Best Electric Razor for Women

Best Electric Razor for Women


Are you planning to buy the best electric razor for women? I will recommend you to read our guide about the best electric razor for women before buying them.

For women around the globe, shaving has always been quite a task to perform. Not only is it tiresome, but also does it often end with a shave that is improper and unclean. A lot of electric shavers don’t turn out to be as good as promised by the companies. Where a lot of electric shavers fail to fulfill the promise made by their companies, there are some electric shavers in the market, which are promising and help you gain an amazing shaving experience. We looked at a number of cordless electric shavers in the market and came up with the list of amazing electric shavers that are perfect for a smooth and silky shave and the complete removal of unwanted hair.

These razors are perfect for the hair removal either for legs, facial hair or even upper lips. You may want disposable razors for a vacation or holiday or an everyday solution to your hair removal. Gathering all this information and making a decision is tiresome and time-consuming. So, save yourself from the trouble by looking at the list of best cordless electric shavers in the market.

We listed the best electric shavers considering every minute detail including the body type suitable for the razor, its features, how it charges, the time span for usage before the need of recharging again and most importantly the number of blades, either single or dual blades, with the shaving kit. Most importantly, we also focus on its usage either for legs, bikini line or even upper lips, the motion of blades and also the performance of the shaver in wet and dry conditions.

We consider what your shaver can be used for, legs, bikini line or even upper lip, we consider the motion of the blades and if the shaver can operate in both wet and dry shaving conditions. So let’s have a look at the best electric razors for women’s hair removal on the market. If you are looking for trimmers then have a look at our guide about the best trimmers for women.

Our Top Pick

Top and the Best Electric Razors for Women

Our Reviews About Top Electric Shaver for Women

1. Panasonic ES2207P Electric Razor for Women

Panasonic ES2207P Electric Razor for WomenA multipurpose cordless electric shaver for women comes with a number of features that ensure very smooth and efficient shave. If you have sensitive skin, Panasonic ES2207P is absolutely made for you. This razor is suitable for shaving, trimming, and hair-removing in a fast and efficient way.

Blades & Operation
This electric razor has three blades whose heads are independent of each other. The three blades work together to provide you with the closest and smoothest shave. The shaver can be used in wet and dry conditions and thus is especially suitable for women who like to shave during or after the bath. The razor is also designed in such a way that the blades stay in contact with the skin and follow the contours of the body throughout the shaving experience.

Enabled with a pop-up trimmer, the shaver is amazing to be used as a bikini trimmer and can easily pluck out unnecessary long hairs in a quick and efficient way. Featuring a hypoallergenic formula, these blades are perfect for people with sensitive skin. Enabled with a protective foil, it also prevents irritation and burning. The blades are made super flexible to adjust according to the contour of the body.

Additional Features
To save your time and space, this shaver for women is enabled with an AC charger, which allows you to the shave and trim while your electric shaver is plugged in for charging. It is also equipped with a travel pouch for holidays and includes a cleaning brush to keep the blades hygienic and clean.

This electric shaver is one of the best electric shavers for women in the market. With three blades and perfect shave in wet/dry conditions, this shaver is designed by keeping women’s skin in mind. It is also easy to carry with its travel pouch and compact shape, thus being an excellent choice for traveling. Additionally, AC charger makes it more efficient and time-saving as compared to others in the market. Hypoallergenic blades and protective foil makes it even better for people with sensitive skin. The alternative to it is Panasonic ES2291DT

Specialties of the product

  • Flexible three independent blades
  • Convenient for sensitive skin
  • Features Pop-up trimmer
  • AC charger saves time
  • Compact and easy to carry

2. Braun Series Silk-épil Electric Hair Remover Razor

Braun Series Silk-épil Electric Hair Remover RazorVersatile and extremely user-friendly, this electric shaver is excellent for women who want an all in one solution to shaving and trimming. The Braun series Silk Epil electric hair epilator is popular and trusted among women as one of the best electric razors for women in the market.

