General Shaving Tips

General Shaving Tips

General Shaving Tips for Men

As we have already discussed that shaving is always an adventure for American African men or blank men due to the type/nature of the skin. After shaving you might have to suffer from post-shave irritation, razor bumps, and burns. So, we are writing a useful piece of advice that black men must follow before shaving.

Please note that these shaving tips are for everyone but these golden tips are highly recommended for black men.

There is no hard and fast rule but you can divide the saving process into following three phases

  1. Pre Shave/Before Shave
  2. Shave
  3. After Shave

Tips to Follow Before your Shave

There are some best practices that you should always follow before your shave. Take some clean with mild warm water and wash your face with it. After that wash your face with a natural face wash. Your skin pores will open after this process and your bread/shaving hair also becomes soft. Always use a separate towel for your shave and clean your face gently using this towel.

Tips to Follow in Shaving Process

You can also use any natural scrub so that your skin would be ready for a soothing, calm and irritation-free shave. People who have curly hair should also focus on scrub before the process of shaving.

Tips to Follow During Shave

Keep your razor separate that suits your skin type and have a shave in the direction of your hair growth. By following this way your beard will remain a bit soft. Shaving in the opposite direction to your hair growth is not recommended to black people.

Tips to Follow After Shave

Black men must use a good and natural aftershave after the shave. The purpose should be to provide a soothing effect to your face after the completion of the shave. This can prevent face redness, irritation and can avoid the razor bumps

8+ Shaving Tips for Men – Especially for Black and African American Men

  1. 1. Change Your Razor Frequently :

    There are many famous razor manufacturing companies that are manufacturing them according to different skin types. For black men, the first task is to find a goof razor according to their skin type. You can read this guide about the best shaver for black men.

    After choosing a good razor after finalizing all facts and figure never forget to change your razor frequently.

  2. 2. Keep Your Skin Moisturized :

    People who have hydrated and moisturizes skin have fewer chances to get irritation after the shave. Black men should have a habit of using a good skin moisturizer for them. The best practice is to use a moisturizer twice a day. When you get up in the morning wash your face with a face wash and apply skin moisturizer and repeat this process in the night before taking asleep.

    Most of the people use it after a face wash after you get up and before you sleep.

  3. 3. Try To Shave Less Often :

    For black men, it is never recommended to have a shave on a daily basis. Try to have a shave after 40-48 hours so that you would have a less chance of skin irritation and razor bumps. By following this method you can reduce the chance of development of ingrown hair too.

  4. 4. Use a Good Scrub Before Shaving :

    The main function of the scrub is to remove your dead skin and usually they also expose your hair. So, it is recommended for black men to have a face scrub before the shaving process. By using it for skin would be ready for an irritation-free and a soothing shave.

  5. 5. Look for a Natural Shaving Cream :

    People who problems of irritation aftershave should choose a shaving cream carefully. Most people always look for a foam best that cannot create lubrication between your skin and your razor.

    Black men should use natural shaving cream. This cream should provide lubrication between the skin of black men and their razors. Any lotion type cream is also preferred for black men.

Shaving Tips for Black Men
  1. 6. Apply this Shaving Technique :

    For black men, it is recommended that “always have a shave in the direction of your own hair growth”. This is a very important point that must be followed during the shaving process without any doubts.

    If you have curly or tight hair don’t use the razor in the opposite direction of your hair growth as this makes your shave harder for the next time.

  2. 7. Always Use Aftershave :

    Most black men never pay any attention while choosing any aftershave for them that can hurt their skin in the long run. Many people don’t know that most aftershaves are alcohol-based which can also hurt the skin of black men. Although it has some antibacterial properties it also tightens and dries out your skin so your skin is not moisturized.

    Instead of alcohol-based aftershave use choose a natural aftershave having natural ingredients like Aloe Vera or Coconut oil etc. In many natural after shavers hyaluronic acid is also present that is best to prevent irritation. Use best aftershave for men

  3. 8. Use Natural Herbs :After consultation with a dermatologist or a skin specialist, you can use any natural herb like Aloe Vera, Cucumber masks, Mud masks or according to your skin type. Ice cubs also have a very soothing effect when it comes to skin irritation or razor bumps.
  4. 9. Follow a Shaving Routine :

    We have already mentioned that for black men it is not recommended to have a shave on a daily basis. A good practice is to have a shave after 48 hours but this gap must be greater than 24 hours.

Black men should set their shaving routine for example if they have shaved on Monday then they should avoid the shave on Tuesday. For them the next best day after Monday is Wednesday. In this case, you can have a gap of 40+ hours. This routine can also solve multiple problems including irritation, rash, and redness on the face.

Multiple skin problems that are caused by shaving can be minimized to some extent by following the above-mentioned tips.



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