Best Shaving Razor For Sensitive Skin

Best Shaving Razor For Sensitive Skin

Best Safety Razor for Sensitive Skin: Enjoy Shaving Again

Best safety razors for sensitive skin are in great demand nowadays. That’s why we have decided to publish a complete guide about the top-rated shaving razor for men having sensitive skin types.

People who have sensitive skin and want to keep it soft and smooth for a long time and enjoy a comfortable shave then you must avoid to safety razor shave as you used it in school days.

Same as you people, I also had such kind of uninspired experience in order to get an irritation-free shave but unfortunately, I could not be succeeded even a single time with the safety razor. As a result, I got rashes and bumps on my neck.

I have reached one point after getting a lot of unpleasant experience is that a perfect shave only comes with the perfect shaving tool that ensures you not only soft and smooth but also gives a safe and irritation-free shave.

You must have a great safety razor. Like a sword in battle, as it is considered the first line of defense and ret of all techniques will be proved feeble if you are not well equipped.

The following are the best safety razors list especially for people having sensitive skin and some tips on how to find a good safety razor.

If still, you have not gotten an amazing shave and going to give up then just stop once and read this article carefully maybe it would be helpful for figuring out a great skin sensitive safety razor.

Open Comb or Closed Comb Safety Razor! Which One is Preferable for Sensitive Skin?

All safety razors are not made for everyone and not guarantee to protect your sensitive skin. Therefore, you have to find a skin sensitive razor.

The difference between an open comb and closed comb products should be considered. In this regard, for understanding the difference, you must be well aware of its working of the safety razor.

To ensuring the safety and protecting from any misadventure safety razors come with a new invention of the bottom guard or comb. It is the metal plate near to the handle.

The size of all combs is quite larger than the blades that provide extra security against any harm like accidentally cutting yourself.

Open Comb

The patented 1800s were originally open comb safety razors. Its name was originated from the shape of baseplate’s guard. Due to teeth, they look like a comb.

It can give you safer, secure and the closest shave by protecting you from any mishap with the help of open teeth.

These razors are considered aggressive due to the blade’s closeness with the skin.

Such aggressive kinds of razors are efficient and will give you more close performance with one stroke. But they could be the cause of any harm due to extra sharpness.

Closed Comb

The closed comb’s bottom guard has a straight bar that has the ability to runs across the whole length of the razor. There is a clear gap between the razor blade and the outer side of the guard.

Comparatively, closed comb safety razors are less aggressive than an open comb because they maintain is a clear gap between the blade and your skin. They have been using since the 1930s and very popular among customers due to their performance and safety.

But you will not be able to get an as close shave as with open comb razors. On the other hand, a closed comb protects you from any harm.

Bottom Line

In the end, closed comb safety razors will be proved the best choice for sensitive skin.

We cannot make a true comparison among different things if we use the same word for everyone. In this regard, we have to take into account their other factors for building a strong opinion.

For beginners and people having sensitive skin, the gap between the top plate and the bottom plate matters a lot. With a closed comb, you can get effortless and irritation less shave.

Our Top Pick – Best Safety Razor for Sensitive Skin

List of Top 5 Safety Razor for Sensitive Skin Reviews in 2020

1. Merkur Futur Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor

Merkur Futur Adjustable Double Edge Safety RazorThe Dovo, a German company, has earned a fair name around the world in the shaving industry. These products are made in Solingen city with the most famous and high-quality steel.

The Merkur Futur is the most amazing double-edged razor that comes with thick chrome coated razor’s surface. When it is unwrapped then you will notice its chrome.

The razor has an amazing look. Its smart and attractive look really made it more compatible in the pool of competition. There are several other features that uphold it at the top of the list.

This razor moves closer with a two-piece design that enables you to replace blades quickly without arranging the several pieces. It just requires popping up the razor’s head and easily replacing the blade.

The weight of this Futur razor is comparatively more than the rest of the razors in this list. It does not mean that it will be hard to use. This weight helps you to enjoy great control by holding it from the middle of it for a steady balance.

With an adjustable feature, this razor has a different gap range. It is ranging from least less aggressive to more aggressive and also 1 to 0. This shaver will allow you to get a shave as per your desire by offering a different size. With more aggressive gape gives you the closest shave but it is not recommended for skin sensitive people, they must use less aggressive gap. It means the Futur safety razor is suitable for both kinds of people having sensitive and normal skin.

You have to use it at 1 while removing hair from your neck and for checks; it can be used over 3 for getting the close shave. One thing must be kept in mind while shaving; you have to use it as less aggressive as removing hair from the soft part of the skin and can be used more aggressive in a hard area.

The Futur razor is designed as you can operate any brand of a razor blade. It has easy to use adjustable system that protects you from any kind disruption. To cap it all, I think the Future safety razor would be the best option for both kinds of people having sensitive or normal skin.

