The Ultimate Guide to The Best Electric Shavers and Razors

The Ultimate Guide to The Best Electric Shavers and Razors

Best Electric Shaver for Men in 2020 | Updated List

Out of all the questions asked by people on social media, the most recurring query is about the selection of a suitable electric razor. Finding a shaver that suits you best may not be so simple and straightforward. This is important because when you spend a ton of money, you expect it to work your way. Also, you wish to find a razor that helps you get a clean, close and comfortable shave.

The main purpose of this article is to provide you with comprehensive detail on the best electric shavers for men in the market. Listed below will be the top-rated electric shavers for men in the market that can adapt to your particular issue.

In the article you’d be reading ahead, we mentioned not only the best shavers in the market. We have considered the users and their needs and then listed the shavers that will be suitable for the users in different situations.

By the time you read the article, you will be able to decide which electric shaver is suitable in what situation and then you will be able to decide which electric shaver suits you best.

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Is finding an electric shaver complex?

Is finding an electric shaver complexWhen choosing an electric shaver, you have to go through massive market research. People often get aided by the blogs and articles available online. However, these articles often mislead the customer so badly that he ends up making a bad purchase decision.

For instance, you want to purchase a shaver but a large number of models and variations create ambiguity for the customer to make a choice. You keep looking for the best option, thus, you keep making repurchase decisions because of dissatisfaction.

Also, when people turn themselves to online assistance, they face poor documentation of the differences between the various models. A large amount of data is conflicting and useless and fails to showcase the major differences and advantages of both the electric shavers under consideration.

To add to the injury, most electric shavers are the exact copies of the older shaver with updates not as huge as to make any difference. Sometimes, the new models don’t even include a new feature, it is merely a cosmetic makeover. On the contrary, some shavers come as a completely new product and these changes can be important enough to impact the actual performance of the shaver.

If you have sensitive skin, then don’t forget to read our separate guide about “best electric shaver for sensitive skin“.

The major issue with the commonly used best shaver lists approach

For starters, I would assume that you must have stumbled upon several related articles for finding the perfect electric shaver for you. However, there are some negative aspects associated with these roundups.

The first thing to understand is that there is nothing as the best electric shaver list. Each shaver has its pros and cons and you need to select the best one out of them by checking your needs and issues. You need a shaver that suits your situation and has the least shortcomings among the others.

Adding to it, most review authors have practically never experienced the electric shavers and without being tested, their opinion seems vague and unjustified. The reviewers normally come up with a list of shavers containing the most popular and well-hyped shavers in the market. You will see baseless criticism and illogical arguments because every other review author is simply copying or repeating what they heard elsewhere.

I am aware of the fact that it is a difficult claim to make, but unfortunately, this is quite true. Another issue with these articles is that they fail to consider the fact that men and women are two different genders with different shaving habits and needs. Thus, all this leads to our next topic, how to find the right shaver for yourself.

Finding the right electric shaver is a personal matter

Finding the right electric shaver is a personal matterYou must consider the fact that not every electric shaver review is based on reliable findings. While some information can be correct, the rest can be faulty or biased.

People sometimes just tell their own experience and you follow them too. However, what may suit them might not go so well for you. This is justified by the fact that all men are different and have differing shaving requirements.

So, the issue under scrutiny is that what are the major factors that one must consider while purchasing the right electric shaver? To help you decide the best electric shaver, we have come up with a list of electric shavers that suits different users in different situations.

Looking into details, we analyzed that the major factors that must be considered while choosing a good electric shaver include:

  • Sensitivity of skin
  • Coarseness of hair
  • Investing power i.e. budget
  • Shaving routine
  • Facial hair particularities

All these factors play a role in making the right decision for the purchase of a good electric shaver. In the next part of the article, we have listed the best shavers that have personally been tested so far and their comparison is based on the 5 key aspects of the shavers mentioned above, which will hopefully be a wonderful support in selecting the right electric shaver for yourself.

As we mention the main electric shavers on the list, we will try briefly explain why we preferred one model over another. We will also compare the price with its usability and see it is worth your investment or not. Keep reading to find the electric shavers that will aid you best and help you find the best razor considering all the key factors.

List of the Best Electric Shavers (2020):

1. Braun Series 9 9290cc

Braun Series 9 9290ccGaining the spotlight in the online community, this shaver is one of the most popular and highly-anticipated electric shavers in recent times. This flashy, chrome-covered shaving unit stands out as one of the most heated topics of discussion today.

The shaver initially showed up to take over after the Series 7 of Braun’s new showstopper. The Series 9, however, faced some backlashes including the shortage of replacement shaving heads and some reports of the cutters falling apart after only a few months of use. Moreover, if you somehow managed to find the replacement parts, the price was prohibitive.

However, the problem was sorted out by Braun when it introduced new fitting heads in Series 9. The new models all started at 92: 9290cc, 9295cc, 9296cc, 9293s, etc. Moreover, all of them are suitable for wet & dry use.

The replacement shaving heads called cassettes, can also be purchased easily as they are not very pricy.

Summing up all these reasons, Series 9 is a reasonable option to consider.

So, the problems being resolved from Series 9 and for all the reasons stated above, the Series 9 represents a viable option.

Testing Braun Series 9, we can say that it has an amazing razor that provides you with a comfortable and clean shave. However, there are some cons to the product which will be discussed later.

The most amazing feature of the shaver is the comfort it provides. 9290cc provides a shave that is far more comfortable, convenient and gentle as compared to other shavers.

If you have sensitive skin, the razor that would help you get away with things like irritation, redness and razor burns. All these discomforts happen when you press too hard on sensitive areas of the skin. However, Braun Series 9 is the ultimate solution to sensitive skin. The foil never gets hot even if you keep using it for a while.

Another positive to the shaving head is that it contains 4 individual cutting elements: two outer finishing foils and two cutters that can easily tackle longer and stray hair. These cutters are specially designed to target the wiriest, flat-lying hair and leaves a clean and neat shaving experience. Braun Series 9 is thus especially renowned for its specialized cutters and foil shaver.

If your shaving habits are such that you shave after two or three days or once or twice a week, again this shaver is an adequate choice for you. The hairs that grow parallel to the skin and have different grains can be eradicated by using this shaving unit.

