Best Trimmer for Balls

Best Trimmer for Balls

Best Trimmer for Balls – Our Recommendations for the Right Shaver

What do women expect from their men? It may be a delicious dinner, a well-known designer’s dress and bags, and gender equality. Female can expect anything from male except an unhygienic man bush.

Only smooth and attractive looking men can impress women. If you want to make your lady happy and impress her or might you have experience of listening to great from women due to smooth and shaved body. It could be helpful in converting your dull body into a charming one. It is considered a plus point and often people do it in adult films. In this way, their penis looks bigger.

Removing unwanted hair and keeping the body clean and smooth looks fresh, seems amazing and ensures your equipment looks more attractive and impressive.

For keeping nice tidy pubes means to select shaver wisely which is suitable for your balls. When it becomes the matter to shaving balls then shaver must be able to give you the proper and irritation-free shave. Low-quality shavers may be the cause of any harm in the form of cut, pain, and irritation.

Your journey of manscaping must be the start with a good grooming tool. I move around with the list of some extraordinary ball shavers and ball trimmers that are easily available in the market with an instruction booklet that guides you on how to use it.

Our Top Pick – Best Trimmer for Balls

List of Top 8 Best Trimmer for Balls in 2020

1. Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000Norelco lineup has Bodygroom BG7030/49 at its top end. It has several magnificent qualities that make it remarkable shaver like a powerful shaver hybrid with amazing appearance. The BG7030/49 is a latest and updated version of the classic BG2040, most favorite shaver for manscaping, it moves closer with a wide range of accessories and qualities that enable you to tackle any manscaping needs.

Like the exemplary BG2040, the BG7030/49 has a special status in the pool of competition with a dual-sided design and having two shaving heads on both sides of the shaver.

The BG7030/49 has shaver on one side. This shaver allows you to remove ball hairs around the skin. Its head is mounted with an amazing four-directional pivoting range, that permits you to follow the hairs of balls in order to get the closest shave with pressing the shaver against contours. With rounded tips, blades protect your ball’s skin from any cut and harm.

It also has a trimmer on the other side with 5 adjustable trimming lengths, ranging from 3 to 11mm. Its blades may last for a long time due to their self-sharpening feature and they also located under an integrated guard.

This machine is 100% waterproof, it can be used for shaving or trimming purpose even while taking a shower. There is no need to be worried about its cleaning and washing, you just have to rinse it with running water.

The BG7030/49 comes with a battery that allows you to use it continuously up to 80 minutes with a once fully charged. It takes around 1 hour for charging and even if you plug it out after only 5 minutes then it can be performed for a couple of minutes.

This Bodygroom BG7030/49 moves nearer with a beautiful style and well made with plastic. With a strong travel case, it can be carried easily whenever you get around somewhere.


  • With both functioning sides gives you shaver as well as a trimmer.
  • Made with quality material, reliable and durable.
  • Short charging time and long run time.
  • Easily washable and cleanable due to water-resistant feature.
  • The 3D four-directional shaver head ensures a close and smooth shave to the users.
  • Self-sharpening and rounded tip blades secure you from any irritation.


  • Comparatively large in size and heavy for a shave.
  • You get battery indication only when its charging running out.
  • This is too much expensive as compared to others

2. Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series

Philips Norelco Bodygroom SeriesThis grooming tool belongs to Philips which is specially designed for people who are interested in keeping their neck and face clean and fresh looking. There is no need to be a bodybuilder. You may also be one of them who want to remove hair from his balls and get rid of unwanted hair from different parts of the body like back, buttocks, and front. This grooming tool will be helpful in performing the entire aforementioned task with adjustable length as per your desire.

This shaver in a position to allow you to get any length shaves which you want. It introduced with 5 different length settings lies between ⅛ inches to 11/25 inch. With the dual-sided feature, it can finish the shaving task more quickly and easily. Shaver helps you to trim hair up to a certain level but after that trimmer works for a close shave and it does not require many adjustments or stop shaving process to grab and attachment. The comb will prevent your skin from scratches which comes with the shaver.

You will get a close and nicking free shave with 3d pivoting head. Stretching the ball’s skin is the only way to get nicks and cuts free shaves but it could only be possible when your shaver works properly and perfectly. You can get a close shave with this shaver but it will not be too close. We cannot get the same result on the extremely sensitive skin comparatively face and other body parts.