Reasons I Like This Razor

  • Easy to use and especially for those who want skin irritation-free shave with adjustable quality, it will give you the desired aggressiveness and sensitivity.
  • It looks great with chrome and easy to clean.
  • Closed comb ensures protection from cuts and any harm.
  • This razor is designed with a two-piece that allows you to replace the blade easily.
  • The Future is unique in the market due to sleek style and available at affordable price.

A Few Complaints

  • You must be careful while replacing the blade and adjusting the razor, it can be the cause of a serious wound.
  • Some people are avoided to purchase it due to its weight.

2. Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor, Chrome

Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor, ChromeThe Edwin Jagger belongs to Sheffield which is the part of England. That is a small town and well known due to its hardworking craftsmen and amazing products. They have been the imminent and towering part of the shaving industry since 1988; it is a family-run business and follows English style, tradition, and quality.

They are famous due to producing quality grooming tool and their razors are amazing. They have introduced a double-edge safety razor with impressive and attractive style and its heavy chrome finishing gives you immense pleasure when you opened up the box.

This razor shines and reflects the bathroom lights from its surface. It is an astonishing product of Edwin Jagger and I think they must be proud of their spectacular work.

This is a closed comb razor with three pieces. You can take apart its handle and two headpieces. It gives you great control even it can be used with a wet hand because its handle is not slippery. Additionally, the razor is completely made with solid brass, so it will guarantee you durability.

When I hold it in my hand I realized that its most weight belongs to the head of the razor. The razor leans into your face during shaving and I think that is not a bad thing but keep it in your hand carefully and strongly.

I got shave with the Edwin Jagger razor, it was a great and impressive experience that I ever had. This is user-friendly and not an aggressive tool. I would rate it number 1 razor among the top razors that are specially made for beginners and sensitive skin.

It moves nearer with good looking packaging and the pack of 5 Derby safety razor blades. With a razor, you will get a booklet that contains instructions about its usage.

Reasons I Like This Razor

  • It provides an excellent shave with closed comb head
  • With a chrome finish this razor extremely sine
  • Its pieces are built with solid brass and not damaged easily
  • Loading a classic three-piece system is dummy-proof
  • Mild aggressiveness ensures perfection and protection for sensitive skin

A Few Complaints

  • Users face difficulties due to overweight while shaving
  • Its chrome be the cause of irritation for some people

3. Feather All Stainless Steel Double Edge Safety Razor AS-D2

Feather All Stainless Steel Double Edge Safety Razor AS-D2Feather flourish on the basis of tradition and its quality products bring about the popularity of the company. The core objective of the company is to deliver remarkable products to its customers. Their safety razors have a symbolic traditional background.

The AS-D2 double edge razor belongs to the back days when quality razors were hard to find and even people were not able to get the closet shave. At that time this razor was used with a satisfying performance.

This razor is known for its performance rather than style and shape. It is considered a lightweight and sturdy razor with approximately 90 grams of weight. It can be used perfectly and give you more control if you hold it from its center of balance which sits around a third of the way down the handle. It carries equal weight from top to bottom.

There is no need to be worried about the grip because, with ridges raised on the handle, a strong grip minimizes the chances of slipping out from your hand. It comes with an average handle’s length and I think which enough for men’s hand is.

The design of razors seems like Gillette razors have been made in the 1930s. Due to closed comb razor, it is perfectly offered for skin sensitive people and beginners but this is also a good option for other people who want to get a smooth and irritation-free shave as they got with an old safety razor.

Its three-piece system can be attached and disassembled easily without putting any extra effort in this regard. The AS-D2 can be loaded in less than a minute.

I got a shave with the AS-D2 mild at less aggressiveness, it was a great experience. I think people having sensitive skin must pay close attention to it.

This razor is delivered in an old school box with a package of the 5 Feather razors.


  • It has a thick bottom guard which makes the best option for a closed razor
  • Comes with attractive packaging and extraordinary razor
  • Considered a milder shaver, not an aggressive one
  • It is made with stainless steel which ensures durability and reliability
  • With balanced weight, it is easy to control


  • Due to too mild it can be used only for thick beard

4. Viking Blade The Chieftan Double Edge Safety Razor

Viking Blade The Chieftan Double Edge Safety RazorViking Blades are very conscious about your shave. It is a family-run company that established in 1985 in Victoria State, Australia. They believe in offering quality products to the customers which not only give a perfect shave but also provide a great complacent.

The Chieftan safety razor is one of their crown jewel razors. It contains a butterfly head system that is the only razor on my list with this quality.
Basically, it is a one-piece razor and with a single twist its head can be separated from the handle, then you will be able to replace the blade easily.

The butterfly safety razor protects you from stress which you face in order to handle several pieces of the razor and managing blade in a parallel manner. It would be the best option for people who have pyrophobia like fear of blades.

This tremendous razor is fully coated with chrome. On the other hand, it balances near the head and can be controlled easily. I would like to rate it as an average aggressive safety razor which is a blessing for newcomers and sensitive skin.

