5 Best Straight Razors For Men

5 Best Straight Razors For Men

Best Mens Straight Razor – Shave Like a Badass

Are you looking to buy best mens straight razor for shaving? In case of yes, dont’t miss our detailed post about the best budget and high quality straight razor for men.

Things that go to outdated sometimes play a pivotal role in taking fashion, fads, trends, and entertainment to the new heights.

There is no other than a straight razor example.

The straight razor has not lost its popularity in the new era of life. While there are multiple options are available in the market but straight razor standing alone with its unique qualities in the pool of competition. Its usage has been decreased dramatically and replaced with a cartridge razor. Moreover, this razor is still popular among men because it has the ability to reaching out to the unreached hair and give the closest shave which users demanded.

On the other side, the use of a straight razor is the same as turning pro. Briefly knowing about the techniques mean you would be able to get an amazing shave.

To cap it all, we have the ambition to figure out the best option for you. We are sharing the list of the best straight razor brands for 2020.

Our Top Pick – Best Men’s Straight Razors

7 Things Must Be Kept In Mind When Buying A Best Rated Straight Razor

Choosing the right one out of the multiple great and simplistic options sometimes become a hard nut to crack. As we know straight razor comes with simplistic design so this decision also becomes more difficult.

Furthermore, it is a myth that the usage of a straight razor is more complicated than other razors. With a little knowledge about the use of a straight razor, you could not be able to operate it. Before reaching straight razor reviews, the following are some key points that you keep in mind when going to buy it.

i- Blade Type

All straight razor blades move closer with distinctive points types and are categorized as follows.

Round Point

This is less sharp endpoints and semicircular profiled blade point. It gives you the soft and smooth shave and also a suitable razor for beginners.

Square Point

The square point blade with the help of a straight point profile can end a sharp point at the right angle to the razor’s cutting edge. It can be helpful for shaving a small size area but the user must be experienced because it is difficult to handle.

French Point

The French point blades look like a quarter circle and its end like sharp point similar to a square point blade. This is called oblique point.

ii- Blade Width

The distance between the blade’s back and its cutting edge is called the width of the blade. It is defined in 1/8 increments, 1-inch width is suitable for 8/8, and a ½ inch width is fit for 4/8 blade.

  • You would not be able to get proper and perfect save only with the with of blade until or unless you strop the blade to its perfect sharpness. Normally, a small blade is easy to strop than a large blade.
  • The large blades are specially designed for an aggressive shave and for beginners, for reaching out to the unreached hair like under the nose and other difficult areas.
  • The small blades give you the chance to you to shave from anywhere.

iii- Vintage VS Modern Straight Razors

Before going to purchase a razor you must do a short comparison between the vintage straight razor and a modern razor:


If you want to prefer antique things, love to get in use again, and hold them then a vintage straight razor would be the best option for you. These are easily available on the market at a reasonable price but they required a little bit of care for shaving purposes. Newcomers may use the modern straight razor for getting experience in order to switch the vintage razor.


Modern razors are manufactured with new technology and move closer to the company of multiple advantages including better craftsmanship, long-lasting, and reliability. It has proved that modern blades are comparatively much better than the vintage blade. But, a well maintained vintage razor has the ability to compete with the modern one.

iv- Temper

Temper means nothing we are going to discuss your crappy mood but it is all about razors’ blade. The straight razor’s blade comes with a soft, medium, and hard temper. These terms define how much longer they would be able to keep their edge and get sharpen easily. Normally, the hard temper will keep its edge for a long time and a soft temper may easy to sharpen.

v- Material

These razors are brought into existence with stainless steel and carbon steel. Mostly, people prefer to buy stainless steel razors because they are less expensive and long-lasting, while carbon steel blades are well known due to their quality.

vi- Grind

The grind means that the concave indentation on the blades. The full empty grind ensures light and sharp blades but the less empty grind is less sharp and considered the best option for new users.

vii- What About A Shavette?

A shavette is an ideal option for those who are transitioning into the shaving period with the straight razor. This seems similar to the straight razor but it also has the qualities of the double edge razor blade that also use in safety razor for ensuring safe and sound shave. Admittedly, this is the right way to in order to use the shaving techniques and get an experience of a high-quality straight razor in a cheaper way.

Top-Rated and Best Straight Razors for Shaving


DOVO INOX STRAIGHT RAZORThe German companies are well in all over the world duo to producing the finest razors. The Dovo company also one of them that produces excellent razor, to beat the Dovo products is not an easy task.

This is one of the top straight razors on the market for new users.

Let’s take a brief review

Dovo is one of the oldest companies in the world that has been serving people for a long time. It came into existence in 1906 and has earned a good name.

Solingen, part of Germany, knew well due to cutting tools before they came into the razor blade market.