The astonishing design of the grooming tool will insist you to but this. It comes with a comfortable handle that gives you a great grip even when it is upside down. Shaving under balls requires a strong grip and firmly keeps the handle for safe and secure completion of the task. It can be used under the shower with assuring extraordinary results.


  • Due to the ergonomic design, it can be used underwater.
  • 3d pivoting head especially for contours.
  • Trimmers come in the handle.
  • With 5 different length settings cut hair as per desire.
  • There is no need for any extra attachment.


  • You might face its battery problem after a few years.

3. Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 3100

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 3100It is one of the most favorite shavers for shaving balls. There are multiple shavers that have the ability to shave and trim the entire body. If you belong to the group of those people who are more conscious about manscaping and keep themselves up to date then you must pay close attention to buying Bodygroom Series 3100. We come around with the latest version which is a little bit more expensive than the previous one. This shaver is specially designed for beginners.

It has a unique shaving head that guarantees you an amazing shave without nicking your skin. This is considered the perfect shaver and can be used on the wrinkle area. It also has a rounded comb for trimming that will save you from scratching and slide comfortably over the skin. It does not matter about which area you are going to shave. This shaver moves closer with 3 combs for shaving a certain length.

There is an extender which helps you to reach out to the unreached area of your body like the back. You can trim properly not only your back but also shoulders. This smoothness can be extended up to your buttocks. It also allows you to remove hair from the backside of the legs. Its extender will be proved helpful whenever you want to get a smooth and clean shave.

Moreover, you can use this shaver either in or out of the shower. You will be able to use it in the shower when you get more experience. There is no need to pay more attention in order to take care of it. You just have to wash it under the water and only with this practice, it will be ready for next time.


  • It will give you around 50 minutes back up after a full charge.
  • Contain self-sharpening blades.
  • There are 3 combs for trimming purposes
  • It can be used either wet or dry shaving needs.


  • The 1.3 inches shaver’s width is too small for shaving back.

4. Philips Norelco QP6520/70 Oneblade Trimmer and Shaver

Philips Norelco QP6520/70 Oneblade Trimmer and ShaverIt is a hybrid style trimmer and shaver. This grooming tool allows you to get a shave, trim hair, and groom any part of your body. With one special tool, you can remove hair from your balls then use it for the rest of the parts like taint or back. Its usage made easier since it is designed specifically for shaving balls. For getting the closest shave first you have to trim your hair and then go for shaving. Both tasks will be performed with the same shaver.

The Norelco One blade will not ensure shave too close. A perfect and close shave is more preferable for your face. That is why this shaver does not get down to the skin, so you can use it without any fear of getting cuts and nicks. With stretching the skin you will be able to make it a smooth and ideal surface for shaving. But making a smooth surface on the wrinkled skin is a tough job.

There is another plus point of this shaver is that its Li-Ion battery will charge in one and a half hours and give you 60 minutes running time. It also has an LED display that will indicate to you about battery time. When you are going to shave or trim your genitals it requires more battery timing.

You can use this shaver for multiple grooming purposes including as along trimming a goatee it can be used for shaving the rest of the face, from managing sideburns with a light trimming to removing hair from your neck. It is such an amazing shaver with 14 different length settings ranging from 0.4 to 10mm means you can get hair length as you wish.

The LED display is placed on its handle which keeps you updated about the battery. It moves closer with a 14 length comb, charging stand, a storage pouch, and a Oneblade shaver.


  • 14 length settings allow you to get the desired shave.
  • Master to cover all body parts.
  • Give a secure and safe shave when it comes to a matter of shaving genitals.
  • Perfect for wet or dry use in the shower.
  • Comes with LED display.
  • Along charging stand.


  • It would not give you a close shave as per expectation.

5. Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 1100

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 1100 The Philips Norelco brand is well known around the world due to its comfortable handling, efficiency, and effectiveness even you will get the same qualities in its low ended products. The Bodygroom Series 1100 is not only popular due to its quality but also a perfect option at an affordable price.