As I mentioned above it is beneficial for sensitive skin due to lightweight. This is a closed comb base plate which has a suitable gap from the blade.

To adjust the razor will take some time due to its weight. How to use it? You just have to put a little pressure on the handle and then follow the razor.

This razor is dropped at your doorstep in a felt-lined case with a small mirror that is installed inside. The 5 pack of blades are also sent with a razor by Viking Blades.

Reasons I Like This Razor

  • Easy to load with butterfly one-piece system
  • Average aggressiveness will give you the BBS closeness with 2 passes
  • It would be hard to find all chrome finish at the price of this razor
  • It can be used with wet hands without the fear of slipping
  • Made with high-quality material


  • The efficiency of the razor can’t be managed
  • Due to the heavy top, it can be difficult for users to Learn.

5. Parker Variant Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor

Parker Variant Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor Parker double edge safety razor has been actively participating in the shaving industry since 1973. The interesting thing about Parker owners is that they are using their razors just like customers on a daily basis.

People who are seeking the best quality and low price razor for those Parker’s razors are the astonishing option. I am not only who appreciates these razors but thousands of 5-star reviews from online customers account for my opinion about Parker razors.

Weight of the Variant is a little more with 110 grams than other razors in this list. But its weight sits at the upper half of the handle near to the head. It will not be the cause of any harm and irritation due to the right angle.

Its handle length is 4 inches. It is considered enough length, but still not be able to give proper coverage to some people.

Parker razor moves closer with brass handle plated in chrome. It is less shiny than other razor’s handles.

It has 2 piece razor, attaching and removing of the Variant is too easy. You just have to unscrew the head and disengage its handle then easily install the new razor blade.

It allows you to adjust the aggressiveness of the blade from 1 to 5. I suggest to the beginners and people having sensitive skin, you must always keep it at 1 while shaving otherwise more aggressiveness can be the cause of any serious irritation.

This product is delivered with 5 pack of stellar blades and a card that possesses suitable methods of shaving.

Reasons I Like This Razor

  • Adjustable razor gives you the desired shave
  • This razor is good for those who put extra pressure while shaving
  • Made with solid brass that guarantees long-lasting
  • Slides comfortably on the face without getting burnt
  • Removing and loading of the blade is a simple process with 2 piece design

A Few Complaints

  • Unintentionally, its head can be installed on the wrong way
  • For lightweight razor users, it may be too heavy

Characteristic You Will Look for when Buying A Best Safety Razor for Sensitive Skin?

There are multiple ways of getting shave but safety razor gives you the easiest shave as compared to using other shaving methods. But you have to learn before going to buy it.

The following are some important tricks that you must have in mind while selecting the razor for sensitive skin.

Closed Comb

To get a closed comb will be your first choice. Because its guard creates a reasonable gap between the blade and your face that will protect you from any harm.

The closed comb won’t give you the closest shave as an open comb but it will be great for skin sensitive people. You should not be worry because this list contains all closed comb razors.


You must go for a product which is not very aggressive. Companies are rated their razors on the basis of the aggressiveness scale from mild to strong. You can choose mild, medium, and most aggressive.

Here aggressiveness does not mean it will be sharper and damage your skin sensitivity but it means how it efficient and effective. You will get clean and smooth with an efficient razor that removes your more hair. This razor can be the cause of irritation and this is the only side effect of it.


Adjustable razors have the ability to adapt to your skin and help you in getting the desired shave.

Truly, an adjustable razor is the best option and usually, you have to pay more than other razors. It takes care of your face sensitivity.


Safety razors come with two formats; one is a butterfly and the other one is a three-piece format. I think a butterfly is a perfect option for beginners because it is more safe and easy to replace a blade.

The three-piece system is hard to change the blade you have to disassemble it while replacing the blade. Performance-wise both are perfect razors.


Several controversies have been around about its style. On the one side, some people want to get razors with old-style but on the other hand, mostly prefer modern touches like Merkur. It is totally up to you which kind of style you want to get.

I think if to take care of your razor it will not only last for a long time but also curbs sensitive skin issues.


Small size razor does not mean it would be more light. Furthermore, behind blade efficiency and fast cutting, weight is the major factor.

Stability is the outcome of perfect weight. Razors having more weight hit face harder than lightweight razors. A heavy razor gives you great control.


Razor’s handle length you have to select as per your hand size. You will not feel comfortable with a too-small handle.

The length of the razor’s handle must be as per your palm because the too small and too large handle would not be managed properly.

Final Word about the best safety razor for sensitive skin

It does not mean shaving with a safety razor will be the cause of pain, stress, and irritation. It matters how good the product you are using.

This list contains all smart and perfect choices you can pick any one of them without any hesitation. But Merkur Future adjustable is the best of all.

The other attention-seeking point when you are going to buy the razor is that you must choose a razor that fits your style.

For shaving, you should have a nice smelling lathering soap and a soft shaving brush.

With the use of both aforementioned things, you will get an amazing shaving experience.


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