Dovo well-prepared razors come into the market. These are ready to use, there is no need for any prep before using them.

The Blade
The Dovo straight razor has a blade that is half empty, lighter, and sharper. To providing safe shave to the beginners it has a rounded point. It is manufactured with high-quality carbon steel which is reliable, durable, and flexible. Its blade width is ⅝ and this is also another positive point for straight razor users.

The Handle
The Dovo straight razor has a wooden handle and it is made by olive wood that is not good for looking but also for giving a firm grip with no chance of slip in hand.

The Edge
Its edge is so fine and it can compete with every straight razor’s blade on the market. It enables you to increase your shave and give a smooth as well as graceful look without applying any extra pressure.

The Design
This straight razor comes with a simple design and an astonishing look.

Type: Round point blade


  • Amazing for new users
  • Light and sharp blade
  • The wooden handle ensures a strong grip and looks great


  • Off and on requires repeating Strokes

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that Dovo straight razor is not only the best option for beginners but also for experienced users. But this razor is specially designed for beginners but it is quite expensive and demanded a little bit more money than other razors. This is one of the best straight razors of men in 2020.

2. Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor

Feather SS Japanese Straight RazorWhen we decide to get a razor then its sharpness first and foremost comes to our mind. Unfortunately, it does not mean that straight razor is all about sharpness.
As Japanese products are famous in all over the globe

Feather is also a kind of straight razor like others; it has a disposable blade with the capability to give you the best experience. There is no need to honing or stropping because its blades are too sharp, and it is also simple to maintain and replace.

The process of replacing the blade is easy and just a matter of seconds, you just have to pinch the razor head and drop the blade. Replacing the blade is not a difficult task but a considerable thing is that you must be careful while changing the blade because these are sharper and can be the cause of any harm.

This razor comes with a spring-mounted blade head that makes replacing the blade easier and safer. It can be cleaned easily just with water.

Following are some other features of the feather SS:

  • This razor is made with stainless steel that ensures its durability and long-lasting.
  • Its resin handle gives it a significant position on the market and sets it apart from the competition. It is a heat resistant handle and gives you a great grip. Reaching out to unreached hair was not easier for a long but it has ensured access to removing hair of neck and jawline. Its handle length is shorter than another straight razor but users can explain better about its feelings in hand.
  • Without putting any extra pressure you will get a smooth and clean shave due to sharpness of the blade.
  • The Feather SS is considered comfortable, lighter in weight, and best in use. It allows you to get an effortless shave with smooth running over your face. Make sure putting a new blade in a razor for getting the closest shave. One blade will be enough for shaving one time.
  • The Feather SS is one of the suitable razors for beginners because it’s design and craftsmanship make it easier straight razor. The straight razors require techniques and much care. But this razor has a friendlier learning curve.

Type: Round point blade.


  • The sharpness of blades is matchless.
  • Replacing the blade is easy.
  • Due to lightweight, it is easy to use.


  • This straight razor is quite expensive than the others.

Bottom Line

You have to pay more for the Feather SS than other razors; it is a case of you will get better if you send more. It is a piece of great shaving equipment that will live long. It would be best your long term investment and an amazing straight razor.

3. Parker SRW Stainless Steel Straight Edge Barber Razor

Parker SRW Stainless Steel Straight Edge Barber RazorThe Parke SRW is specially designed for professional barbers but it is also the finest option for self users. This razor is available on the market at a reasonable price.

The Parker Company has been producing a safety razor for the past 4 decades. This is accounted for one of the leading companies around the world for producing innovative and well-designed grooming tools including a straight razor. The SRW Stainless Steel Straight Edge Razor stands with high qualities.

Let’s take a brief review of its features.

  • The Parker SRW blade’s cover is created with stainless steel. As you know some companies make with aluminum.
  • It gives a great feeling to hold the razor’s handle. With perfect weight and amazing design, it guarantees smooth, clean, and nick-free shave.
  • It can work with both single edges as well as half double edge disposable blades. These blades are tightly snaped into the blade holder, while its design allows you to change blades easily. This is the plus point of razor for professional users that replacing blades would not take more time.
  • Its rounded tip guarantees to minimize the risk factor and protecting from cuts and nicks. Therefore, it is known as beginner-friendly.
  • As discussed above that the Parker SWR is made for professional users but it does not we cannot use it at home for shaving ourselves.
  • According to reviewers, they have fun with using it and have not found even a little bit of danger.

Type: Round point blade.


  • Easily with reasonable price is available on the market.
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Replacing the blade is too easy.


  • It comes with a plastic handle.

Bottom Line

To cap it all, the Parker SWR is the simplistic and charismatic razor with reasonable price. It is designed for professional as well as self-use that is why youngsters want to get it.