The shaver’s smart style and portability attract the people. It is specially designed for travelers and easy to carry with occupying a little space in a toiletry bag. With its svelte dimensions, you will be able to reach tight spaces of your body that you cannot approach them without a larger trimmer. It ensures you a great grip with a dotted rubber handle even it would not be slipped out when wet.

Similar to other ball shavers, the Bodygroom 1100 is not designed for manscaping, but due to its multiple features, it can be used for this purpose.
This shaver is offered with two sets of trimming blades that give you uninterrupted bidirectional action, ensuring you a smooth shave without repositioning the trimmer frequently. These blades play a vital role in protecting you from trimmer to pulling hair and causing harm.

This trimmer is fully equipped to protect your skin from blades with skin protector guards. It is considered one of the important features of the Bodygroom Series 1100 and helps to prevent your balls from nicking. It has the capability to contours hair up to 0.5 mm and its attachable comb makes you in a position to 3mm trims if you do not wish a close shave.

This 1100 series is totally waterproof and can be used either dry or wet now it is up to you. But the manufacturer suggests dry shave for better outcomes. This water-resistant shaver is also easy to clean and wash.

Instead of using an internal chargeable battery this shaver uses a single AA battery. Its battery has to change frequently whenever it goes down and you have to bear the extra cost in this regard. Every battery is good for around 60 days of use and there is no need to carry a charger when you are outside the home.


  • Low price premium ball shaver.
  • Perfect for tight space.
  • Comes with 3mm trimmer comb.
  • Waterproof for wet use and easily washable.
  • Protect you from injury with skin protector.
  • Two months of battery life with a single standard AA battery.


  • You have to bear an additional cost for the non-chargeable AA battery.
  • Comes with limited features confined to trimming.

6. Philips Norelco OneBlade Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver

Philips Norelco OneBlade Hybrid Electric Trimmer and ShaverThe Norelco OneBlade is officially marketed as shaver and trimmer only for removing facial hair, it is also a perfect shaver for ball shaving but it must be used carefully.

This is a hybrid trimmer, shaver, and edger. Its last two qualities are most significant for ball shaving. The most prominent feature of the OneBlede QP2520/90 is titular OneBlade, it has the ability to move 200 times per second that enables you to get a more effective and smooth shave in this price range. This is a two-sided shaver and can be used in any direction which you want.

This shaver possesses a dual protection system, containing a series of tips on both sides of the blade, that protect your sensitive skin from the blade.
There is no need to do anything with the balls for shaving; this shaver has three combs with three different settings for a trimmer. These combs come with 1 mm for getting the closest shave, 3mm for a medium shave and stubble, and 5mm for longer stubble. This enables your OneBlade Shaver, to perform both duties like removing hair from the face as well as balls.

Like other quality shavers, this is also water-resistant. It will help for the manscaping purpose even while taking a shower or your balls are wet. This feature also makes easy Its cleaning and washing process.

If you get shave twice a week then the OneBlede lasts for a long time around 4 months. With confining the use of the OneBlade just to the ball then it can be survived for more time. The OneBlade indicates you with a green indicator when it slows down and demanded to replace it. OneBlade can be found easily wherever you live and purchase the shaver. The easy and simple process of replacing the blade is that ejecting off its head with a single push of a button.
This shaver comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that gets fully charged in 8 hours and allows you to use it for 45 minutes.


  • Follows the contours of balls with a double-sided blade.
  • Ensuring safety with dual skin protection.
  • It can be used for 45 minutes with once fully charged.
  • The blade can be replaced easily with wear indicator.
  • Waterproof and easy to clean.


  • It is heavier than other trimmers.

7. Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler

Gillette Fusion ProGlide StylerThis all-time favorite shaver is used for all kinds of shaving and also a styler. This shaver is offered with combs that help to trim your beard. It will give you a pretty close and smooth shave for different parts of your body. This product is not made mainly for facial shaving so it does not give you the perfect shave. People having uniform stubble look for those this is a perfect shaver.

As it is not considered a perfect shaver for getting a close shave but your genitals will be shaved properly with this shaver. Your facial hair is different than hair grows on the sack. The skin is less taut. Due to soft skin, you have to use one of the combs particularly o this area to avoiding cuts and nicks. This shaver can be used without any comb if you are an experienced one. You have to pull your skin tightly.