The closest a shaver comes to Braun Series 9 is the Norelco’s advanced rotatory shaver and the latest Series 9000 Prestige. However, they also fail to provide shave as comfortable as the Braun Series9.

The series 9 is also perfect for coarse hair as it cuts them from roots without any difficulty.

The shaver is even suitable for the people who want to shave their heads and is used by several customers and barbers.
Although it provides you with a wonderfully comfortable, it may not be the best option for a close shave. Panasonic Arc 5 or Arc 4 are better options if you are looking for a close shave.

Thus, if a close shave is all you need as a priority, you should check Panasonic Arc 4 or 5, however, if you want to compromise the closeness of the shave, Braun Series 9 is the best electric shaver you can get.

The issue that is highlighted a lot in the market about this shaving unit is its price. The price of this shaver was high which eventually dropped but is still hard for most people to afford.

The replacement shaving heads-cassettes- are expensive too, although they do work better than the replacement heads of other shaving units. The cleaning refills of Series 9 is a bit expensive as compared to the those of Panasonic and Norelco.

The shaver also comes with a cleaning station but it may be tedious to clean the shaver manually as you may not be able to get rid of all the hair clippings and the dirt occupied by it. This happens due to the reason that the foils and blades in the Series 9 are merged, thereby providing a little area to clean the shaving unit thoroughly. This can thus lead to hair, dirt and dead skin caught up inside the shaver’s head. Yet, his problem can be resolved by the cleaning station of this shaver.

The shavers are adequate to be used once or twice a week and it will be enough. To maintain hygiene, you should also replace the cleaning cartridge with time.

The Braun series comes with an s and cc model. Besides, the price difference between an s and a cc model is not that steep.

The Series 9 9290cc and 9291cc are the models that are almost the same but differ in the heard leather travel case that comes with the latter instead of the usual textile type.

The silver color option with a matte finish is much better than the older glossy/chrome color of the Series 9 which can resist smudges and scratches.
And on that matter, considering the purchase price and the costs of the cassettes, the Series 9 doesn’t quite offer the best value for money.

The price if plays a key role in choosing the electric shaver for you, go for Series 7 and even Series 5 instead. These are cheaper to buy and the replacement shaving heads have less cost associated with them.

If you have a light to medium beard and also shave often, the Series 9 with its 4 blades is probably overkill and again, in this case, the cheaper Series 7 or 5 will easily be good enough.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Close shave
  • Perfect for longer, stray, flat-lying hairs
  • Good for the usage of ingrown hair on sensitive skin
  • Suitable cleaning station
  • Adequate for coarse hair
  • Fast and efficient to work


  • This might be heavy on the pocket
  • Does not provide the closest shaving razor in the particular price tag
  • May not be suitable for everyday use and light beards
  • Manual cleaning can be difficult

2. Panasonic ES-LV65-S Arc 5

Panasonic ES-LV65-S Arc 5Braun has been dominating the shaver industry worldwide. However, the only real competitor to Braun is Panasonic. Panasonic although never gained the popularity that Braun had, it still managed to get its name outstanding due to its amazing quality and perfect performance.

This shaving Arc 5 unit is powered with several amazing features including 5 individual cutting elements, sharp blades and the fastest linear-drive motor in the industry. If you are looking for the best available electric shaver for you from Panasonic, you must know the sheer differences among its various models. There are three generations of Arc 5 shavers available till now with four revisions of the third one.

If you want to select the right shaver for yourself, you need to eliminate the clutter of the excessive number of models that are useless to you or make no sense. Thus, the best alternative option available for now is the Panasonic ES-LV65-S from the second generation. This shaving unit has proved to be the best Arc 5 variation among other available options from Panasonic.

We have seen Braun Series 9 performing well when it comes to comfort, the Panasonic Arc 5 is great in providing closeness to the user. This analysis is not only restricted to Arc 5, in fact, but it is also the same for shavers at the lower spectrum making Panasonic Arc 4 and 3 better than Braun Series 7/5 and 3 respectively in terms of provision of a close shave. However, it may be remembered that you need to tradeoff between Panasonic and Braun, prioritizing comfort or closeness of the shave.

The ES-LV65-S Arc 5 is the razor that excels in providing a close shave if closeness is your priority. Perhaps, it’s probably the closest an electric shaver can get to a traditional razor blade with the current technology.

Arc 5 is empowered with extremely thin foils that work effectively to provide precision and high quality, sharp blades that feature an aggressive 30 degrees bevel of effective cutting. The speed of this shaving unit is extremely high i.e. 14,000 CPM unit which is compared to the Braun Series 9 has a 10,00 CPM motor. Although speed is not a decisive factor it does play a part in making the decision and thus can not be explicitly ignored.

If you have a coarse shave, you should be getting Panasonic Arc 5 because it will provide you with the closest and fastest shaving experience. The shaver is also functional in wet/dry conditions and thus, can be used with a moisturizer and shaving cream that will add to the shaving experience without burning and irritation and any compromise of a comfortable and close shave. Even if you are willing to get a dry shave, you can apply a moisturizer or lotion beforehand and later doing the shave with no exclusive costs and no extra work.

Summing it up, the ES-LV65-S is one of the best electric razors you can get for very close shaves, coarse facial hair, and fastest shaving experiences. The model is one of the top-rated models in the electric shaver industries right now. The price is also worth investing because it is equipped with several amazing features. Another feature is the cleaning station that comes with Arc 5. The compact cleaning station is also enabled with a detergent-based cleaning fluid that lasts longer and can also use it to do dry the shaver which is not available in Braun station. The shaver, however, is difficult to clean manually and will require the cleaning station to process thorough cleaning.

The price of this shaver is very affordable, however, it does not include the price of the cleaning station in it. The foils and blades are a bit over the price. However, if its price that you were worried about, do not worry about the detergent sachets which are quite reasonably priced and equipped with the shaving unit. Moreover, providing a comparison, it will last longer than Braun’s alcohol-based cleaning solution.

We looked at a ton of advantages we can coin when it comes to Panasonic Arc 5. Now, let us explore the areas which can be covered better by using an alternative razor as compared to this one.
If you have small, ingrown hair and have sensitive skin issues, you should probably go for Braun Series 7 and 9 (based on your budget). The shave may not be very comfortable as Braun. Although
Arc 5 treats sensitive skin perfectly well, it’s better to go for Braun for comfort is your priority.

