How to Shave Your Head Completely?

How to Shave Your Head Completely?

How to Shave Your Head Completely?

Are you going to shave your head completely? I will recommend you to read this complete guide before doing.

We know that many people love to shave their head, especially bald people. Moreover, many people are inspired by famous personalities like Bruce Wills, Jason Statham, and Rooney Coleman, etc. Also, many sportsmen also like to shave their head off and on.

Although many people seek the help of others for shaving their head. While others want to it on their own.

After reading this guide about “how to shave your head”, you will be able to shave your head on your own or at your home too. You will not need a hair designer or barber anymore. All you need is good shaving cream, a quality razor, organic aftershave, and a moisturizer. Some of the people also like to use a trimmer before the head shave that is the best case in my opinion.

Proper Steps to Shave Your Head

We have seen many cases that people are shaving their head regularly but they are still unaware of the proper and professional methods. If you won’t use a proper method, you may see some unexpected things like Razor bumps, Skin redness or other skin allergies. So, if you are going to shave your head on your own, must learn the proper methods to that (to avoid any inconvenience).

So, we have divided this process into three major steps.

Step 1: Preparation

Before the shave, you must take some measures so that you can enjoy a smooth shave without any hesitation. It may include the steps to trim and soften your hair.

Preparation to shave your head
  • 1.1 Trim Your Hair

    This step is optional but I will highly recommend you to do that. Use a good trimmer to shorten your head hair. If your head hair is a bit longer than this step is mandatory to do.

  • 1.2 Make your Hair Softer

    Wash your head with water (a bit warm). This step is done to make your hair softer and will also make your skin clean (from dust).

Step 2: Shaving Process

This process will include the complete shaving process. From applying the shaving cream to the complete process of shaving.

  • 2.1 Apply a Shaving Gel or Cream

    Apply good shaving cream with the help of a shaving brush and leave it for 2-3 minutes (minimum). This is important if you want to avoid the irritation during the shave. Moreover, it will soften your hair and also can improve your razor-glide.

  • 2.2 Starting the Shaving Process

    Pick up your razor and start the shaving process. But Remember! You must check the lubrastrips or your razor blades before this process. A razor with the sharp blades will give you a close, smooth and comfortable shave. Use your razor gently all over the head.

    Shaving Pattern

    Most of the people ask us what shaving pattern we should use to shave our head.

    So, you know what is best for you. First of all, you need to find a shaving pattern that suits you the most. To find a shaving pattern just try shaving from different directions and find your comfort zone. Once you will find your comfort, the next time you can remember the right shaving pattern that is suitable for your skin.


    Shave in the patterns that are most comfortable for you. You can also change some directions to judge which position (direction) of the razor is suitable for you.

Shaving Process to shave your head
  • 2.3 Reapply Your Shaving Gel Once More

    If you are looking for a very close shave then repeat the process of shaving. You must reapply the shaving cream once again.

  • 2.4 Use a Clean Towel after Shaving

    Keep a separate towel for your head. After completing the shave, wash your hair with cool water and use your towel to soak it.

Step 3: Protection

  • 3.1 Use any Aftershave and Moisturizer

    Use an organic aftershave on your head. After using an aftershave also use a good moisturizer. It can keep your skin hydrated and will also make your skin soft. Most of the people avoid these steps and that’s why they have to face some skin irritation problems often.

  • 1.2 Make your Hair Softer

    Wash your head with water (a bit warm). This step is done to make your hair softer and will also make your skin clean (from dust).

More Tips for Shaving Your Head – Buy the Right Shaving Equipment

In the previous section, we have explained the right way to shave your head. Now, in this section, we will talk about the shaving equipment that is recommended by the professionals.

Buy a Best Razor

Majority of the people use manual razors to shave your head. There are a variety of options that are available for disposable razors. So, before buying one for your just feel free to read about “the best razors to shave your head”.

Search for a Good Shaving Cream or Gel

Shaving creams also plays an important role in the process of shaving. Traditional and organic shaving creams are available in the market nowadays. You can have a look at those creams and choose the best suitable option for you. If you are finding it difficult to choose the best shaving cream then must read our following comprehensive guides about the shaving cream

Always Use a Shaving Brush

Basically, it’s your own choice to use a shaving brush. But I will recommend you to use a shaving brush. The application of shaving cream is smooth when you use a brush. Moreover, it also minimizes wastes. Traditional shaving creams are always used with the help of the brush. Non-traditional creams can also be applied without brushes but in case you are shaving your head completely, never forget to a quality shaving brush. Never use a low-quality brush for shaving your head.

Use a Natural after Shave

There are a lot of options in case of aftershaves. Some of the people like to use alcohol-based after shaver while others like the aftershaves with the natural ingredients. It may vary according to your skin type. I always rely on products that are made up of natural ingredients.

More Tips for Shaving Your Head – Buy the Right Shaving Equipment

Also, Use a Moisturizer

This step is optional for many people but not for me. Shaving can cause dryness on your skin that can further be converted to some skin irritation problems. In my opinion, it’s the biggest mistake if you are not using any moisturizer. Aftershave closes the pores of your skin and now you need to apply a good moisturizer to keep your scalp hydrated.



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