With this trimmer, you can trim your hair in four different lengths. The original shave you will be able to it without attaching trimmer. If you want to maintain a rough look then you should use its next trimmer 2 mm length, the rest of the trimmers is 4 mm and 6 mm.

It is also water-resistant and can be used in the water. This also helps in the cleaning process and makes it easier if you get to shave with shaving foam or cream. You must use a cream or foam when shaving or trimming the genitals it will ensure irritation-free shave and save you from razor bumps. It can be perfectly performed either in or out of water due to its waterproof feature.

AA batteries are used in this shaver and must be replaced as soon as the shaver getting slow down. Your shaver should be dry before changing the batteries.


  • It is water-resistant shaver perfect for use in water.
  • It has an edger on one side.
  • Included 3 trimming combs.
  • Genitals can be shaved with this shaver.


  • It is not a suitable trimmer for thick beards.

8. Philips Norelco BodyGroom BG2020

Philips Norelco BodyGroom BG2020The Philips Norelco BodyGroom has introduced in the market with an ergonomic design which helps you to hold it easily. You feel comfortable when you will be shaving the difficult parts of the body. There is no reason behind dropping the shaver so you won’t do it. You also do not want to nick the sensitive skin because in such a way you lose control of the shaving head. This shaver can be used safely for all body parts whether you use it for removing hair from the chest and back or the legs. Undoubtedly, it is specially designed for shaving or trimming below the neck.

It is also a waterproof shaver. Both kinds of shaving either wet or dry you can get from it. If you have shaving experience then you can use it under the shower. But it must be used with shaving foam or cream. There is no need to keep the mirror during shaving because you will exactly know how to use it and from where to remove the hair.

This shaver uses rechargeable batteries. It takes a long time to charge fully around 8 hours and can be last for 50 minutes. This shaver is also easy to carry with you especially when you are on a trip or on vacation holidays. It must be fully charged when you are leaving for a trip then enjoy a shaved body during the whole vacation. This shaver is considered perfect for trips especially when you are on the beachside trip and taking a bath and showing off your body.

The shaver is delivered with three combs that give you the 3 different lengths of hair. Its combs come in 3 mm, 5 mm, and 7 mm size. This shaver enables you to get clean your underarms and legs with 5 mm or 7 mm comb and get balls shaved without any comb.


  • Perfect for both types of shave like wet or dry.
  • It possesses 3 combs for different length settings.
  • Its shaving foil is hypoallergenic.
  • Stainless steel blades guarantee the closest shave.


  • It takes a too long time for getting a fully charged.

Things must be kept in mind while buying a shaver or trimmer especially for balls

Easy to Use

The use of shaver or trimmer must be simple and easy. It has the ability to perform all kinds of tasks related to shaving. If you are going to shave the balls then it must be in a position to give you an irritation-free shave. It should contain a few settings for getting the desired length shave.

Simple to Clean

If you want to properly manage the shaver and expect to last for a long time then it must be cleaned carefully during shaving. This could only be possible when you get the shaver which is easy to cleanable. Leaving clogged shave head with hair even without cleaning it such kind of mistakes can be ruined your good shaver. Your chosen shaver must be simple to clean.

Wet and Dry Use

You have to pay close attention to the shaver which is in a position to shave your balls in the water. Once you get an experience that how to tackle balls during shaving then you can do touchups quickly even in the shower. This is not a suitable option for beginners. On the other hand, if you have any experience of shaving balls then you will be able to get shave quickly even without using a mirror.

No Irritation

You can face a lot of irritation due to passing the shaver for multiple times across the skin. To avoid irritation and tackle such types of problem you must go for the shaver that gives the closest shave with a single pass. In this way, you will not only be able to avoid irritation but also get a close shave. It will happen when you buy a great shaver which is specially made for the body.

Ergonomic Handle

The shaver’s handle that is not ergonomic can be the cause of a lot of cuts and nicks on the sensitive part of the body. Just imagine you are shaving your balls, pulling your skin for making a smooth surface, you lost the control, and shaver slipped out. Such kind of situation has painful outcomes with cuts and nicks. It can be more worst for sensitive skin.

