How to Get a Close Shave with an Electric Razor

How to Get a Close Shave with an Electric Razor

How to get a Close Shave with an Electric Razor– Follow These Simple Steps

I have seen many people claiming that manual razors are far best than the electric razors. While this claim is made on the base of an invalid argument that an electric shaver cannot deliver a close shave.

Especially the people with the old school of thought are not ready to admit the importance of electric razors. So, today we will discuss how to get a close shave with the help of an electric razor.

On many discussion forums, I have seen the people bashing an electric razor. They also say that electric razor cannot dream of matching the manual razor and that is in term of the closeness of the shave.

You will be amazed to hear that the majority of the people who participates in these kinds of discussion haven’t used the electric shaver yet.
Now I have a simple question. How can you claim such things even you haven’t compared both the things on your own?

While there are some people who have used electric shavers as well, but they declare that the manual razors are the best in term of the closeness of the shave.

There are many people who are unaware of proper techniques of shaving with an electric razor. So, if you are not getting the close shaves with electric shavers, I can assume that maybe your shaving technique is not that perfect.

There are always some pros and cons of every product and electric shavers have also their own pros and cons.

Whether you are using a manual or an electric razor, you must read the following tips to get a close shave with the help of an electric razor. Before getting to our main topic lets discuss some questions that are associated with our primary topic.

Some Amazing Tips to Get a Close Shave with an Electric Shaver

Now let’s discuss some important tips by which you can get a close shave even with the electric razors

Must follow a pre-shaving routine as well

I know that many of us don’t pay any attention to our pre-shaving routine or I can say the majority of us follow an irregular shaving routine.

So, our first recommendation is that never skip this step. Instead of skipping this step you should follow a pre-defined shaving routine or schedule. Even by just following this tip you will see some clear differences.

Choose the best electric Shavers that is known for a close shave

There are tons of options available while selecting a good electric shaver for men. Also, there are many reputed companies that are offering these shavers including Panasonic, Braun and much more.

There are many electric razors that have excellent performance and known for the best close shaves. I will recommend you to invest in your shaving equipment to avoid any consequences.
Braun 9 Series and Panasonic Arc 5 are recommended by us as they are capable of performing close shaves. Moreover, they have sharp blades and high performing motors as well.

If the closeness of the shave is concerned then a powerful motor and high performing blades are must for your shaver.

Here one more questions arise that which shaver is best for a close shave? Foil or Rotatory shavers?

Well, we recommend foil-based shavers if your primary goal is to get a close shave. We are also going to publish a guide on the topic “best razors for a close shave”. Don’t miss that post in any case if you are interested in the close shaves with the help of an electric razor.

Must Consider a Shaving Cream

Do different people have different opinions about shaving creams? Do you think that shaving cream is necessary for manual razors only? In my opinion, wet shaving is important if you want to get a close shave. Along with the closeness of the shave, it can also improve your comfort level. Moreover, it can avoid some bad skin conditions like razor bumps, redness or itching on the skin.

A good quality shaving cream makes your hair soft and also act as a lubricant between your shaver and face.

The lather of the cream also acts as a lubricant for the blades. That can reduce heat, friction and you can have the best shaving experience.

Shaving gel or cream both options are suitable and vary from person to the person.

Without any doubt, you will get a better shaving experience if you use shaving cream with your electric razor.

If you don’t like to use the shaving creams with electric shavers than try a pre-shave lotion that we will discuss in the next section.

Check the charging of your shaver

You might have noticed the difference between the voices (motor voices) of the shavers. I mean to say that the shavers that are 100 percent charged have a different voice as compared to the equipment whose battery is less than 50 percent.

A shaver can perform at its peak if its battery is properly charged. I am shocked that many of us are unaware that an electric shaver gives the best performance when it’s fully charged.

People don’t get close shaves if their electric razors are not properly charged. I will advise you to follow this tip and you can see some amazing end results by just following this tip.