Another problem associated with shaving by Arc 5 is that it is difficult to shave longer hair, either parallel to the skin or in another direction. The problem in this scenario is not cutting, but rather capturing and targeting the hair. Looking at the shaving head with focus, we see that the head of the ES-LV65-S is focused on closeness and not on enhanced capabilities of catching flat-lying hairs, despite the use of a specially designed slit foil.

If we look at Braun Series 9, it simply works better than its alternatives. If you’re still sold on getting the Panny, one workaround would be to shave more often. Also, for instance, the problem of wiry, flat-lying hairs is less of an issue if you shave daily or every other day.

Moreover, if you have a light beard or you are just starting to shave using an electric shaver, the whopping 5 blade system and a huge shaving head of Panasonic ES-LV65-S probably won’t be the best shot for you. Lastly, if you want a Panasonic option but the one which is not very hard on the pocket, Panasonic Arc 3 and Arc 4 are good alternatives for you to consider.


  • Extremely close shaves
  • Adequately comfortable for most users
  • Very fast and powerful, suitable for coarse facial hair
  • High quality, sharp blades
  • Excellent wet shaving performance
  • Very easy to clean manually
  • Great value for money


  • Not quite as comfortable as a Series 9 or 7
  • Replacement foils & blades are pricey
  • Overkill for light beards
  • Bulky shaving head needs some getting used to
  • Not as good as a Series 9 or 7 for flat-lying, wiry hairs

3. Braun Series 7 790cc

Braun Series 7 790ccRenowned as the best-selling electric shaver, Series 7 from Braun gained iconic status quite quickly after its launch in 2007. Reading more, you will see the pros and cons of this shaver and the reason why it stands on this list.
If you are interested in this shaver on the list, you will have this question in mind: which one should I purchase? To give you a reasonable answer, let us look at a few aspects of this electric shaver. Series 7 has been subjected to a lot of modifications after it was first launched like the introduction of a few gimmicky features and 5 personalization modes instead of 3.
To summarize it, if you want to make a purchase decision, you should question yourself three basic questions:

Whether you need a cleaning station or not, are you interested in a shaver that operates in both wet/dry conditions and is the price a major factor for you?

If you are looking for a shaver that functions well in dry conditions, has an automated cleaning system, etc, you can look for several Series 7 models that will satisfy your requirements. Now, if you are wondering which one to buy from Series 7, just buy the cheapest one. This is justified by the fact that all of these shavers are essentially the same when it comes to performance. We selected the Series 7 790cc because when compared to alternatives, this model is the cheapest and widely available option to the users. However, if you want a newer version — for the same reasons — is the newer Series 7 7865cc. When it comes to cleaning, the issue with Series 7 is similar to Series 9 from Braun. The shavers in these series also make manual shaving very difficult. The cleaning station of the original Series 7 shavers is, however, very well functional as it cleans and dries the shaver in minimum time. This reduces the drying phase of the cleaning cycle and makes cleaning an easier, time-saving process for Series 7.

The shaver is also benefited with its no fan spinning technology that creates no noise at all during the process.

Moreover, the cc models from Braun comes with a cleaning station. However, unlike Series 9, Series 7 works even if you purchase a cleaning unit later after the purchase. Braun, although, does not recommend purchasing a solo shaver from this series, as it will not be specially coated with paint to control constant exposure to alcohol-based fluid. The Series 7 7865cc, 7850cc (wet & dry) and 790cc (dry only) is a good available option because they are available at a lower price than alternatives. Series 7 is a good option for you to consider because these electric shavers are best in terms of a comfortable shave. It is also perfectly suitable for the men who have sensitive skin

If you compare Series 9 and Series 7, you will see no major differences, however, the shaving experience with Series 9 is more suitable when it comes to a fast and close shave. Series 9 is also better when it comes to the shaving of long, flat-lying hair. On the contrary, a good advantage of Series 7 as compared to Series 9 is the shaving head because it comes with a 3 cutter instead of 4 and is easier to maneuver in tricky contours of the skin. The shaver is also very gentle to the skin, however, it may not provide you with the closest of shaving experience. The Series 7 effectively captures annoying flat-lying hairs, targeting them thoroughly. The replacement heads of this Series are the most cost-effective as compared to that of Series 9.

If you ask us about the shortcomings of Series 7, the first one to state is that the shave is not closer, faster and costs pretty much the same as its alternatives. For instance, Panasonic ES-LV65-S or even an Arc 4 like the ES-LA63-S will shave closer, faster and they also cost less (sometimes a lot less) provided that your facial hair is reasonably short.

Another issue associated with Series 7 is that Braun’s Series 5 is cheaper as compared to Series 7 and shaves the same way. Also, the replacement shaving heads of Series 5 are cheaper as compared to Series 7.

To sum it up, you will have the query now whether to buy or not the Series 7 from Braun? The answer is simple. If you are looking for a price effectively shaver which provides a comfortable shave. If you are looking for shaving sensitive skin, Braun 7 is the one you should be looking for. However, if your priorities vary, you may look for another alternative.


  • Comfortable shave
  • Adequate for sensitive skin
  • Provides close shaving experience
  • Reasonably priced compared to a Series 9
  • Extremely suitable for longer, flat-lying hairs
  • Works even well for coarse beards
  • Useful and effective cleaning station


  • Not the closest shaving razor looking at its price tag
  • It is quite similar to Series 5 in performance, however, the price is very high as compared to the latter.
  • Head locking mechanism is poorly implemented
  • Manual cleaning can be tiresome

4. Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc 4

Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc 4In the earlier part of this post, I stated that the Panasonic Arc family has always been underrated. The shaver works amazingly and has the potential to compete with the most high-end electric shavers. The claim is promising not only because the shaver performs its function well, but also because the price of this electric shaver is exclusively less as compared to another shaver. This, however, was not always the same. Initially, the prices of the Panasonic family were extremely high, which later luckily got lowered down with time. Thus, this shaver is an excellent choice for its price.

