving cream is powerfully beneficial for people who suffer from acne or any similar skin conditions.

Key features

This shaving product has been preferred for our list because it is peculiarly designed for sensitive skin. Plus, it comes with a particular objective. If you’re bearing skin shaving problems as acne or razor burn, then you need to go for this product. It serves a great purpose against these pinch points. Acne is a grievous problem that occurs when your hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells. It causes whiteheads, pimples, and blackheads on your face.

In essence, Neutrogena has designed this spectacular product to be non-comedogenic. It sounds scary and frightening but it is simple. That means this shaving cream has been devised to wash away neatly without actually clogging your skin pores. It is an extraordinary step because so many people face this problem of acne after shaving. This cream is meant to eliminate or control acne caused by shaving. It doesn’t end here because Neutrogena takes it to another level and they have produced oil-free formula in this cream. This step will also be a help in protecting your pores from clogging.

To your surprise, there is no scent or fragrance in this cream. Artificial ingredients can bring you no good and that’s fine if they are being used in this shaving cream. In addition, it comes with Pro-Soothe technology that helps the razor blade to glide easily over your skin. It precludes chances of cuts, unusual irritation, and snags on your skin. It’s a glycerin product but you don’t have to be skeptical about its huge benefits. If you endure problems like acne after shaving, use this magical product.


  • Effective for people who have acne.
  • It doesn’t have fragrance.
  • It is highly compatible with a wide range of razor types.


  • It is gel based and it doesn’t lather much.

5. Gillette Satin Care Ultra Sensitive Shave Gel

Gillette Satin Care Ultra Sensitive Shave GelFinally, we are taking a cobwebby turn and this next entry is just unprecedented. Just stay with us and what are we going to explore here.

Who is it best for?

Our of a mountain of despair, this product is a ray of hope for men who are looking for inexpensive shaving cream to use all over their body. Sounds great? Yeah!

Key features

Alright! This is women’s shaving cream but men can also use it equally. We understand that women shave a lot; they shave their legs, their armpits, and all other places. On the contrary, boys only shave a little fleck of hair on the bottom of their face. Sit tight because I’m going to make a point here. Buying a shaving cream branded for women will not make you soy boy or anything.

Although this product is not really suitable for everyday use because men’s facial hair is just thicker than women’s leg hair. This cream doesn’t produce that hallmark level of shave lubrication needed for the heavy-duty blades found on our face razors. This product utterly unsurpassable and ideal for men who shave below their neckline. If you shave your chest, your twig, and berries, your legs, and back, you can use this cream for the purpose. This is crazy cheap, it has no fragrance, it is dye free, and highly approved by the dermatologists as well.


  • It has no fragrance and it is dye free.
  • It is extremely cheap.
  • It is regarded by dermatologists.
  • Great for sensitive skin


  • It lacks lubrication for thicker hair.

6. Cremo Coconut Mango Moisturizing Shave Cream

Cremo Coconut Mango Moisturizing Shave CreamThis following cream we are going to talk about is a product from Cremo, that stays in your budgetary range and works effectively.

Who is it best for?

It is efficacious for men who are exploring some high-quality cream with natural ingredients. Plus, a cream that doesn’t fall heavy on their bank account.

Vital Features

Before anything else, yes, this is the Mango scented version of Cremo’s Original Shaving Cream and that has been touted as a women’s shaving cream. We don’t know why but it exactly is not the case. It comes with a gentle tincture of mango flavor and, quite candidly, we loved it, like many other people.

If you have a strong propensity for unscented shaving creams, you can choose other creams from the list, but not this one. Believe it or not, if you choose to go with this cream, you will have a cream of the first order, packed with innumerable features, and natural ingredients to help you improve your shaving process. For sensitive skins, it comes with all natural oils and extracts.

Luckily, from Macadamia seed oil to lemon extract, and from papaya extract to Aloe, it has everything. Lemon extract is naturally important if you have skin problems like acne and clogged follicles. Lemon extract reverses the damage because it has citric acid. Citric acid promotes healthy and glowing skin. Furthermore, the alkaline nature of citric acid just obliterates some types of bacteria known to cause acne on sensitive skins. Moreover, Aloe is used as a great moisturizer because it softens the skin without clogging your pores. It will hydrate your skin and help you against razor burns and small nicks. Not to mention that it also lightens your blemishes.

