How to Grow a Stubble Beard

How to Grow a Stubble Beard

Tips to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Stubble:

Men nowadays do not look well-groomed under clean shave. One of the early styles called stubble is now considered as a more sophisticated and stylish look to men. This may still be known as a rugged feel to men instead of being all sloppy. The features like jawline are well defined by a stubble, creating a masculine and well-matured appearance to men. Having a baby-face look for men is terrible, but stubble goes against that.

Not like shaving, which requires a daily set of time and routine, stubble can be very easy to maintain and taken care of, but without proper care and Maintenance, the facial hair can quickly be on the verge of looking unkempt. To make your stubble perfect and attractive to the office, it is best to be in knowledge of how to achieve the ideal look.

How Long Does it Take to Grow a Stubble? Heavy vs Light Stubble 

A light stubble usually takes 3-5 days for proper growth. While a heavy stubble can take a minimum of 1 week for proper growth. Remember that these results may vary from person to person depending on the factors that are discussed below.

Factors that Contribute to the Growth of a Stubble Beard 

When it comes to beard or facial hair, genetics plays the leading role. There is a different growth rate of facial hair and thickness in each gent. But there are some factors which play a role in diminishing or increasing the capability of growing heavy stubble. Bad diet, stress, or physical damage will slow down and affect the growth rate negatively.

How to Grow a Stubble Beard

While on the other hand, a Healthy and good lifestyle will help a person achieving the maximum growth possible. There are always a few things that can help the stubble of gents. By taking supplements such as biotin, vitamin B, magnesium, or zinc can help grow facial hair faster and healthier.

A bit of boost in the testosterone level can help you achieve your goal to grow heavier stubble. Eating red meat, spinach, nuts, olives, olive oil, broccoli, or avocados can help you to increase the testosterone level.

What is Stubble?

Stubble is generally the balance between short beard and clean shave. Stubble depends on the growth of hair but mainly takes about a few days to a couple of weeks to grow.

Being a shorter beard, stubble means having hair that is not far away from the skin. Finally, you can say that stubble can create a distinguished look that is more manly and doesn’t move in wilder territories of beard.

Stubble VS Beard:

The stubble on the first few weeks looks like the person forgot to shave their beard, but once it has passed that time, a more distinguished and rugged style starts to appear. Stubble takes time, but when it is done right can seem like the perfect growth of facial hair.

Compared to a beard, stubble having a short length allows the person to have a clean and more polished look. Beard can look more groomed and stylish while the stubble can look neater.

Stubble can be the best alternative to beard for men who work in an office where the beard is not allowed, providing masculine appeal without new untamed aesthetics, just like a beard.

Will Stubble Suite Me?

Being a male does not mean the facial hair will always suit you. So, it is sure that the stubble cannot suit every person. But you will probably never know if you do not try. The worst will be that; you will have to clean shave the stubble.

Perhaps if a person cannot take care of their stubble or groom it with time, then there is no need to have a stubble because it looks way more un-neat and messy than a clean shave. Having bad aspects of shaving can be a way for you to have stubble.

Stubble can sometimes be patchy and looks a bit bare. If that happens, a clean shave is always a better option. Also, give way to the comments from friends, colleagues, and family, they will let you know if the stubble is looking good on you or bad.

On the other hand, if you get comments like “did you forgot to shave beard after a week or two,” then It means that stubble is not intended for you.

How to Style your Stubble:

Stubble is not like a beard that needs styling. It’s short length does not only mean less maintenance but also involves a natural look, which is best. All the people want their stubble to look clean, trimmed, and less hair around cheeks and below Adam’s apple. The best thing is to leave the stubble as it is meaning giving it a natural look.

Unlike the beard, stubble does not need shampoo. A clean and simple face wash to use on the face will clean the stubble along the way. Using moisturizer and beard oil to soften skin and stubble will make it look more conditioned and polished, also to provide security against dry skin and itchiness. Running from the alcohol contained moisturizer is worst because they will inevitably dry out the skin. To have touchable facial hairs, keep an eye out for stubble softeners.

Factors that Contribute to the Growth of a Stubble Beard

Best Stubble Trimmers:

Having an Electric trimmer that comes with guard attachments is the perfect choice for stubble and grooming. A quality one will surely provide help in maintaining the ideal stubble length while keeping the hair length even. The best options are:

  • Remington PG6025
  • Philips Norelco Multi-groom
  • Braun MGK3060 8 in 1
  • Philips Norelco Vacuum Beard Trimmer Series 7200

Also, read our complete guide about the best beard trimmer for stubble.

How to Get the Perfect Stubble Beard:

  • Start the stubble by growing a short length beard. Then go for shortening the length of facial hair reaching a stage that suits best on you.
  • Always go for the best quality trimmers for grooming. The adjustable lengths are best supporters for stubble in finding the perfect length.
  • Regularly trim the stubble or beard to maintain it.
  • When trimming the edges of stubble, go for the shorter lengths on the trimmer. This will create a natural look or fade to the bare skin.
  • Develop a daily routine to use beard oil or stubble softener on stubble for itch-free and soft stubble.




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