4. Feather DX Folding Wood Handle Razor

Feather DX Folding Wood Handle RazorSome people want to live up to date with getting a shave on regular basis for looking well if you consider yourself from one of them then the Feather DX Folding Wood Handle Razor is second to none option for you.

The Feather DX is made for professionals and well-experienced people. It moves closer with a wooden handle, in large part and also has the capability to give proper, smooth, and close shave. Its usage would be friendly if you have some experience in using a straight razor.

Its price is comparatively high than the rest of the straight razors on the market. The Feather DX is not only reliable but also durable; it can last for a long time and continuously provide you with smooth and clean shaves for the rest of your life.

The Feather shaving company has more than 80 years of experience in producing the best grooming tools and especially known for shaving tools like straight razors. This company is considered the leader in the Japanese soft razor market. You can imagine its popularity nearly all barbershops in Japan carry Feather’s product.

The ArtistClub blades can be used with the Feather DX razor. It has multiple features including lighter in weight, professional in use, super performance, and procured. The blades can be replaced easily, another good quality rest assured as sharp as the other straight razor’s blade. There is no need to hone or strop and last for a long time.

Mostly people prefer to get the sprig mounted blade head with one click process which is simple to take part and take back into the original position. It has a pivot screw that ensures persistent tension for keeping the handle at a suitable angle.

The handle of Feather DX is made with a special polymer. It is heat as well as chemical resistant and considered one of the best Feather DX features. This razor can be sterilized with hot water because it is also water-resistant.

There is another positive side is that the blade and razor act as one unit in order to give the closest shave. This razor is manufactured with high-quality material and it can be easily used for any kind of facial skin. It is a tool serious razor; interested people must consider it and also a user-friendly one.

The Feather DX is known due to its blade sharpness; it also comes with good balance and provides you with a great grip control that lessens the risk factor.

This is a user-friendly razor but your one wrong move can get you in any dangerous situation. So you must be careful while shaving. The Feather DX left behind all difficulties related to shaving and made this process too easy with a straight razor.

Type: Round point.


  • Excellent Craftsmanship
  • It comes with resinated wooden handle
  • Easy and more comfortable with it


  • A quite expensive

Bottom Line

The Feather DX is designed for serious users. You may scare with its price but it is such type of investment that will continuously payback dividends the rest of your days.

5. Classic Samurai CS-102 Stainless steel Professional Straight Edge Razor

Classic Samurai CS-102 Stainless steel Professional Straight Edge Razor People like to use it; guys like others also have admired to buy it, due to its affordable price.

What is not to like about the Classic Samurai CS-102 Stainless Steel Professional Straight Edge Razor?

Undoubtedly, there is no reason for not buying this razor. It has more features than our expectations. It will give you a great experience at a low cost.
Furthermore, there is a common myth that low price thing is cheap. But in this case, this myth would be proved false as good quality razor’s price is low. This razor is used by many well known and professional barbers for everyday use.

Here we are going to discuss some other positive aspects of the razor.

  • This razor is made up of surgical grade stainless steel. You can take apart it easily and replace the blade.
  • It is an excellent match of balance and weight. This razor is very easy to use even if you are going to adopt the straight razor shaving for the first time.
  • It moves closer with a plastic pouch which gives it more protection. You must keep it in the pouch after shaving, it will extend your razor’s life.
  • The razor is offered in six different colors like brown, blue, black, white, cream, and red.
  • You will be offered Derby single-edge razor blades absolutely free with your razor.
  • You will get the closest shave with a professional-grade straight razor. This is also a perfect product for those who are using the straight razor for the very first time.

Type: Round point.


  • The greatest combination of its weight and balance makes easy to use.
  • Perfect and amazing value
  • Suitable one for straight razor newbie’s.


  • Its blades are not well organized like other brands.

Bottom Line

Rarely, it happens that you get more than you have paid, it seems 100% perfect in the case of Samurai CS-102 buying. You get an excellent razor at a reasonable price. Beginners can also use it without any hesitation.

How-To do Shaving With A Straight Razor

The straight razor shaving is totally different than other kinds of shaving.

Still, there is a need to expressing that shaving with a straight razor completely different. The straight razor is considered the Holy Grail of shaving tools but it is only for experienced users.