Blades & Operation
The Braun Series Silk- épil electric hair remover razor is an epilator, which doesn’t simply shave the hair, it pulls the hair out from roots so minimize hair growth ahead in the future. The head of the shaver is wider and removes hair from roots to keep your skin smooth and clean for four weeks. Enabled with MicroGrip tweezer technology, the razor removes hair with precision and the head pivots allow the razor to run flexible along with the shape and structure of the skin. Braun Series is also easy to use for wet and dry shave for women.

Additional Features
The women’s Braun series cordless razor is enabled with a number of extra features. It includes a wide shaving head, a trimmer cap that provides a perfect bikini line, a skin contact cap, and a massage cap. It also features the SmartLight that allows you to detect even the finest of hair. Moreover, the shaver also includes a facial brush that helps you in removing makeup properly by cleaning and exfoliating your skin with its special micro-oscillation technology. The Braun is also empowered with a charger stand so your razor is on the go every time you want to use it.

All these total up to a total of seven important features which makes the product stand out from the rest in the market.

This electric razor is an amazing choice for women. The Braun Silk Epil helps you get a perfect bikini line in check and also helps you take care of your stray facial hair. It uproots the hair to ensure clean and smooth skin for weeks.

With its micro-oscillations technology, it provides clean and exfoliated facial skin. The Braun Silk Epil shaver assists in making removal and skin care treatment as well. Thus, this electric shaver is more than just electric shavers and is an effective razor for long term solutions.

Specialties of the razor

  • Seven different operations make the shaver stand out in the market
  • Keeps skin, especially legs smooth for up to weeks
  • Micro-oscillations allow thorough exfoliation of the skin

3. Philips SatinShave Prestige Women’s Electric Shaver

Philips SatinShave Prestige Women’s Electric ShaverThis Philips SatinShave Prestige is the perfect electric shaver for women who want smooth and efficient shaving for legs and underarms. With its compact structure and ergonomic design, it is great for trimming and shaving. The shaver is one of the best electric shavers available in the market right now.

Blades & Operation
The Philips SatinShave Prestige is best for shaving legs in either wet or dry conditions. The shaver is appropriate for women who like to shave their legs and underarms during the bath or after it. The versatile shaver is designed to get the smoothest and fastest shave without irritation or cuts. Its hypoallergenic foil protects your skin from rashes, redness, and irritation. With its cordless system and two AA batteries, this shaver is perfect for people who are on a holiday or vacation

Additional Features
The versatile shaver is equipped with a number of extra features like an anti-slip grip that makes shaving easier in the bath or the shower. The travel cap also makes it safer and easier to travel with and the additional cleaning brush makes the shaving unit cleaner and ready to use every time.

If you are looking for a safe, fast and efficient shaver, Philips SatinShave is all you need. The electric razor is best suitable for shaving legs and underarms and can work in both wet and dry conditions. With its compact design, two AA batteries, a cordless operation system and a travel cap, it is perfect for travel trips or vacations. As compared to other electric shavers in the market, this shaver is well-priced and effective at the same time. Additionally, the non-slip grip and ergonomic design make the shaver safe to use as it adjusts according to the contour of the skin. With its hypoallergenic foil, it is safe and effective for women with sensitive skin. This protective technology works to remove irritation cuts and razor burns. Looking for an alternative? Philips LadyShave is the one you should be looking for.

Why We Like It

  • Functions in wet and dry conditions
  • Adequate for sensitive skin
  • Affordable price
  • Non-slip grip
  • Perfect for traveling

4. Lavany Women’s Electric Razor Rechargeable Shaver

Lavany Women’s Electric Razor Rechargeable ShaverThis simple electric razor is effective and efficient for women who want a quick and easy shave. Lavany Women’s razor is adequate for women who want clean and smooth legs and underarms. The razor is user-friendly and versatile, thus proving to be the best bathroom companion for women in the bathroom.