The ES-LA63-S Arc4 is an excellent choice and thus, is recommended in the top ten list of best electric shavers. This shaver also comes with many advantages including; an advanced shaving head equipped with a second vibrating motor, an inexpensive price, and a 14,000 CPM motor. The shaver provides excellent service and is a good investment to make for its price.
The Panasonic ES-LA93-K is a much similar shaver that comes in black color and is equipped with an automatic cleaning station. Moreover, the Panasonic razors are easy to use and clean manually as well, so a station may not be necessarily required. The name implies that Arc 4 has 4 individual, slightly curved cutting elements. Thus, this is one less than that of Panasonic Arc 5. However, the suitable motor, sharp blades and cutting elements synergically leave the skin smooth and clean.

The best part of using this shaver is the closeness and speed of this electric shaver. It enables a very close shave and the price of this shaver is worth investing. .For the budget-conscious buyer that needs an electric razor capable of really close shaves, the ES-LA63-S (or any other Arc 4 variation) is probably the best option out there. This is as good as Arc 5 and targets coarse and wiry hair in particular, uprooting them quickly.

However, if you’re new to the shaver, the bulky head may seem cumbersome to use, especially in tight spots, but you will get used to it with time.
To summarize, the ES-LA63-S has a lot to offer. The reasonable price, closeness of shape, high speed, and easy cleaning system makes it a treat for the user. Also, this shaver is amazing for shaving your head and thus, is worth investing.

One of the shortcomings of this shaver is the high price tag associated with its replacement foils and blades as compared to its competitors. The shaver may also become hot during long usage and may also not be suitable for sensitive skin. Also, pressing the shaver too hard on your skin or exerting a lot of pressure during shave may lead to skin damage and razor cuts. Thus, if you don’t have sensitive skin, you can easily use the shaver in wet/dry conditions. Besides, the shaver also has a problem dealing with long, flat-lying hair. Despite having a vibrating motor inside the head, it fails to catch all the long hair. This problem can, however, be reduced by shaving more often so that the hair doesn’t grow beyond a certain limit.

If you have a busy lifestyle and have no time to shave regularly, you should consider Braun Series 7/5 or Norelco 8900 by Philips. These shavers may not provide as close shave as Panasonic does, it targets and uproots longer hair. Also, if you don’t have a dense or coarse beard, an Arc 3 like the ES8103S will probably be good enough. Its expenses are less and the replacement foils and blades are cheaper as well.


  • Provides close shaves
  • Excellent for the comfortable shaving experience
  • Great for coarse facial hair
  • Fast and strong structure
  • High quality, sharp blades
  • Operates in wet/dry environment
  • Very easy to clean manually
  • Quite easily affordable


  • Not as comfortable as a Series 7 or 5
  • Replacement foils & blades are a little too much on the pocket
  • Overkill for light beards
  • Inconvenient for first-timers due to its bulky shaving head
  • May not be suitable for longer, wiry, flat-lying hairs

5. Panasonic ES-LF51-A Arc 4

Panasonic ES-LF51-A Arc 4Panasonic ES-LA63-S has proved to be a really good shaver, the bulky head, however, has been an issue for some users, especially the beginners. Although the shaver lacks in this particular domain, it is worth recommending as compared to other Arc 4 models, often because the price of this shaver is comparatively lower in the past. However, Arc 4 models have also started to bring ahead models that cost-effective and worth investing.

One such shaver is the Panasonic ES-LF51-A which according to our research can serve to be even better than the best-selling ES-LA63-S in some cases.
This electric shaver still has a 4 blade operational system, a 14 000 CPM motor and overall similar performance results. The shaver also provides the same close shaving experience to the user.
One of the differences is the lack of vibrating motor and the depressed shaving head instead of the up and down pivoting of the ES-LA63-S. It still shaves extremely well and provides a close and gentle shave.

The shaving head of this electric shaver is narrow and although it does not look exactly like the pictures, it is easily manageable and people experience closer shave after using it. Moreover, the shaver also provides a more precise and controlled shaving experience to the user. This electric shaver lacks vibrating motor and thus, does not sound as muddier than the other models from Panasonic. The ES-LF51-A is strong and powerful enough to target and remove dense, coarse hair with ease, convenience, and close shave.

The manual cleaning system of this shaver makes it even easier to use. It does not require anything fancy, all it needs is mild-warm water and liquid soap for cleaning the shaver. The sonic cleaning mode of Panasonic shavers makes it easy to clean in less than 30 minutes. However, just like the shavers from Arc 4, the ES-LF51-A is also not one of the most comfortable shavers on the list, especially during a dry shave. The shaver may be a little damaging to the user with sensitive skin and thus, harm the skin. Also, the foil gets heated up during the shaving process, which adds to discomfort during the shave.

Adding a spray lubricant to your shaving habit may save you from the razor cuts and burns. Remington Shaver Saver, for instance, is a good lubricant that makes shaving more comfortable and convenient. If you do not prefer only dry shave, you can also go for using shaving cream. Shaving cream is always a perfect option to get a smooth and gentle shave, however, it may not be recommended to men who like dry shave.

Another issue with ES-LF51-A is that, like other Arc 4 models, this model performs poorly in treating wiry, long and flat-lying hair. It can be a good choice if you are treating short facial growth, however, a long hair needs another alternative like Braun Series 5 or 7. To summarize it, if you don’t have sensitive skin, desire close shave and have shorter hair to be removed, this shaver is suitable for you and is highly recommended to the user.


  • Provides close shave
  • Slim shaving head
  • Enabled with a 4 blade shaver
  • Great for coarse facial hair by its powerful and fast blades
  • High quality, sharp blades
  • Performs excellently in wet/dry conditions.
  • Manual cleaning is easy
  • The low price makes it easily affordable


  • May not be as comfortable when compared with Series 5 or 7
  • Replacement foils & blades are quite expensive
  • Overkill for light beards
  • May not be a good choice for longer, wiry, flat-lying hairs

6. Braun Series 5 5190cc

Braun Series 5 5190ccBraun has provided the users with a wide range of electric shavers. Series 5 from Braun is a cost-effective alternative to Series 7. Some of its latest models have a lot of resemblance with Braun’s high-end Series 9 i.e. shavers like the 5090cc or 5190cc. These shavers resemble each other based on their weight, sizes, and design.
Although this shaver comes in black color only, it looks very aesthetic and beautiful as compared to its alternatives and is considered as one of the better-looking shavers.
The head locking mechanism for capturing hair is the same in Series 5 as it was in Series 9 from Braun. This shows that there won’t be any possible problems with breaking the locking mechanism (a known issue with the Series 7).