Step-by-Step Guide to Shaving Your Balls Without Injury

There are numerous best shavers and trimmers are available in the market. From some of them, we recommend you that are really suitable for ball shaving. The shaving balls is not an easy task as it seems and does not mean you just have to drag the shaver across the skin and get shaved.

Moreover, shaving balls a little bit tough and complicated tasks than grooming the rest of your body parts. You wish to get shave as clean as possible. In this regard, you also want a painless and irritation-free shave with assuming all kinds of means.
Here you can find a step by step guide that I think would be really helpful for balls shaving.

Clean Your Tools

It does not mean you just have to clean shaver and leave other tools as it is. Your entire shaving process must be as clean as possible because the risks and effects of infection are more unpleasant when it is a matter of manscaping. Although shavers are designed to prevent you from cuts, it does not minimize the risk of nicks. You should try to get a risk and infection-free shave by keeping shaver clean.

Make sure that your trimmer is clean by wiping it down with alcohol before you begin. Before let to start your hand, balls, and everything must be washed. There is one suggestion for users is that with hot water this process can be finished easily because hot water helps to soften skin as well as hair.

Add Shaving Cream

Shaving cream or foam makes your skin and hair soft, I think which is essential for sensitive skin.

With adding cream your shaver would slide smoothly across the ball’s skin and ensure an amazing shave without facing any difficulty.

Pre-Trim Your Ball Hairs With Scissors

Although shavers are designed to avoid hair clogging, still there are chances of facing such kind of irritation. For saving you from these types of distortion you have to need to cut long ball’s hair with a clean pair of scissors. There is no need to be extremely close, just have to cut hair roughly that cannot create any hurdle in the way of shaving.

Tug At Your Ball Skin Before Shaving

The scrotum skin is really a very soft and loose part of your skin. It means some folds of skin can be caught into the shaver’s blade, which may create irritation and deteriorate the whole process. Make surface smooth before getting a shave to minimize the risk of injury.

Being The Shave

With clean balls, fresh tools, and adding shaving cream now you are ready to combat the ball’s hair. Press shaver’s head slowly over balls and slide it across the entire area. Our all recommended shavers come with one common quality is that they have the ability to follow the contours of your skin without pushing hard. You must follow the pattern of hair growth in order to prevent any ingrown hair.

Step-by-Step Guide to Shaving Your Balls Without Injury

Clean Up Any Wounds

It does not matter how your razor is good and how carefully you get a shave, a few cuts and nicks are inevitable and you have to face a little bleeding in this process.

You do not have the need to worry about it, these cuts and nicks can be treated easily by pressing the cut with tissue for 5 to 10 minutes. Bleeding will stop quickly. Take a pause until the bleeding stops and clean up any cream and aftershave to save from getting wound.

Add Aftershave

Aftershave must be used when the shaving process is finished. As it not only protects razor bumps but also saves ingrown hairs from forming in balls. You should go for an aftershave that contains moisturizing action and save yourself from aftershave that includes alcohol.

Is a Regular Electric Razor a Good Choice for Shaving Your Balls?

Shaving balls, this task can be accomplished with a regular electric razor that often used for removing facial hair. But the chances of cuts and nicks are enhanced with a regular electric shaver. It can be the cause of pain and not recommended for your body.

The best razors for balls are those that are specially designed for other body parts apart from the face. For shaving balls, trimmers and shavers are the most suitable options. They are slim and able to reach easily to the unreached areas.

Trimmers are often come with body shavers that enable you to get your desired shave length. Body shavers are considered a perfect tool for shaving back and balls.


Your balls are the delicate part of the body. So that’s why trimmers and shavers must be a delicate one for which you are going. Choosing one trimmer or shaver among several leading options sometimes really becomes a hard nut to crack. There is one parameter you must keep in mind while selecting a grooming tool that is protection. This list contains several best options for balls shaving but you must go for one that is more suitable and in a position to fulfill your requirements.

For shaving your genitals you will prefer the shaver that has the ability to tackle hair carefully. Your shaver must contain an ergonomic handle that helps you to use it at any angle. Now people prefer to get a trim instead of shaving the area so it must contain some combs for varied lengths and able to perform on different areas. These important points are part of your considerations while buying shaver.

Finally, when you have a reasonable ball shaver then carefully follow the aforementioned steps and get your desired shave.



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