Blades & Operation
This versatile shaver is operational both in wet and dry conditions. The high-speed women’s shaver is designed specifically for shaving legs and underarms. The curved blade is best to remove stray and even the most stubborn hair. The curved design allows the razor to reach the hardest to reach areas and provides a smooth shave for underarms and bikini line. The multiflex head and ergonomic design provides a strong grip on the skin and gives you a clean and close shave.

The shaving unit is rechargeable and can either be charged from the power socket or from the charging stand provided. It is usable for almost 60 minutes after which it needs to be recharged

Additional Features
The shaver is equipped with a built-in light to assist in removing even the finest and hardest-to-get hair. The shaver is operational in wet and dry conditions and comes with a rechargeable battery. The shaver includes a storage pouch and a cleaning brush which makes it conveniently portable for traveling. It is also equipped with a protective comb and a user manual that aids the user for its usage. Lastly, the package comes with a one year guarantee.

The shaver is a perfect travel companion and comes with a battery timing of 60 minutes. This razor is perfect for shaving legs and underarms. It is also suitable to keep a clean bikini line. The unit comes with a charging stand and a charging adapter and shaves in both wet and dry conditions. The shaver comes with a multiflex head that uproots stray and stubborn hair with ease. This razor is one of the best among others in the market to get a clean and close shave.

Why We Like It

  • Operational in Wet and dry
  • Multiflex head for grip
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Long battery timing
  • 1-year guarantee

5. Panasonic ES246AC Bikini Trimmer & Shaper

Panasonic ES246AC Bikini Trimmer & ShaperPanasonic ES246AC is best for women with sensitive skin. A hypoallergenic razor that is designed to provide you with a clean bikini line and enables you with clean and smooth skin without any razor burn or irritation.
A hypoallergenic razor that is designed to enable you to keep your bikini line and other sensitive areas clean and smooth, free of irritating stubborn hairs. Lightweight and easy to travel with and a great trimmer razor.

Blades & Operations
This electric razor is perfect to provide you with a clean bikini line and helps you maintain your bikini line with ease. The blades of the electric razor are hypoallergenic and cover five positions to reach even the most hard-to-reach areas on your bikini line and underarms to uproot even the most stubborn hairs. The stainless-steel and sharp structure are designed to deal with even the finest of hair.

The five trimming settings function to remove both long, short and stray hair easily. This razor can be operational for 45 minutes after which the 2 AA batteries need to recharge. The shaving unit is extremely lightweight and comes with a flexible head that is an inch-and-a-half wide to target even the most unreachable hair. The blades have rounded tips that prevent razor burns and bumps for sensitive skin.

Additional Features
It is equipped with a travel pouch and cleaning brush that makes Panasonic ES246AC a perfect travel companion.

It is perfect to get quick touch-ups for a clean and neat bikini line or hard to reach areas from underarms. The shaver is equipped with a trimmer that is a perfect solution for a quick and smooth shave. The shaver is functional for 45 minutes after which the battery can be recharged. Rechargeable two AA batteries are perfectly suitable for traveling. The shaving unit is slim in design and hence conveniently portable. It is enabled with bikini trimmers that are easy to use and uproots even the hardest to reach hairs, leaving you with a smooth and beautiful bikini line.

Why We Like It

  • Slim and lightweight in design
  • Five trim settings
  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • Easily portable
  • Hypoallergenic blades

6. Braun Series Silk-épil 5 Power 5280 Epilator/Electric Hair Roller

Braun Series Silk-épil 5 Power 5280 Epilator/Electric Hair RollerThis is a fantastic alternative to waxing and can be personalized according to one’s own needs. An amazing epilator that targets the shortest and the most stubborn hair which is difficult to remove. This is one of the best epilators in the market at present.

Blades & Operation
The Braun series hair roller is equipped with 40 close-grip tweezers that allow you to remove even the shortest of hair and keeps your hair smooth for up to four weeks. The rollers function not only to remove your hair but also massage and stimulate your skin. This shaver is operational both in wet and dry conditions. The head is designed in such a way that it can reach even the hard to reach areas and it follows the contour of the skin.