The shaving head of Series 5 is also strikingly similar to that of Series 7. This shaving unit also has three individual cutting elements: two finishing foils and another one middle trimmer that can target longer hairs.

Thus, it can be concluded that in terms of performance, we see some very obvious similarities in Series 5 and Series 7. However, it must be remembered that Series 7 is faster in its work and produces little noise as compared to Series 5. The noise produced by Series 5 is because of the vibrator for cutting the hair, which makes very uncomfortable noises.
However, both shavers show the same results in terms of comfort and closeness. Thus, if you want to get Braun Series 7, but the price tag is a little too much to afford, you can choose the Series 5 which can be presented as a very good alternative. The 5090cc from Braun is an amazing option for the users, not only because it costs less but also because the Series 5 models are cc, which means that they come with an automatic cleaning system.

The station, although, does not dry the shaver quickly as the cleaning phase completes. Previously, the cleaning stations from Series 9 and 7 had an induction heating process, the fans fitted inside the shaving head which makes the shaver dry quickly. However, due to the low price of Series 5, it is not incorporated in it. The alcohol-based solution evaporates with time. But this may not be a big deal because the razor would not be needed immediately after completing the shave once. Thus, the evaporation process can easily occur and cause no discomfort whatsoever. The station of the 5090cc/5190cc performs its job well by cleaning and lubricating the shaver perfectly. As Series 7 was good for men with sensitive skin, so is Series 5. These shavers provide a comfortable shave with no harshness or damage to the skin and by those who do not require a very close shave.

The Series 5 seems to be fitted with a similar motor to the one in the Series 7, so it will have plenty of power to shave even a coarse beard.
Moreover, if you shave more often, you will feel very comfortable using Series 5 because it is perfect for removing short facial hair. The middle trimmer of Series 5, quickly captures stray hair efficiently and with fewer strokes. The 5190cc can be used effectively for wet/dry conditions. If you want to use any shaving cream, you must keep in mind that it may not provide you with the most amazing results. The dry shaves it offers are very comfortable and do not need any gel or shaving cream to make it better. However, a pre-electric lotion may prove to be significantly helpful to apply and can lead to better results.

Looking at its price, the Series 5 5090cc/5190cc is very affordable. It costs less than a Series 7 with similar specs and lower costs for almost similar replacement shaving head (52s/52b).
Concluding it up, the Series 5 is a more affordable Series 7 and performs pretty much the same way. It is best for men with sensitive skin you want a comfortable shaving experience at a lower cost.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Perfect for sensitive skin
  • Resembles Series 7 in terms of performance
  • Provides good value for its price
  • Excellent design and preferable quality
  • Works adequately for coarse beards


  • May not provide close shave similar to the Panasonic Arc 4
  • Noisy during shaving
  • Not as refined and enjoyable as a Series 7
  • Cleaning manually can be tiresome

7. Philips Norelco 8900 with SmartClean

Philips Norelco 8900 with SmartCleanIf you want to use one of the best rotary shavers in the market, this is the one you have been looking for. The 8900 from Philips Norelco comes with and without a cleaning station and performs pretty much like the expensive ones in the list including Series 9000 razors. Moreover, Norelco 8900 even comes at a comparatively lower price.
The lower price of this shaver is because of the absence of fancy features like gimmicky display, speed settings, and modern design. Yet, this shaving unit proves to stand out because of its amazing shaving performance and excellent price.

Also, the shaving head of Norelco 8900 by Philips, is pretty much the same as available in the models 9300 and 9700 models by Philips. It has an automatic cleaning station, known as the SmartClean, which is optional but highly recommended because of its great work. Also, the price difference with or without the SmartClean is not exceptionally high. The cleaning station is very economical and functions reasonably fast and quietly. This cleaning system is even better than the ones that come with Braun and Panasonic. In addition to this, this model by Panasonic also features the inductive heating system. This system functions to dry the shaver, which is not enabled with other shavers in the price range.
Being a rotary razor, the 8900 has some certain advantages to offer most foil shavers.

The most important aspect of rotary razors is that it can capture and cut difficult facial hair that is long, wiry and flat-lying. The Norelco 8900 comes with three individual cutting heads that can adapt according to the contours of the face and captures the hair very efficiently in fewer strokes. If you do not shave more often and have flat-lying hairs, this shaver can be a lifesaver to you.

It’s also absolutely comfortable for a rotary razor, however, it may cause a little irritation or razor burn to the people with sensitive skin. Normally, a rotary razor is considered better and often preferred over foil razors. However, Panasonic’s Norelco 8900 proves to be a perfect shaver for treating coarse, wiry hair. It also provides a pretty close shave and is one of the best foil shavers to provide the closest shave possible.

If you do not have sensitive skin, this shaver will be perfect for a quick and close shave. The cost of this shaving unit ranges somewhere between Braun’s Series 5 and Series 7.
However, the SH90 replacement shaving heads are a little costly but resemble the replacement heads of Panasonic Arc 4. Summing it up, if someone has coarse, wiry and directionless hair and do not have sensitive skin, they should go for Norelco 8900. On the contrary, if you have extremely sensitive skin and need a razor that can deal with it, you should go for Braun Series 7 or 9 or Panasonic Arc 4.


  • Perfect for capturing longer, flat-lying hairs
  • Provides close shaves
  • Is lower in price than other premium Philips shavers
  • Very good cleaning station
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Excellent for handling coarse beards


  • Does not provide as close shave as Panasonic Arc 4 or 5
  • Manual cleaning can be wearisome
  • Being a rotary shaver it may not be very good for sensitive skin
  • A foil shaver will be a better option for most users

8. Panasonic ES8103S Arc 3

Panasonic ES8103S Arc 3If you want to get an affordable electric shaver, Arc 3 range from Panasonic is the best for you. The name Arc 3, clearly shows that it has a 3-blade shaving system showcasing the same arched profile of the foils. The shaver has a motor ranging in power from 7600 to 13000 CMP. The motor, however, performs exponentially better with the more powerful units being added to the motor. The suggestions for Arc 3 series include ES-LT41-K or the ES8103S.

