Best Travel Electric Shaver

Best Travel Electric Shaver

Best Travel Electric Shaver and Razor: Top Portable Shavers

Passengers and travellers knows the importance of portable electric shaver. For them, we have decided to publish a guide about the best travel electric shaver.

Nowadays, traveling is more comfortable, and most people go on long-distance trips in a short amount of time due to the various reasons they might have. Even if you are a businessman on a business trip, you don’t think about long-distance traveling that much. When you are traveling, it is essential that you also look the part. You should look attractive while on a trip. While traveling, a good shave is the main thing between making a good first impression or losing to make an impression. A good shave is also responsible for your confidence boost.

Finding a good and famous barbershop might not always be possible. Nowadays, it is straightforward to carry all of the shaving equipment with you and do your shave. There are different methods of shaving, but we are focusing on shaving with an electric shaver. Companies are making excellent and reliable electric shavers that have a relatively small size and don’t require any accessories. These shavers come with a rechargeable battery and can last you for hours before running dry.

The market is filled with these kinds of electric shavers, so finding the best one might prove difficult for you. If you are new to electric shavers, you are in a lot of trouble. But don’t worry, here we have reviews of some of the best travel electric shavers and hope that you will be able to choose the one that suits you best.

Our Top Pick – Best Travel Electric Razor

List of Top 5 Best Portable Electric Shavers in 2020

1. Braun M90 Mobile Shaver

Braun M90 Mobile ShaverBraun is one of the most famous brands in the shaving business. They have made a name for themselves by producing the right quality products, and M90 Shaver is one of the shining examples of the company’s success. If you are looking to go on a road trip then this shaver comes with the perfect size for you. It is easily portable and can be carried around anywhere. It is cell-powered, so you don’t need to carry any charger with you. It only weighs about 3.2 ounces; this makes it one of the lightest and travel-friendly electric shavers.

It has Smart Foil Technology. What this means essentially is that you can take off more hair strands by moving the shaver in multiple directions in a single run. The head of the shaver is also adjustable, which means that you can get a comfortable and clean shave. It also has an extended trimmer on its side, which makes it a suitable choice for cutting long hairs. A twist cap protects the foil when not in use. Due to this, it provides an excellent and secure grip. Blades of this trimmer are waterproof and can be easily cleaned in water.

First Impressions

If you want the best electric shaver that is out there, then M90 Mobile Shaver is the one that we recommend. It has a compact design, which makes it the perfect choice for travel. It is also very lightweight, which makes it portable. The head of the trimmer is flexible, which makes the shave very smooth and comforting. The extended trimmer is also good because it allows you to get rid of sideburns and long hair.

This electric trimmer is the choice of many professionals as well as people who are in the traveling business. It has various uses and is very versatile. You can also clean it underwater, which is a perfect thing to have. As operated with AA batteries, there is no need to worry about a charger.


  • Replaceable AA Batteries
  • No need of a charging station or a charger
  • Extended precision trimmer suitable for sideburns
  • Twist cap protection
  • Waterproof and can be easily cleaned in running water
  • Lightweight and compact; makes it easier for traveling


  • Blades are not replaceable
  • The whole shaver is not waterproof; blades are the only parts which can be washed underwater

2. Philips Norelco PQ208/40 Travel Electric Razor

Philips Norelco PQ208/40 Travel Electric RazorPhilips is a massive name in the electric shaver market, and their Norelco series is responsible for providing the customers with the best quality shavers. The PQ208/40 is the best one in the series. It comes with two heads, which makes the shave very comfortable and clean. The leaders are wide to cover more area while shaving, and there is also a protective cap which covers the blades when not using them.

The blades in this shaver are very sharp and ensure a clean shave. The head of this shaver is flexible and allows it to move across the face quickly and provide you with the perfect shave. The blades also make sure that there is no hair left on the front. There is a rotatory motor inside this shaver, which is electromagnetic and operated with the help of AA batteries. The batteries can provide a charge of one hour upon fully charging the shaver.

This shaver is very tiny in size and has little weight making it one of the most comfortable and portable shavers in the market. As being a cell-powered device, you don’t need to carry around any cords or chargers to charge this electric shaver. You can also clean it with water, but be careful that it is not completely water-resistant.