The straight razor is difficult to use especially for a novice. But, once if you have understood the techniques, then you can get the closest shave. Here are the fundamental techniques of getting a straight shave.

i- Getting Started

Two things are considerable while prepping for a straight razor shave one is sharpening blade (blade can be sharpened with a leather strop or razor stone) and another one is softening skin with hot water. If you are going to take the shave with a replaceable blade making sure it must be sharp.

ii- Lather Up

Shaving cream or shaving gel should be applied with a shaving brush on your face, it can also be applied with your fingers but make it clear lather must get up under each and every whisker.

iii- The Grip

Everyone follows a different way of holding a straight razor, but the popular and easy way you have to keep razor firmly as follow that rest your first three fingers on the back of the razor blade, your pinkie must be on the tang, and narrow side of the blade just beyond razor’s pivot. Rest your thumb firmly near the middle of the side blade.

iv- The Shaving Stroke

You have to use slow even strokes with a razor. You must follow the direction or pattern of your hair growth for avoiding any problem.

v- The Sequence

You can shave with either side of your face and use a non-shaving hand to stretch the skin in an upward direction. Start from the top and then move down as follow the face. Then clean your jaw while stretching the skin tightly. Then move towards your upper lip and later clear chin.

Straight Razor VS. Other Razors

Why people are using insecure and unsafe razors for shaving purposes despite knowing these can be the cause of any harm if it does not handle properly?
Still, the straight razor is popular among several shaving tools because there is no other shaving tool that gives you the closest shave like a straight razor. It is used by many people for getting a clean and smooth shave.

But we must take a brief review of a straight razor and compare it with other razors. Resultantly, you should pay close attention to buying the razor which seems to be more suitable for you and how much you take care of your morning shave. I hope you are more conscious about your look and put a lot of effort in this regard.

i- Straight Razors – A Closer Look

As I already discussed above that straight razor has been using for a long, long time. It is still as simple as it was a hundred years ago. This is the simplest form of shaving tool, you have a razor simply just put a blade in it and use it across your face.
But a traditional straight razor is just like a single blade which is made with metal, mostly stainless steel. Such kind of razor required sharpening and honing on a regular basis for keeping it sharp. A one blade razor can last for a long time with perfect care.

Price: The straight razor is considered a quite expensive shaving tool, sometimes you have to pay hundreds of dollars for getting it as compared to other razors. But it would be prover your good long term investment due to its durability. Another plus point is that there is no need to spend extra money on blades, as cartridge razors required.

Learning Curve: it is a reality that the straight razor is required more techniques in order to operate and get the desired shave because it comes with a steeper learning curve while other razors can be operated easily. You cannot be perfect in using straight razors within a couple of days. If you use it on a daily basis you will be an expert in operating it more quickly and able to get a clean, smooth, and close shave. The using of a straight razor is considered an art because it is a tough method to learn.

ii- Straight Razor, Comparatively Speaking

Now you should understand the qualities of a straight razor that are even not common in all straight razors. However, this is the fundamental tool of shave for a long time and regarded as the most sophisticated tool. Here is a comparison among different razors.

iii- Safety Razors

The double edge safety razors have been using for several decades but still, its popularity is skyrocketing with every passing day. They move closer with multiple designs like a two-piece, three-piece, and in a butterfly shape. Like shavette, it will also give you the multiple shaves with the same blade.

The safety razor is less expensive than other straight razors but frequently replacing blades may make it a costly investment in the long run.

iv- Cartridge Razors

Cartridge razors can be found easily from everywhere. These razors are available on your local market, mini-marts on gas stations, convenience stores, and even you can get it from any online store through the internet. This razor is well known due to many features like it does not require much initial investment, very portable, and usable without learning any technique. This razor is more convenient to use and easily available from everywhere.

It has some drawbacks; its blades can be purchased without spending more but sometimes it does not ensure you the excellent and smooth shave that you can get with safety and a straight razor.

The cartridge razor has not to blade replacing option, it is disposed of completely after using it. It means that after a week of shaves you need a new one. These razors are the best option for people who want a quick shave and always be in a hurry.

I suggest that you should go for a quality cartridge razor whether to spend some extra money.

v- Electric Razors

You cannot deny the amazing features of the electric razor. It enables you to get an excellent shave with just hit the on the switch. These are available in two different designs, rotary, and foil and give you the best result for wet shaving.

It is another debate whether it will give you the same result as other razors like straight and safety but it gives you the quick, safe, and effortless shave. You just have to put out a machine from your desk drawer and use it with a single click.

Here’s How We Chose Our Top Rated Straight Razors

It is a hard nut to crack to choose one thing out of several excellent options. As from a wide range of straight razors selecting one is a difficult task. It totally depends on personal choices and experience so we also leave it to the users. As we have discussed all products from every angle now it is up to you for which razor to go for.

Conclusion about Best Men’s Straight Razor

As you know, we respect and value your feedback. Please share with us your valuable reviews and opinion about straight razors that we have listed and which you have used.



Alex Hales is the founder of probeardtrimmer.com. He is a shaving expert and love to explore the things related to shaving. He is also a content writer and editor at probeardtrimmer.

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