The shaving head comes with a trimmer cap that turns your epilator into an electric shaver. It is designed with a variable speed operation to cater to it according to the need of the user.

Additional Features
The roller is also equipped with a SmartLight that assists the user to spot even the finest of hairs and uproot them. The Braun is also suitable for trimming facial hair, bikini lines, and even underarms.

This electric epilator for women is one of the best in the market to remove even the shortest and most hard to get hair in the most sensitive areas of the skin. It is specifically suitable for women with sensitive skin to get smooth and clean skin. The shaver is functional in both wet and dry conditions and keeps your skin hair free for up to 4 weeks. It also features a SmartLight that illuminates even the finest of hair on your body and get rid of them. The epilator, however, can be converted into a full-blown shaver by a trimmer cap and shaver head that ensures silky smooth legs for weeks.

Why We Like It

  • Alternative to waxing
  • SmartLight to illuminate the finest of hair
  • 4 weeks of silky smooth legs
  • Operates in wet and dry conditions
  • Trimmer convertible to full-blown shaver

7. Remington Smooth & Silky Glide Rechargeable Shaver

Remington Smooth & Silky Glide Rechargeable ShaverIf you are looking for a perfect electric razor in the market, the Remington Smooth, and Silky Glide Rechargeable Shaver are all you need. The Remington WDF5030A shaver is user-friendly and has the ability to reach even the finest of hair. It even reaches the hair that is otherwise very hard to reach while ensuring protection against razor burns and skin irritation after shaving.

Blades & Operation
This shaver features smooth glide technology that has an open blade cutting system. This means that as soon as the blade reached your skin for the shave, the shaving gel follows it to get you a perfectly smooth and clean skin. It has four blades, all of which work to provide you a close and clean shave. With its hypoallergenic foils and trimmers, it keeps the skin safe from ay razor burn, bumps or damage. The flex dual-sided trimmer ensures targeting all the long hairs while the lift logic foils allow the hair of any length for shaving by angling the, towards the direction of the blades.

It also features a moisturizing strip which assists prevention against any skin damages or irritation. Moreover, its Optimal angle head directs blades in such a way that all the stray hair can easily be targeted. A lithium battery illuminates the skin for a better shave and offers a battery timing of 30 minutes after which it needs to be recharged.

Additional Features
The Remington WDF5030A includes a cordless operation, charging base, moisturizing strip technology and a non-slip grip for the user.

Remington cordless shavers can perform trimming and shaving at the same time. The shaver can operate in both wet and dry conditions. It includes flexible open-cut blades and hypoallergenic foils that prevent irritation, redness and razor burn. It has a battery timing of 30 minutes after which the unit needs to be recharged thus it is perfect for traveling. The shaver comes with a warranty of 60 days.

Why We Like It

  • Function well in both wet and dry conditions
  • 30 minutes’ battery timing
  • Non-slip grip
  • Cordless operation
  • Moisturizing strip technology

8. Sminiker Professional 4 in 1 Waterproof Women Electric Razor

 Sminiker Professional 4 in 1 Waterproof Women Electric RazorAn all in one solution to your shaving problems. This versatile razor is known for its multipurpose usage including keeping legs smooth and silky, trimming and removing stray hair from underarms and bikini line. This razor is fast, easy and efficient to use and is particularly best for shaving underarms.

Blades & Operation
The shaver is operational both in wet and dry conditions and offers a long battery timing of 70 minutes. It is a user-friendly and efficient shaver that is designed to adjust according to the contour of your skin. The shaver has an IPX7 body that is waterproof and comes with a complementary IPX7 waterproof charger.

Spinnaker Professional razor is not only perfect for shaving legs but also the best to trim your bikini line with its pop-up trimmer. The razor is compact and light in weight and thus easy to travel with. The razor follows the contour of your skin and gives you a clean and close shave that lasts longer.

Additional Features
This shaver for women is best for traveling as it features a universal voltage charger and a charging cradle. It also comes with a facial cleaning brush which further assists in traveling.