First Impressions

The Philips Norelco is undoubtedly one of the best electric shavers and is in our top recommendations when looking for a travel-friendly electric shaver. Due to its small size and low weight, it can be easily carried around. You can take this anywhere in the world and not care about it dying due to readily available AA batteries. You don’t even need to charge this shaver for months and still get the best shave possible.

You won’t feel uncomfortable while using this shaver because of the flexible head, which makes it maneuver easily around the face and take off all of the hair. Thus, it provides the most comfortable and best shave. The blade guard attachment also protects the blades when you are not using them. If you travel too much, then this is the shaver that you should go for.


  • Battery-powered; 2 AA batteries used
  • 1 hour of cordless operation
  • Blades require less maintenance due to the self-sharpening feature
  • Lightweight and portable
  • The flexible head makes the shave more comfortable


  • Not fully water-resistant
  • Only waterproof edges and not the body
  • Not usable while taking a shower

3. Panasonic Electric Travel Shaver ES3831K

Panasonic Electric Travel Shaver ES3831KIf you are in the market looking for the best electric shaver which gives the best possible shape, then you should look no further than the Panasonic ES3831K. It is made with such efficient craftsmanship that it has a lightweight design and is very small. All of this makes it one of the best traveling trimmers to carry around because you can easily take it around with you. The blades of the shaver are Japanese made, which makes them powerful and precise in their cutting.

It has a floating head like most of the electric shavers to provide the best possible shave. There is a steel foil over the head, which is positioned at an angle of 78 degrees. There is an 8500 RPM motor that ensures the blades spin rapidly, and the cutting experience is the best that you can get. The leaves and foil both move smoothly over the face to get rid of the smallest of hair and make you attractive.

As it is powered with AA batteries, it can be carried anywhere in the world without any worry about carrying a charger. The design of the electric shaver is very comfortable and makes shaving a straightforward process. The best thing about the shaver is that it is waterproof and can be used while taking a shower. You can easily clean the blades under running water.

Carbon-Steel Blade

If you are a daily traveler, then this electric shaver might be the best choice for you. It is very travel-friendly and can be easily carried around. Its compact design makes shaving an effortless process. This is one of the most recommended shavers by travelers and professionals. It is a small shaver but has the power of a big one and can easily outdo most of the bigger shavers. This electric shaver can deliver a clean and perfect shave.

The reason that we are suggesting this shaver is due to its compact and comfortable design, which is the best option for all of the travelers. The shaver fits perfectly in the hands, and the floating head makes the shave very easy. Your hands will never get tired of using this product. The Japanese blades are also one of the most prominent features of this shaver because they ensure a smooth shaving experience without zero effort. If you are on the look of a kind and fast shaver, then this is the best one for you.


  • Japanese Blades and a powerful motor
  • High durability
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Can provide a dry and a wet shave
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Has a travel pouch


  • Battery replacement is difficult
  • Low runtime of batteries

4. Panasonic Men’s Shaver for Travelers ES-RS10-S

Panasonic Men's Shaver for Travelers ES-RS10-SThere is no doubt that Japan has the world’s best electric accessories. There is no exception that the Panasonic ES-RS10-S is one of the best shavers and lives up to the Japanese standards of electronic gadgets. This shaver is a small one but packs a big punch. It is powered by 2 AA batteries, which help run the powerful rotatory motor system. This electric trimmer has a Japanese super sharp blade with a durable foil.

Japan is very famous for its blade technology. Their blades are best in the world; they tend to be sharp and long-lasting. The module in this electric shaver is capable of delivering a smooth shave. The head is flexible to curve around the face to provide a comfortable shaving experience. There is no kind of irritation present when using it up close. It can feel a bit rough on the skin because it is super sharp and sensitive.

It has a compact built with little weight to it. This makes it one of the smallest trimmers in the lot. Due to this, it is very travel-friendly and can quickly be taken with you on a trip. Cleaning it is also not a problem because the head can be removed off. The only thing to keep in mind is that it is to be used for a dry shave because water can damage it.

First Impressions

Travelers and experts always recommend Panasonic’s trimmers. This one is one of the smallest that can even be fitted in a pocket. It is sturdy, considering its small size. The sturdy, long-lasting battery and steel blades ensure that you get the best shave.