The older ES8103S is even better among the others and is reasonably priced as compared to others. For a person who is an entry-level shaver, this shaver is the perfect choice to make because of its low price and efficient performance. As a result, you should simply go for the one you can find at a better price. If we consider prices, the latest Arc 3 shavers (with model names starting with LT) are usually a bit more expensive as compared to others.

Even though they represent a major update in terms of aesthetics and build quality, I still cannot recommend them.

ES8103S model is an all in one package that comes with a punchy motor, sharp blades and compact structure. To summarize, it performs exclusively well and has good value for the money that has been invested in it. Like Braun’s Series, these models also tend to provide the closest shave in the given price tag. If you have sensitive skin and are afraid your skin may face roughness or harshness, you may not use ES8103S because it might cause skin irritation after shaving. It is even a bit harsher than Arc 4 and 5 models and its foil can get hot during the shaving causing discomfort.

These problems can be resolved by lubricating the blades by a pre-shave lotion to get effective results. You may also use a shaving cream if you want to.
If you want a dry shave, which most men do, you may be a little upset to know that Panasonic electric shaver works exceptionally well during a wet shave but it does provide an amazing wet shave with better results.

The price of the replacement foil and blades model will cost less than the 4 or 5 blades sets of Panasonic and is also widely available. It is an excellent choice to make for the beginners and it perfectly cleanses the dead skin and removes all the facial hair with ease. However, if you have sensitive skin, you better look for Braun Series 7 as it will provide you with a shave that is gentle and comfortable.


  • Provides close shaving experience
  • Not very pricy and worth the price
  • Very suitable for coarser facial hair
  • Fast and strong structure and design
  • High quality, sharp blades
  • Effective wet shaving performance
  • Easy to clean manually


  • It may not be as comfortable as experienced by Braun Series 9
  • Replacement foils & blades are expensive as compared to alternative
  • Works efficiently for shaving daily or shaving more often
  • May not be suitable very sensitive skin

9. Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3010s

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3010sOut of so many amazing electric shavers from Braun, this one stands out because of its affordable price and comfortable shaving experience. The Series 3 from Braun has been a competitor to the Panasonic Arc 3.
The shaver and its replacement heads (known as cassettes) cost less than the corresponding price of Panasonic Arc 3. Although the closeness is not quite as good, this shaver provides a more comfortable and convenient shaving experience as compared to Arc 3 from Panasonic. The Series 3 has several models that include both wet and dry cleaning stations like 3050cc and 3040s which also works in wet/dry conditions.

Although some of the models from Braun may be priced higher, most of them are quite affordable. Therefore, my new Series 3 shaver of choice is the cheaper 3010s. The 3010s is a shaver that works well both in wet or dry and the basic shaving head is easier to clean manually compared to the Series 5, 7 or 9, thus, you may not worry to necessarily get a cleaning station.

Moreover, models like the Series 3 3050cc do cost quite a lot more. Also, just like most electric shavers, the dry only Series 3 models can be operated when they’re plugged in. However, it may not be the choice with the wet/dry ones cannot due to safety concerns. Longer hair may be a problem for the Series 3 shavers to deal with, however, it can be an excellent choice for people who shave regularly and have a relatively shorter beard.

The electric shaver is extremely comfortable to use and thus the foil does not heat up during the shaving process. This makes Series 3 a good option for people with sensitive skin. However, if you prefer a close shave over a comfortable one, you should rather look for Panasonic Arc 3. Lastly, if you have very coarse facial hair, the Series 3 will eventually get the job done. This process, however, may take a while and maybe not as enjoyable as it could be. If that’s the case, investing in a more powerful shaver like the Series 5 or a Panasonic Arc 4 would be a good idea.


  • Provides comfortable
  • Adequate to use for sensitive skin
  • Easily affordable replacement shaving heads
  • Is a good value for money
  • Can work in wet/dry environment
  • Perfectly suitable for beginners
  • Performs better than Arc 3 for longer, flat-lying hairs


  • Close shave may not be as good as that from Panasonic Arc 3
  • A bit underpowered for very coarse facial hair
  • Works preferably on shorter facial hair
  • Not as easy to clean compared to an Arc 3
  • Does not come with a hair trimmer

10. Philips Norelco Shaver 3100 (S3310/81)

Philips Norelco Shaver 3100The shaver Norelco 3100 by Philips lies in the best-seller category and is an inexpensive rotary shaver, operational in only dry conditions.
Just like the Braun Series 3 and the Panasonic Arc 3 are the go-to options when you look for an inexpensive foil electric shaver, the 3100 is a worth its position in the rotary camp.
It may be a better pick in certain situations. This electric shaver is effective and efficient to capture long, wiry hair and target them leaving a gentle, smooth skin.

If your shaver is more advanced, it will perform better in capturing facial hair. The 3100 shaver from this series is an amazing choice among rotary shavers and works surprisingly well in this situation. Although, the closeness of shave provided by this series is not comparable to that of Panasonic, however, it is extremely comfortable and provides exceptional performance in targeting stray hair.

Even though it performs very well at this price point, don’t expect anything spectacular. The 3100 is still a very basic rotary shaver. It also includes a pop-up trimmer- you also have to pay extra for the separate click-on trimmer.

The SH30/52 replacement shaving heads are almost the same price as that of Series 3 and Arc 3.To conclude, if you’re looking for an electric shaver that inexpensive, you tend to shave less often and can easily capture wiry, flat-lying hair, the Philips Norelco 3100 can be a good starting point. If the major requirement for you is a close shave, you should look for the Panasonic Arc3 series.


  • Works well as a rotary shaver
  • Is affordable corresponding to the value it provides
  • Works effectively on longer facial hair
  • Excellent rotary shaver for beginners


  • The shave may not be as close as other alternatives
  • A thorough cleaning can be tedious
  • It may not be suitable for sensitive skin
  • Can feel underpowered when shaving a coarse beard

What is the better choice? Rotary or foil electric shaver

A lot of users find it difficult to decide whether a foil or rotary shaver would be better to use. Although the selection is based on personal ease and comfort, we think that a foil electric shaver is easy and safe to use. This is also the reason why most of the electric shavers mentioned above in the list are foil shavers.

Most foil electric shavers are easy to shave and have fewer problems clinging to it. However, both foil and rotary shavers have their advantages and disadvantages, which just like the electric shavers, are mentioned ahead.