This versatile shaver is best to shave legs and underarms and for trimming your bikini line and facial hair. The precise trimming blade and shaving unit work together to provide all in one solution to the user. It can also be in a shower or bath and its compact and lightweight structure makes it easily portable. It is designed to function for up to 70 minutes of shaving after which it needs to be recharged for a total of 8 hours.

Why We Like It

  • Precise blade for trimming bikini lines
  • Can function in wet and dry condition
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to travel with
  • Waterproof shaving unit with waterproof charger

9. Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves WetDry

Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves WetDryThe Panasonic Ladies 2Blade Close Curves is portable and lightweight. WetDry razor is most suitable for women who are always on the move. This versatile razor works as a shaver and trimmer and its cordless operation makes it easy to travel with.

Blades & Operation
This wet and shaver feature a bikini snap-on trimmer that ensures a neat and smooth bikini line. This is suitable for removing long and short hair and can remove errant and stray hair too. With hypoallergenic foils on its inner blades, this shaver prevents skin redness and razor burn, hence it is amazing for sensitive skin. It ensures smooth and silky shave because of its floating heads that follow the contours of your body.

It is ergonomically designed with the easy-grip technology that helps get easy shave both in wet and dry conditions. This shaver provides you with the closest and smoothest shave. Featuring its multi-height setting, this shaver works to remove even the hardest to get hairs on your body. Offering four blades with ultra-thin foils, it provides you with the smoothest shaving experience ever.

Additional Features
The 2Blade Close Curves Shaver has an AC adaptor and a charging stand which makes it easy to travel with. It also features a pop-up trimmer that is suitable for the trimming of sensitive areas of the body. It is also easy to wash with water.

The Ladies 2Blade Close Curves Shaver is perfect for women on the move. It is a user-friendly razor for ladies that comes with a pop-up trimmer and is designed in such a way that it follows the shape of your body to provide you with a smooth and close shave. The slim structure and lightweight design help in reaching the most unreachable hairs of the body.

Why We Like It

  • Cordless operation
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Best for women on the move
  • Up to one-hour continuous use on a single charge
  • Features a pop-up trimmer

What to Look for When Purchasing a Women’s Electric Razor

If we look at the history of ladies’ shavers, Philips was the first automatic shaver in the market in the 1930s. Later the shavers that operated on the battery were formed in the 1960s as opposed to the corded shavers. Hence, cordless shavers became common in the market and started replacing the older ones. Later, more specialized shavers, epilators and hair trimmers were introduced and the level of shaver specialties increased over time.

With the passage of time, the construction of the shavers was changed from heavy metal to plastic which was compact in structure and easy to carry. Today there are a number of different electric shavers in the market with different and unique specialties that offer manual and automatic shave.

There are a number of factors to consider before purchasing a cordless electric shaver. It is important to consider the skin type, operation in dry and wet conditions, usage for sensitive skin, preference for epilator or traditional shaver, etc before buying an electric razor. You also need to decide your preference for hair shavers and trimmers.
On the other hand, the number of blades on the shavers, the closeness, and the safety of the razor and the battery charging and recharging timing are also important for consideration before purchasing the shaver. All these features must be considered before purchase and the most important features are enlisted as follows:

What to Look for When Purchasing a Women’s Electric Razor


The type of shaver you choose has a huge impact on the shaving results you get later. You can either go for a standard shaver or you can choose an epilator over it. The key difference between an epilator and a standard shaver is that the former pulls the unwanted hair out much like the traditional waxing system while the standard shaver simply shaves the hair away. The epilator may seem painful at first but it can leave you with silky smooth skin for weeks. In fact, if you epilate once, you need not use an epilator for almost 4 weeks. However, with a standard shaver, the pain may not be immense but the shave needs to be done almost every week.

You also need to decide whether to get a wet or dry shaver as a wet shaver allows you to shave in a bath or shower and even after that. You can also choose a shaver that is operational in dry conditions only using a shaving gel or a lubricant that enables you to moisturize your skin during the shave.