This cream is specially designed to render a highly slick shave to lubricate the blade. It is essential because when it glides over your skin, it can cause irritation. Apart from that, it can easily be applied, you can lather up the cream in your hand. Considering this, you do need quite a bit to get a good lather. All and all, this product is highly effective and adds value to your shaving. It is currently costing a shave over 10 bucks. Isn’t it amazing?


  • It adds great value for your money.
  • Jam-packed with natural ingredients like lemon extract, Aloe, and Papaya extract.
  • Effective for sensitive skin.


  • It takes a lot of product to produce enough lather for shaving.

7. Nivea Shave For Men Sensitive Shaving Gel

Nivea Shave For Men Sensitive Shaving Gel I’d love to wrap up our list with this prodigious product, a shaving cream made by one of the bigwigs of the skincare industry, Nivea. Does it ring any bell? Yay!

There are so many staggering features but it also comes with a reasonable big price tag. You need to decide if you can pay that much for your shaving cream. Well, most of you will pay it because your sensitive skin cannot be compromised.

Who is it best for?

Those people who are obsessive and keen for a brand name that produces top-quality products, specifically for people with problems like acne.

Key features

As discussed earlier, this one is a top-drawer and fantabulous shaving cream to consider if you suffer from Acne during the shaving process. Acne is basically a hormonal condition. Sensitivity to such hormones, coupled with bacteria on your skin, and then fatty acids coming from oil glands, cause a peckish problem like acne. It includes blackheads, pimples, small bumps, nodules, and cysts as well.

First and foremost, this shaving cream is developed with both Chamomile and Alow extracts, and both work together to render deep soothing action during and after the shave. It is contrived without alcohol and it can help in tackling acne. I’d love to share a fun fact that Chamomile has been used by the Greeks, Egyptians, and the Romans to treat wounds. It has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It is jam-packed with antioxidants which helps boost your skin health. It lightens your complexion and gives it a glow you always imagine. Additionally, chamomile extract could help cease your prolonged war with acne. It has antiseptic properties and it helps with fading spots and acne scars.

Over and above that, this is cream is completely free from Dyes, Parabens, and CFCs. These elements can great jeopardize sensitive skin. It’s good to see that they brought out a cream that leaves off all crap and artificial garbage. It has glycerin that protects your skin against razor burn, perpetual annoyance, and irritation. Extracts like Aloe are necessary to protect and soothe your sensitive skin.


  • It is effective for skin that is susceptible to acne.
  • It has Skin Guard Technology that lubricated the skin during the shaving process.
  • It is completely alcohol-free.


  • It is relatively more expensive than other creams on the list.
That is our list of the seven best shaving creams for sensitive skin. All the creams which are highly effective and soothing. We hope that it helps!

Some FAQ’s about Shaving Creams for Sensitive Skin

Why do I have sensitive skin anyway?

Well, no one knows it for sure. We don’t want to sound impudent but no one really knows why you have sensitive skin. There can be a plethora of reasons behind it.

You can have some medical conditions like eczema or dermatitis or rosacea. For that, you need to check with your dermatologist. Other possible reason can be, you may be disclosing your skin to environmental damage. It can be from the sun, from a very cold temperature, or from dry winter winds.

It might be a possibility that you’re already using the wrong shaving cream. A cream that has so many artificial ingredients, preservatives, and disgusting chemicals. It doesn’t matter why you have sensitive skin because you have no control over it. But what you are going to do about it, really matters. You can choose a good shaving cream from this list and protect your sensitive skin.

Is Shave Soap better than Shave Cream for sensitive skin?

This war has been around for decades but no fruitful output yet. Your soap is your tradition and you can’t get rid of that, LOL!

There are salient pros and then big cons for both shave soap and shave cream. When it comes down to shaving sensitive skin, then we will recommend you to with shave creams. Shaving creams are better because they have all those natural extracts like Aloe, Papaya, and more.

On the other hand, shave soap is also good if you have practiced enough to lather it up adequately. Lathering up with soap is a tremendous skill and you can’t take risks when you have sensitive skin.

Our Thoughts About the Best Men’s Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin has published a detailed review of the best shaving cream for sensitive skin and face. We will recommend you shave creams because of intense hydration, enough lubrication, protection against razor burn and irritation.


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