Rotary or foil electric shaver

The Pros of rotary shavers

There are two major advantages of rotary shavers:

  • 1- They work effectively in cutting long hair
  • 2- They are not noisy like other shavers

A lot of people, although, do not care much about the noise a shaver produces, it is important or most people to have a shaver that captures and targets longer hair. Rotary razor does that better than foil shavers in all possible aspects. It targets and cuts longer hair, regardless of the price tag associated with it.

There exist some foil razors that work well with longer hair (like Braun Series 7 and 9) however, the rest of them are mainly adequate for shorter hair like facial hair. There exist some entry-level foil razors like Panasonic Arc 5, which are very advanced and well-equipped to trim and cut even the longest of hair as good as a similarly priced rotary shaver from Philips.

Thus, if you have a limited budget and want to maintain a good beard for three or four days, you may want to consider rotary razor. The selection of the right rotary shaver is also majorly dependent on the budget you have for the purchase of this razor. You can go for an entry-level model like the Philips 3100 or high-end one shaving units like the Series 9000 Prestige.

Lastly, it also depends on how comfortable you are either with a rotary or foil shaver. The better you feel with a particular shaver, the more you will be inclined to use it.
Now, let us look at some of the benefits that a foil shaver will provide you within the article ahead.

The Pros of foil shavers

If you are new to using electric shavers, you will feel much satisfactory and comfortable using a foil shaver. A foil shaver provides you a comfortable and close shave. The shave with a foil shaver is also gentle and smooth because of the thin foil screens and inner blades that oscillate at a very high speed as compared to the rotary shaver, thus, making fewer chances of pinching and pulling the hair.

While an inexpensive foil shaver may cause trouble in uprooting long, flat-lying hair, a decently priced foil razor will usually provide a closer and more comfortable shave. If you, however, have a cheaper shaver, you may want to shave more often and use a moisturizer or lotion beforehand to get rid of long hair.

Using a foil shaver is easier and more convenient. If you are looking for a good electric foil shaver, the best one on the lists is definitely from Braun Series 7 and 9.
The shaving unit of most foil razors is comprised of 3 to 5 shaving elements.

Moreover, this razor is perfect for trimming and cutting hair from sensitive areas like upper lip and sideburns, where its narrow and straight foils or trimmers work with precision and control. For the beginners, the use of short and straight strokes makes foil shavers easier to use. Even the Arc 5 with its behemoth shaving head takes less effort to shave those areas compared to any 3 blade rotary razor.

Finally, we find more options with foil shaver including options like Braun, Panasonic, Remington, and Wahl, etc. Remington also has a few rotary models, but I’ve tried several and I honestly cannot recommend them.

The Cons of rotary shavers

As the best qualities a foil shaver has are its close and comfortable shave, these are the major shortcomings of the rotary shaver. The basic reason for rotary shaver not being comfortable lies in the way it works. The rotary shaver has rotary cutters sitting behind the thick metal combs. This thickness hinders between the skin and the blade. This barrier can be reduced, however, by Philips shavers, which tried to compensate this by using double blade design for most of their shavers. It wanted the first blade to lift the hair and the second one would do the actual cutting.

If the beard is comparatively small, entry-level foil razors like the Panasonic Arc 3 or the Braun Series 3 will usually provide a closer and gentler shaving experience than most rotary shavers.

When using a rotary shaver that features this Lift & Cut technology, the hair is first lifted and then cut This process often seems very unpleasant and a little painful to the users. So, if you apply a little pressure on the skin while shaving, it might lead to discomfort and a painful shave.

Although a lot of people are fine with the same by a rotary shaver, most people find it uncomfortable to shave with. This is true for people with sensitive skin, who can shave better by using a foil shaver.

Although the double blade technology is seeming among major rotary shavers, some shavers like the latest Series 900 Prestige, seems to ditch the older lift and cut technology and has moved to single blade design. This was a massive improvement in the market of rotary shavers, however, the price for Prestige was extremely high and in our opinion, Braun Series 7 is still a much better and more comfortable choice, with almost half the price. Also, it shaves closer and comes with a cleaning station. This is the reason why Prestige was not included in the list of the best electric shavers of 2020.

Although the rotary shaver is uncomfortable to use, it can be improved by using lotion, moisturizing lotion or shaving cream, etc. The closeness of the shave can also be improved by using a moisturizer.

The Cons of foil shavers

A couple of problems are also associated with the foil shavers. The first one is the fact that foil shavers may not be able to get rid of long facial hair i.e. typically 3-day beard or more. However, you can get over this problem by shaving more often and thus preventing the headache to remove longer hair.

Another problem that arises using a foil shaver is the heat it produces during the usage. This happens because the blades oscillate at a high pace and make the foil rub against the blades. This makes the unit hot and uneasy to deal with.

However, this problem can be alleviated by lubricating by using a light oil or a special cleaning spray. This can particularly help if you have a Remington electric shaver which gets hotter with usage.

Finally, foil shavers vibrate more and make noises when used. The noise is annoying for most users and some people with a disease or disorder, like autism, need a quiet electric shaver. If this is a severe case for you, you must prefer a rotary shaver over a foil one.

When to prefer one shaver over another?

If we look back at the list of pros and cons of both the rotary and foil shavers, you will observe that a foil shaver has fewer shortcomings as compared to a rotary shaver. However, the choice again depends solely on the choice of the user. The facts stated above are presented just to help the user decide which electric shaver would be the best for him.

Thus, it will not be easy for us to postulate if foil shaver is better than rotary shaver. The debate can be different based on usage, comfort, and scenarios.

Buy a rotary shaver if you:

  • When your budget is low and you need a rather inexpensive shaving unit
  • When do not shave every day (typically after 3-4 days)
  • Have normal skin (not sensitive)
  • Do not like noisy shaving devices

Buy a foil shaver if you:

  • When you desire a close and comfortable shave;
  • When the user shaves more often. Most entry-level foil shavers may not function well for long, flat-lying hair. If shaving more often is not an option, spending more money on a Braun Series 7 or 9 is well worth it;
  • When you have a sensitive skin
  • When you are new to electric shavers. Foil shavers are easy and comfortable to deal with for the new users.
  • They are easy to cleanse now and then.

How to get the most out of your electric shaver?