The area you want to shave also decides the type of shaver to be used. For sensitive parts of the skin including underarms, you might want a shaver that has hypoallergenic foils on its blades and that is gentle on your skin. However, shaver that is good for underarms may not be as adequate for shaving your legs.

Battery & Usage Time

The type of battery and its usage time is also another important factor to look at before purchasing a shaver. If you travel a lot, you may need AA-size batteries that work for larger times before the need for recharging arises. You may also want to decide between a shaver that is rechargeable or not. There are batteries that require to be plugged into the power socket to charge, others may offer to charge timing and the battery timing ranging from 30 to 70 minutes of continuous use before the need of being recharged again. However, there are a few that do not have any battery life and require to be plugged into a power source at all times when using.


The number of blades and their operations is also important to consider before buying the razor. The number of blades of an electric shaver varies from one to four-blade. There are also other important features to consider including pop-up trimmers, sharp blades for stray hairs and hypoallergenic foils on blades for sensitive skin. The heads of the blades can either be floating or pivoting, the later however adjusts according to the contours of your body to give you smooth and silky skin.

A hypoallergenic foil or moisturizing strips can protect the user from the hazards of razor burns, skin burns, and bumps. An epilator, however, does not have such blades, rather it has tweezers that pull the unwanted and stray hair out as you move the shaver over the skin.

Women’s Electric Shaver Buyers Guide Is Brand Important for you?

While looking for the perfect electric shaver, you must consider if the brand name is important to you or not. Out of so many competing brands out there in the market, you need to decide which brand you feel affiliated with. You may also go for a brand that you heard about from someone else via word of mouth or you may go for the brand you have been trusting throughout your life. However, you need to make a choice whether to break your boundaries and discover new brands or stick to your older brand.

What have Others said About the same Electric Shaver?

When purchasing any product, the manufacturer or marketers have always something biased or positive to say. They will always show their product the best and ignore the negative aspect of the product. To get the real information about the shaver, you need to look at the reviews written by other women who have used the product or who have something to say about their shaving experience. You must consider these reviews are they are the goldmine of information for the buyer.

You may also want to look at the product reviews and ratings which might assist you in making the purchasing decision.

How long can I expect my electric shaver to last?

The answer to this question varies from one electric shaver to another. A good quality electric shaver, with a well-known brand name, may last for more than 2 to 6 years. However, it also depends on how to care you take if your shaver. If you clean your shaver every time you use it and store it in a dry condition, it will last longer. You may also want to follow the instructions keenly and buy the same brand cutters or screens for your blades as soon as they start dulling.

Electric Shaver VS Razor, what are we looking at here?

Both, electric shaver and razor, have their merits and demerits. However, an electric shaver is an easier and efficient way of removing the hair. A powered electric shaver can shave your skin in minutes and leave you with silky smooth skin for weeks. It also saves your time and provides you a safe shave even if for the most sensitive parts of the skin. All you need to do is sit back and shave, without the fear of cuts and bruises and you can get smooth and clean skin for weeks.

electric shavers for women questions

I have sensitive skin. Should I even use an electric shaver?

If you have sensitive skin, or your skin turns dry after using an electric razor, you may want to use a good lotion, conditioner or natural oil on your skin after it dries. Also look for razors that are equipped with hypoallergenic foils, cutters, and screens, etc.

You might also want to use razors with easy-grip technology to remove the hazards of skin burn and cuts.

Conclusion About the Best Electric Razor for Women

So, here was our complete guide about the best electric razor for women. I will also recommend you to visit our Pinterest page for more related posts.

From the brand name to the manufacturing of the shaving unit, you should consider all the minute details. You may want special features like moisturizing strips and hypoallergenic foils if you have sensitive skin. You must also consider the operation and number of blades of your electric shaver.

The best women’s electric razor will accommodate sensitive skin and help combat skin dryness and irritation. Choose your electric shaver according to the area of the body you want to shave and let yourself feel confident with silky smooth skin for weeks.


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