We are a fan of Japanese tech, and we can openly recommend them due to their durability and quality they provide. This shaver is no exception. It has a convenient and comfortable design, which makes it very easy to use. The hand feel of the trimmer is hugely satisfying. The blades are also replaceable, which makes this trimmer better than others.


  • Powerful motor with a sharp foil
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Long-lasting build
  • Replaceable blades
  • Head can be detached for easy maintenance


  • No wet shaving
  • No kind of water resistance is present

5. Braun Washable Pocket Mobile Shaver-M60b

Braun Washable Pocket Mobile Shaver-M60b Most people want an electric shaver that they can just get out and get on to shaving. People don’t want to get into any kind of trouble while doing this. There is where M60b from Braun shines. It comes in a compact size, and there is also a cover on the blade to avoid cutting yourself accidentally. Its small size makes it comfortable to carry it in a pocket or a bag.

It comes with a full foil that helps it in covering the maximum area to provide the best shave. The blades are such that they glide over the face. The shaving experience is comfy and smooth. There is no irritation or discomfort when shaving. This shaver runs by AA batteries, which can deliver 1-hour of charge. You need a charging station because these batteries are enough for your shaving needs. The maintenance is also straightforward, and cleaning is simple. Washing the blades in warm water will make them clean and smooth feeling.

First Impressions

The Braun M60b is one of the best shavers in the market, mainly due to its tiny size. If you are looking for reviews then this one has the best reviews of any electric shaver out there. Its simple design makes it easier to handle. The floating foil results in one of the best shaves.

The operation of this shaver is very simple; the only thing needed is a couple of AA batteries. For people using electric trimmers for the first time, this trimmer is the best option. It is super easy to clean underwater. It has one of the best batteries in shavers. If traveling is your main thing and you are in search of a trimmer with no compromise on quality, then this is the one.


  • Operational with AA Batteries
  • 1-hour runtime
  • Convenient design
  • Portable
  • Easy cleaning
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Comfortable to use


  • Slow shaving when compared to competitors
  • Not suitable for sensitive skin people

Buying Guide About Best Portable Electric Shaver

Things to Consider While Choosing the Best Travel Electric Shaver

The market is filled with all kinds of different shavers. The brands offer these trimmers in various price ranges. But the brand and price are not the only factors that you should keep in mind when buying an electric shaver. You want to get the best shave possible at the best price point. Below are a few essential things that will help you in buying the best trimmer for you:

Weight and Size

If you are a traveler, then these two things should concern you the most. You should focus on these before anything else because you are a traveler, and traveling light is often the best bet. You might be carrying a lot of other things with you. So, managing a big trimmer might be difficult. Be sure to look for a trimmer that is compact but doesn’t give up on its functionality. The trimmer should be lightweight.


When traveling, you should buy a trimmer that is battery powered because then you won’t need to carry a charger with you. You can take AA batteries with you as they are small in size. When you run out of battery, you can replace them quickly. Having a cordless trimmer is the best option when traveling.

Foil and Blades

Some shavers only have a foil while others only have a blade. There is another type that has both, and usually, they are the best ones at shaving. It is best to go with the ones that have stainless-steel or titanium used in the blades because they will provide the best shave. There are also some blades with carbon coating on them, which is very durable and long-lasting.

Ergonomic Design

The best trimmer is the one with the most ergonomic and intuitive design. When holding the trimmer for a long time, you should feel it bulky or uncomforting. You should have a good grip and control over the electric trimmer. Choosing the trimmer that fits best in your hand is the wise option.

Strong Motor

The most crucial thing in a trimmer is the motor. This motor is the reason behind the spinning of the blades. The blades should be strong enough to cut the hair. If the module is weak, then it will pull the hair of your skin, and it will hurt you. You should choose a trimmer with a high RPM capable of cutting hair quickly and efficiently. Some accessories come with some trimmers. One of them is the blade protector, which keeps it safe when not using the trimmer.

Conclusion about the portable and the best travel electric shaver

Travelling is one of the main things that people tend to do nowadays. Whether it is for business or just for pleasure, people usually visit different places. Talking about men, they need to look attractive and decent. A good, shaved man always makes a good first impression. Men consider cutting a crucial thing because they have to look good. There are a lot of trimmers in the market, but you cannot buy any trimmer, you have to buy the one that suits your needs. You should research online and check out reviews of different trimmers.

This review is going to be helpful for people looking to buy the best trimmer for their traveling needs.


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