Now that we have discussed all the pros and cons of various electric shavers and provided a detailed overview of foil and rotary shavers, we can now look at the ways that can help us use the shavers at their best. We have outlined the most important aspects of using an electric shaver and the ways by which the user can get the best possible results out of it.

To get the most out of your electric shaver, you have to make certain adjustments in your shaving routine and habits. Given below are some of the ways you can adopt to attain more out your electric shaver and the right way to use it.

Learn the basic rules:

Before starting the shaving, you must make sure you know all the basics of shaving that will impact the quality of shave you get later.

You should always shave dry before taking a shower or washing your face. You can apply shaving cream, moisturizer or lotion to soothe the skin. You must also stretch your skin with free hands
and shave against the grain. Lastly, you must not apply a lot of pressure or force, to save yourself from yanking, pulling and pinching of hair.

Realize that the length of the facial hair should be short:

A lot of people complain that electric shavers shred your face to pieces and cause severe bleeding and discomfort. These reviews might scare you but all these reviews have one thing in common. The user was shaving a beard that was half-inch long.

Shaving a beard or facial hair that is too long will result in this tragic way. Remember that electric shavers are not hair trimmers. An electric shaver is suitable for cutting and shaping shorter facial hair only and cannot be used to trim long-lying hair.

Apart from a couple of models like the Philips Norelco S9000 Prestige and even the Braun Series 9, most electric shavers will only perform optimally on fairly short facial hair. However, Philips Norelco and Braun Series 9 can also tackle and handle a beard that is 4-5 days old.

Thus, use a beard trimmer beforehand to save yourself from pain and discomfort of using an electric shaver directly.

Shave more regularly to combat flat-lying hair:

Throughout the article, it was made obvious that flat hair is difficult to get rid of using an electric shaver. This problem seems to increase with time as the length of the hair increases.
Thus, it is recommended to shave your skin more often to get rid of longer hair lying on a flat surface.

Braun and Philips shavers, however, are better at cutting difficult hair and so this major refers to Panasonic electric shavers.

Improve the comfort and closeness of shave using a pre-shave moisturizer:

Earlier in the post, we have seen that the electric shavers that are good at providing a close shave may not be the best to provide a comfortable shave too and vice versa. This problem can be addressed by adding a pre-shave lotion to your everyday shaving routine. Instead of your dry shaving habit, add a generous amount of pre-shave lotion beforehand which will make the shave close and comfortable. Moreover, this will easily remove flat, long hair, thus making shaving smooth and gentle.

The shaving lotion is inexpensive and easy to apply and can save you from razor burns and flat-lying hair. If you have been using a powerful electric shaver like Panasonic Arc 3 and 5 or Braun Series 3, you should consider a pre-shaving lotion that will leave your skin smooth and clean aftershave.

We recommend Speick and Freelette pre-shaving lotions because of their affordable price and quality results. Testing several brands out in the market, these proved to be the best in terms of effectiveness, quality, fragrance and even cost.

Prevent post-shaving irritation by giving your skin some time to heal:

Shaving your skin when it is already tender or sensitive will only increase the discomfort and irritation. You should give some days’ gap to your skin to avoid post-shaving irritation and let your skin heal.

By looking at the list, we conclude that Braun Series 3, 7 and 9 are good options to consider to minimize post-shaving discomfort to the minimum.

Avoid switching back and forth between an electric shaver and a razor blade.

A lot of people when start using an electric shaver, often detract and use razors instead to get a close and clean shave. Also, sometimes they would use a razor but later adopt an electric shaver to get a better and quicker shave.

The users, however, must remember that this is not a recommended way to go about it. The razor has a thin film that closely removes all the hair. However, it does leave the skin tender and sensitive. When the user uses an electric shaver after using a razor, it increases the chances of damage to the skin and makes skin vulnerable.

Thus, it is better to use an electric shaver or razor on its own and develop a habit of using it only rather than making back and forth tries of either of these.

Cleanse and lubricate your shaver regularly:

While shaving is an essential part of your everyday habit, you should make sure to clean your shaver after every use. If your shaver is waterproof, better wash it after each use or simply rinse it with water.

Lubricating your electric shaver can also improve the performance of the shaver and make it last longer. However, if your shaver can not be manually cleansed, you should let the cleaning station do its work.

Buy yourself a spray cleaner & lubricant.

Getting yourself a good spray cleaner and lubricant will add to your shaving experience. Not only will it clean and lubricate the blades of your shaver, but it will also remove any stubborn deposits or dirt on the blades.

Buying this spray cleaner and lubricant will also do wonders by reducing the friction between blades and the foils and thus generating less heat during shaving which will eventually increase its lifespan. To add to its benefits, these spray cleaners are inexpensive and easy to incorporate into your daily life.

As for which spray cleaner to choose, the Remington Shaver Saver and Braun Shaver Cleaner are two great options (widely available and inexpensive).

Charge the battery timely:

Another important aspect is the low performance of the shaving unit when used for the first time or when it gets really old. This problem occurs when the battery is below a certain threshold, it does not perform well.

Better charge your battery from 30-40% (minimum), to get a comfortable shaving experience. Otherwise, you might face shaving difficulties like pulling hair, lack of closeness of shave, etc.

Cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize.

To have a smooth and clean shave, you must first have a healthy skin. Thus, taking care of your skin is extremely important and easy for men.

You need to follow the basic three steps to attain smooth and clean skin.

  • You should cleanse your face daily with mild face wash.
  • Dead skin cells clog the hair follicles and may become the cause of breakouts. You can get rid of this by continuously exfoliating your face twice, as it is mandatory to preserve good and healthy skin.
  • Try using a moisturizer or a cleaning lotion after the shave. This will serve as the final step to healthy skin, keeping it moisturized all day long.

Final Words on Choosing the Best electric Shaver for Men

We have tried listing all the best electric shavers in the market. The shavers include the top ten shavers with all their pros and shortcomings and comparisons with each other. We have also mentioned the various models and amendments made in each Series and related it to the key factors associated with shaving.

However, it is important to remember that shaving is a very personal everyday routine. At the end of the day, you should choose a shaver that suits you best and it will be the right shaver for you.

We hope that we helped you grasp updates on the best electric shavers in the market through this article. How was your experience with electric shavers in the past? Let us know in the comment section.

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