Some Amazing Tips to Get a Close Shave with an Electric Shaver

Try an Electric pre-shave lotion

We have already discussed that different people have their own preferences. Like some of the people like wet shaving while others don’t like them.

If you also don’t like wet shaving then try an electric pre-shave lotion. Its basic purpose is to provide a layer of lubrication between the skin and your shaver. It is also known for absorbing the moisture. Moreover, your hair will stand straight and stiffen up if you are using a good electric pre-shave lotion.

Properly Clean your Shaver after Each Shave

If you want your razor for a long term than this step is very important for you. If you will keep your razor clean, it can enhance the life of your equipment. Moreover, it also increases the efficiency of the razor.

Dirt, your hair that is stuck with the blades of razors decreases the performance of an electric shaver.

You can also use an automatic cleaning station while the majority of the people want to do it manually. Whatever is the option that you opt, the main purpose is to get your shaver clean. So, make it clean after every shave to improve its performance and life.

Use Lubricants and Spray Cleaners

Cleaning spray is specially manufactured for taking care of the electric shavers. I personally use them and also highly recommend you to use them too.

For me, Remington Shaver Saver is the best and I have used it many times for my shavers.

This lubricant will remove the dirt from your shaving blades and can clean your razor thoroughly. By properly cleaning your shaver you can reduce the load on its motor. Logically it will also improve the life and efficiency of your electric shaver.

If you are not getting close shave just clean your shavers with the help of these lubricants. Trust me it’s a good investment and you will also never regret.

Always check the blades of your razor

The most important factor that decides the closeness of your shaves is the power of your motor and blades. This is very basic and logical so everyone can understand it easily.

It doesn’t matter how often you shave, just change the blades and foils of your electric shaver every year.

By just acting on this recommendation, you will enjoy a close shave. Additionally, it is better your for comfort and safety. Without any doubt, the lubricants and spray cleaners enhance the life of your shaver. But you need to change the blades after some time. This time is usually recommended by the electric shaver manufacturing company.

Follow these shaving techniques

In our guide about the manual razors, we have defined that the grip of razor is important for a close and smooth shave. Similarly, for the electric shavers’ grip of the razor is a primary thing that is important for delivering a close shave.

By following some techniques we can get a close shave with the help of an electric razor. While shaving, I will recommend you to hold the razor-like we have shown in the following image.

recommended way to hold the razor

It’s better when you go opposite to the hair growth but also see your comfort level.

Some of the people also stretch their skin with the hand while shaving. Their aim is to get an effective and close shave by using this technique. By the way, this technique works fine for many men including me. So, you can try it too. This technique is also effective for flat-lying hairs.

Always start your shave with the difficult areas and then move to the easy shaving areas. Optimize the peak level for your razor for the difficult areas.

Never exert extra pressure with a razor to your face as it can lead to some serious irritation problems. Just keep the pressure moderate.

If you are a newbie in using an electric shaver, it will obviously take some time to get some perfection in your shave with the electric razor. Just keep on trying and remember that everything takes it. I can guarantee that you will become an expert in just a couple of days.

Be calm while shaving

You may require some more effort for a close shave if you are using an electric razor instead of manual razors. So, just be calm while you are shaving. Try to follow all the above-mentioned steps because they are recommended by most of the shaving experts and also by

Final Verdict about Using an Electric Razor for a Close Shave

I know that you will still ask some questions even after using all the above-mentioned tips and tricks.

The main question that is asked by people is that how much close shave we can get if we are using an electric shaver with all and proper techniques?

You may accuse me that I am publishing a biased view that is in the favor of electric razors instead of manual razors.

But believe me, you can get an as close shave with an electric razor (as you are expecting from the manual razors). I don’t have any personal agenda in prompting the electric razors.

Just let me know what do you think? Electric razors or manual razors?

What is the optimal choice of your shaving?

Definitely, I will choose an electric shaver over the manual razor.



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